World of Tanks Graphic update preview

Good day ladies and gentlemen, today have a nice video for you courtesy of 80 level. In this video we can see the depth of the planned graphic changes and it is looking beautiful. From what we see in the video these are some changes that are going to improve the look of the game considerably. How they will factor into the gameplay on the maps themselves is yet to be determined.

Source: 80 level

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World of Tanks Graphic update preview

12 thoughts on “World of Tanks Graphic update preview

    1. Anyone says:

      Typical of WG to make more pretty, but overlook the things that matter like game play, balance, and a MM that does not stack one team with Unicoms.

    1. Yep, I’d like to see some SD graphics from the upgrade. I know my laptop won’t handle HD, but the maps have physically changed, so there have to be changes to the SD graphics too.

      1. heinz says:

        I think quickybaby has a video up where he plays hd maps on lowest graphics. Maybe it was just on stream though.

  1. So …any New Maps soon with these awesome new HD graphics

    lol, that’s a big No!

    a big fuck you from WG and *please to carry on playing* on same shit and old and small and blocked with mountains for corridor mostly *fun* gameplay

    ~ well yes, will still die in the usual 3 minutes battles but now ‘beautifully in glorious HD’ (oily smirk …………

  2. legoassassin57 says:

    Seriously? WG make the game look like something that was released last Tuesday and all you salty buggers can do is complain? I’m not denying the other issues, but come on, this is awesome.

  3. F_lanker says:

    The problem as alqays is the scaling… the tanks are not even as high as a house’s door… looks like a miniature tank in the city…

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