today the following was posted on the World of Tanks Generals page:


“Dear players,

We regretfully announce that World of Tanks Generals will be stopping development as of today, 15 April 2016. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop playing. We want all of you to keep the battle going and continue challenging people from around the world because we’re making sure the World of Tanks Generals servers remain active.

We want to thank everyone involved with the game: our passionate beta testers, players, reviewers and those we had the pleasure of saying “hi” to at events all over the world. We still want you to get the most from World of Tanks Generals, and we hope you had fun battling and won’t let this stop you.

However, all of the team have come to the decision that it’s important we focus on other projects. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but you can rest assured that we will use the expertise and knowledge gained from working on this game to bring you even more exciting projects in the future. So stay tuned!

Thanks for all your support!

The World of Tanks Generals Team


Shame… I did enjoyed playing it but grew away from it pretty quickly, when it comes to games like this I believe their magic is on being able to invite friends over and play it on a table together.

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      1. Planon says:

        Since they’re both developed by Studio Persha I wouldn’t be surprised, if they re-assigned the staff to WoWP.

        WG is still hellbent on having their big trilogy after all.

      2. bla says:

        just shut the fuck up for good

        you are either stupid or paid by wargaming, nobody gives a fuck what you think

      3. Agreed, though with the bad press the game recieved at the beginning it isn’t too likely to get particularly big. Despite that I do hope that they manage to get the game up on it’s feet, always sad to see someone’s project go down without much of a chance.

      4. Anonymous says:

        There is no arguing about it. Its dead. On release.
        5 times i clicked “show more” (about 180 videos)
        3 with “warplanes” in the name.
        37 with warships
        77 with tanks

        I told em on beta, everything wrong with it and got “locked/warned”.
        Its a failure, no matter, if they willing to admit it or not.

        I wouldn’t even consider, to call this a game – and im serious and humorless about it.
        I couldn’t find any entertaiment.
        Forget graphics, sounds and laughable made up planes…
        but the controls are beyond shot to hell.

        Its even far past the “so bad its good state” and even beyond the “get drunk and make fun about it” line.

        Its a broken piece of software.
        A waste of 1’s and 0’s.
        Addware, with a size of 16,4 gigabyte
        German side claims 15,8 for SD and … ANOTHER 40 for HD… thats almost 60 gb of DIRT.
        [for comparisson: … wot takes 22 GB (no…. “ARK-Survival Evolved” 42 GB… ]

        Lets talk competition:
        Warthunder takes 11,5… its HD… – has tanks… got thousands of real planes with extrem well done flight controls in all modes.

        In fact: its not just the best free to play flight game- but overall best flight game i ever played, since MS FlightSimulator 95. Didn’t touch it in a while doh… but nobody, that isnt paid or trolling, can denie – its well done. There went a lot of hard work and love into it.

        So….. 2 of 4 are dead.
        1 of which, is a really expensive corps.

        Generals is just lucky, it wasnt blown up so big and is a lot cheaper to maintain…
        as well it throws a LOT more money back at WG, than wowp ever could.

        oh and ps. if they remake wowp from scratch… its not a case of “it became good”… its a new game. So 3 of 5 would be the case then… IF … IF … they manage it somehow- but they wont.

        Bigworld aint capable of physics (dont you dare to talk about tip over tanks. My playstation 1 did that!)

        Start up WOWS (which is overall a good game) … but start it – start any battle in any ship and drive 1 circle full speed…. than drive it again with 1/4 speed….
        you will always drive the same sized circle.

        Now go outside and try the same with:
        – bike
        – car
        – on foot
        – unicle
        – boat
        – toy car

        drive the closest possible circle fullspeed
        and than drive the cloest possible 1/4 speed.

        1 is bigger
        1 is smaller
        its called “escape volocity”… speed + mass = energy n such.

        160.000 ton ships – floating on wobbly water… always drive perfect circles ! = realism got racked.

        <= thats why WT ships will harm WOWS playerbase on the long run greatly.
        If they then add a HP bar for tanks…. i wouldnt know why bother to play wot or wows.

        … and if it isnt Gaijin, it will be somebody else. There are nice ship games on steam already.


      5. Anonymous says:

        Didn’t know Gaijin still paid people to copy-paste their usual brochure on anything that mentions WoWP.

        +50 GE for you, tovarish.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      So you seriously are counting games that WG loses as if it’s your dream to see Wargaming collapse?

      Get a life.

      1. Blizzard36 says:

        I agree. Generals was a decent game, but really one better played across a table. I liked that it was simpler and easier to get in to than Rush, which I have been unable to convince any friends to play with me.

  1. I actually really liked the game and think if they had advertised it more (or at all), especially after the last two patches, they could have got more players. Strange that they just did a fairly major event a week or so ago and then go belly up

  2. Marcus says:

    That is bad. I play A LOT of boardgames and generals is a really good deck building game with clever mechanics and balanced ideas. It deserves more attention. Weird, it might have done better if it was released without ties to World of Tanks.

  3. sturmi0545 says:

    Maybe makiing one account for ALL WG games would have been useful to interest a few more people in the game. Like WoWp is still good for making free XP which you can use in WoT 😉

    1. You HAVE one account for all WG games… It just doesn’t share everything across all games, and only Generals and Blitz don’t participate (even though we are still waiting on WoWs to join in)…

  4. Žilvinas says:

    I never tried this game, so I`m not surprised that it is stopping development. But there are some really popular card games like the heartstone.

  5. Heitredi says:

    Been waiting that android uptade for ages…”soon tm” and that fancy button u get when go their page with android phone…really…just fuck this shit.

  6. piledriveryatyas says:

    Sometime ago you wrote about Generals, to which I made a comment like “Who the hell still plays card games, let alone online ones?” to which I was promptly chastised and put in my place by many of your readers and even yourself. I stand vindicated (somewhat). There might be plenty of people still playing card games, but clearly not enough interest for it online. Fail concept from the beginning if you ask me.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yes you have a point, but Hearthstone is normally the 3rd/4th biggest game on Twitch and with a big tournament on easily goes to the most watched game.

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