World of Tanks Generals- Closing and Currency Transfer

On April 15th the servers to World of Tanks Generals will finally be shutting down after the announced closure of the game last year. The official forum and support sites will be active until May 15th.

Free XP and purchased gold bars will be transferred to another game active on your Wargaming account, either the game you’ve spent the most money on, or played the most. If both of those are unavailable, resources will be transferred to World of Tanks

Source: WoT Generals RU Portal

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World of Tanks Generals- Closing and Currency Transfer

19 thoughts on “World of Tanks Generals- Closing and Currency Transfer

  1. RwN says:

    Hope that will not happen with WoWp… Started to play it a month ago and found it more interseting for me than more and more powercreeping in WoT (personally fed up with more and more tier VIII premiums). Actually I haven´t played tanks for more than a month (never happened since first log-in 🙂

    1. pixywing says:

      I just run my premiums down the middle of map and die in the first 90 seconds. It’s the fastest way to make credits on a per time basis, might as well since my premiums are complete garbo compared to the new ones.

      1. RwN says:

        That´s true, I was lured to trying it out by one of RSR participators in an article some two months ago… Was quite well surprised the game caught me instantly compared to open-beta stage… They actually made quite a good job in improving it… And talks of the new update and its content (2.0) are even more promising… Looking forward to it..

  2. svalsbard says:

    Huh, so I’ll get 21k free XP and 250 gold for WOT for a game I haven’t played in a year? I actually just tried to log into it just now to see if people are grinding Muncheberg to try to get gold missions complete or more free XP over the next 4 days but it looks like they’ve already taken it offline.

      1. yingyu0502 says:

        what u mean? that is also i bought with gold bar. and game over means premium cost over too? its ridiculous

  3. Code says:

    Wargaming developers are focus only to make money instead of what a game should provide: FUN! At moment isn’t funny at all to introduce every week new premium op tanks in game. T25E4 Patriot beat easily an T32, Skorpion G beat an RHM, also Defender-Obj 252U beat an is3. Last move was introducing Lorraine 40t to beat AMX 50 100. When they will stop ? No new map in game for 4 or 5 months, Map rotation wasn’t fixed yet, 4 or 5 old maps removed even if those maps was nice to play. The future of this game is not looking good. In my opinion they lose game balance and developers team are without vision. I see more than 50% friends stop to play WoT, or they are play only 10 to 20 games/week instead of 10 -20 games/day. Why is that? Players opinion doesn’t matter, they listen only voice of special contributors. In this way Wot lose many players because of that. It’s hard to bring back players after they leave this game losing trust on wargaming to provide a fair game. And even if the y come back in game they don’t play like they did before.
    Instead of this I found Armoured Warfare a very nice game at moment, pretty similar with WoT, but with modern tanks, not so toxic as WoT. The main problem is XVM and unbalanced teams. The frustration after you lose 10 games don’t let u play anymore… WoT is going down … this is the true story.

  4. CanYouHearMeNow says:

    wasnt there some way they could let the game stay active even if not managed? It was running fine by itself for at least a year… Letting someone else take it and keep it active? Seems like a waste of a really neat game that was only abandoned because they couldnt monetize it…

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