World of Tanks Fair Play Update

So another round of bans has hit the World of Tanks servers. The usual penalties for using prohibited mods have been dealt out along with permanant bans for repeat offenders. Here are the statistics by server:


  • Penalized: 169
  • Banned: 91


  • Penalized: 1,612
  • Banned: 635


  • Penalized: 13,391
  • Banned: 2,937


No updates from the Asia server as of yet, but we’ll update as soon as anything is released.


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World of Tanks Fair Play Update

15 thoughts on “World of Tanks Fair Play Update

  1. Kyros says:

    If they would actually bann on Asia Servers, half the playerbase would be gonne with that. Chinese tend to compensate for lack of skill.

  2. Tel says:

    Good job WG perm bann your player base , When WG allows use of mods in the game
    Total dumb ass move as per normal from WG
    Allowing players to use mods ingame is fucking stupid then actually PERM BANN there accounts is more fucking stupid
    Mods in this game are CHEATS Yet you allow the player base to use them
    BANN yourself WG for allowing it
    With your PERM BAnns you just fuck off more of your player base
    Problem is you just dont see it

    1. Nocomment says:

      Sounds like someone got a ban.
      You do know they list what is considered legal or not. Then a 7 day ban then permanent one.

      So if you got permanent banned then
      A you deserved it
      B good riddence

  3. Paglia says:

    Do we have any idea on the number of players in RU, EU & NA ?
    Would help to assess the level of effectivness of WG’s measures and/or the level of players’ will to cheat

  4. qwerqwer says:

    Asia: Penalized 29, banned 11.

    Yea… even when my blacklist is growing at a rate of at least 2-3 per session. I think they have just given up to preserve the population numbers.

    Tip: Do not go to the Aussie periphery

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