World of Tanks HD Map Changes

Good day everyone,

Pretty self explanatory post, some changes will be made to a few maps when their HD versions come in 1.0. (Yeah, taken from the EU portal, but quite a few of you like having a reason to not visit the portal, so here it is!):



  • From the field, a new line of shrubs has been added in order to counter the north team having a clear view on the southern teams advance into the town.
  • The edge of town has a new alcove allowing the southern team to advance quickly and take position to engage the northern team.
  • A new alcove has also been added for the southern team to have a better position to hold the town center.



  • New hills at the 1/2 line have been added to allow TDs to support pushes along the western side. The terrain along that side has also been elevated to bring it in line with the rest of the map.
  • More cover has been added between the buildings to allow players to better be able to switch flanks and the center factory has been opened up, with some more exposed positions.
  • As some of you may remember from Supertest, coal and slag hills have been added, with the eastern flank opened up for medium and light tanks. TD hills have also been added to the north and south sections of this area.
  • The far eastern portion of the map now has a road with dense shrubbery, allowing scouts an opportunity for spotting in this area.

Fisherman’s Bay


  • Terrain along the valley in the 1 line has been evened out a bit more for both teams, hopefully removing any consistent advantage for one team.
  • The theme of evening out terrain extends over into the central town area, the terrain of this area has been altered as well, allowing for more than just vehicles with gun depression to be able to fight effectively here.
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