World of Tanks Generals Shutting Down

Howdy folks, brief bit of news from the World of Tanks Generals team.

We regret to inform that the April 15, 2017 World of Tanks Generals project will be closed. Also, the “generals” will be excluded from the list of games that we offer, which will be reflected in the user agreement.

October 9, 2016 will be disabled in the Premium store payments. The remaining game currency you can use in the game until 15 April 2017. After that, it will be automatically transferred to the game universe, Wargaming, in which you play most often.

On behalf of all employees Wargaming thank you for your dedication and love for the game. We sincerely hope that every second spent on the battlefield, was joyful and pleasant.

Team World of Tanks Generals

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World of Tanks Generals Shutting Down

27 thoughts on “World of Tanks Generals Shutting Down

  1. Anonymous says:

    thats open a very danger precedents on WG universe !! “user agreement” will be violated.

    And if they are doing that on Generals what about World of WarPlanes ? I spend some hours and dollars there…

    So what they will shoting down that too ?

    1. sturmi0545 says:

      it’s good enough, and I hope they will never shut it down. you can get soooo much Free XP with this game, sometimes win gold in missions/marathons, and it’s basically a fun game (which heavily supports my WoT progress). no better, no worse than WoT or WoWs.

      Tanks have got the huge advantage, that they’re popular enough to overcome WG’s terrible gameplay design (which is due to their pure incompetence when it comes to that). But as long as we keep them suck us dry of our money and blood (aka lifetime), they can keep on sucking at what they do.

      What I’m actually wondering is, why hybrid wars servers haven’t been shut down yet 😀

      1. anon says:

        If i ever saw a lie… not just to us, but more to your self.
        I dont even consider it to be a game, its that low.

        I played “who is your daddy” and can call it fun!
        I played wowp and its so far from fun, as it is from having real planes and appeal.

        Quite sure they ripped the flying controls from SUPERMAN 64

      2. sturmi0545 says:

        Did you enjoy WoT, when it had its “special physics” in 2010, Onan? Its non-jumpable cliffs, tanks sticking to the ground at any time?

        You do not have to play it, if you don’t enjoy it or simply can not handle it. And I would like to apologise in WoWp’s name, if it made you cry at any point. Oh, the feels of random, hobby-less internet-people… :). But I assume, you’re also raging in the WoWs-forums, because the ships are unrealistically fast

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame, the game was actually a really interesting and honestly original take on the format. Had a lot of balance issues though.

  3. To be fair, never heard much of world of tanks generals and too busy with tanks and life to pick some new up. If it had been a mini-game that was part of world of tanks, I would have played it like the convoy game mode, very fun event. As for world of warplanes, apparently they have a fanatical few who worship the game and pour money into it, plus war planes was relatively more developed than generals. Also, all the remaining whales wargaming could grab that weren’t already eaten by Tanks and Warships in the WWII vehicle fan niche probably went to world of war planes and none were left for generals. Anyways, wargaming can still make a comeback with world of warplanes, or at least a better chance than generals, the first step is to make it clear that the game is completely different from warthunder and have some kind of strong gimmick like escort an airship game mode similar to the convoy game mode in world of tanks or even expand the rampage mode from world of tanks in world of war planes. Wargaming are not short of ideas I’m sure. I’ve seen the footage of the game and although it looks good for an average game, it’s no where near the standard that wargaming customers hold the company to so I wonder if the game would do better with a different theme, maybe say a crazy Nazi science group developed a super weapon to warp the world in their image and all the world’s nations unite in the endless fight to stave off the annihilation of mankind. Thus letting wargaming dezine huge monolithic catacomb maps with tunnels, corridors, and events to constantly keep the battle interesting, you could even throw in a few AI controled Nazi Zombie planes. This is just one of many ideas to unchain wargaming and let them have some fun in the design of their games because wargaming’s strengths are bringing fantasies to a reality and warthunder is the simulator haven, kind of like the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.

  4. crazytony0 says:

    I played it a bit on my laptop in the past when i was away. When i then returned home, it didnt work on my pc. And at that moment it didnt run on mobile phoned yet. That’s what killed it for me, not being able to run the game on the platforms i liked.

    1. IndygoEEI says:

      I had a similar issue as to why I didn’t play it, but the problem was that WG instituted some kind of programming to keep the game from running while another WG game was active. For the main trilogy, that’s fine as they can be resource hogs and some people’s computers would not be able to run 2 different games at once without something going amiss. It’s a preventative step, but not letting players run this while WoT is running was a big mistake. I had planned to play Generals in my downtime between matches when the tanks I was playing were locked up in battle and waiting for CW games. In the time it takes to run a Generals game, your wait for other things in WoT would be done.

      Generals would have been a great companion game to WoT, but the fact the connection to it in the browser kills itself when it detects your playing another WG game was a big turn off. I loved the gameplay of Generals and it was quicker then a WoT match even though it is a card game. This is the main reason why General failed.

  5. GU7 says:

    Problem was with Generals was the fact it was a turn based game, yeah it was a great concept, but complicated. Generals reminded me of ‘Advance Wars’ in the combat style. Honestly if they went to the map style turn base like Advance Wars they would have survived it… Alot here was wasted for old style game concepts that were not adopted properly.

    As for this new game called hybrid wars, I have NO idea what they are doing with that.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      yeah would be interesting if they go Advance Wars. i always wanted a sequel to AWDS that doesn’t suck (lookin at you Days of Ruin)

  6. thebugmonster says:

    I liked the idea of WOTG, but there wasnt ever enough people for it to work. if it brought in game advantages id totally play it…….but well.

    1. GU7 says:

      Wargaming isn’t well known for their generosity, they are not the old war gaming where if you had a a IS4, or T34, you get the tier 9 and 10 equivalents… or 8 and 9… Same goes for many other things that have changed in the past, like the WTFE100, or IS8 to T10…

      Good luck trying to find a game from Wargaming that gives any ‘advantage’ in other games…

      1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

        World of Warplanes. After enough time invested, it can become an insane free exp farm for WoT – just buy enough planes, preferably high tiers, and wait for anniversary missions.
        10k free exp for single tier X battle from time to time.
        Plus possibility to buy premium time for in-game currency.

        Only that you need to invest so much time that there is no time for other games 🙁

  7. yingyu0502 says:

    general is free game, thats why it will be shut down. WOWP is a big project that WG will try their hardest way to revive. but i personally like general. she gives my old laptop so much fun and memory though.

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