World of Tanks HD Map Changes

Good day everyone,

Pretty self explanatory post, some changes will be made to a few maps when their HD versions come in 1.0. (Yeah, taken from the EU portal, but quite a few of you like having a reason to not visit the portal, so here it is!):



  • From the field, a new line of shrubs has been added in order to counter the north team having a clear view on the southern teams advance into the town.
  • The edge of town has a new alcove allowing the southern team to advance quickly and take position to engage the northern team.
  • A new alcove has also been added for the southern team to have a better position to hold the town center.



  • New hills at the 1/2 line have been added to allow TDs to support pushes along the western side. The terrain along that side has also been elevated to bring it in line with the rest of the map.
  • More cover has been added between the buildings to allow players to better be able to switch flanks and the center factory has been opened up, with some more exposed positions.
  • As some of you may remember from Supertest, coal and slag hills have been added, with the eastern flank opened up for medium and light tanks. TD hills have also been added to the north and south sections of this area.
  • The far eastern portion of the map now has a road with dense shrubbery, allowing scouts an opportunity for spotting in this area.

Fisherman’s Bay


  • Terrain along the valley in the 1 line has been evened out a bit more for both teams, hopefully removing any consistent advantage for one team.
  • The theme of evening out terrain extends over into the central town area, the terrain of this area has been altered as well, allowing for more than just vehicles with gun depression to be able to fight effectively here.
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World of Tanks HD Map Changes

11 thoughts on “World of Tanks HD Map Changes

    1. Kyros says:

      Ignorance is never a good thing. That corner has good cover, many bushes, is elevated has several escape paths. TDs have 3/4 mapcontroll in this corner. Compare it to that shit the bottom spawn has. Its still a imbalanced stop even with fewer bushes and you still complain.

  1. SCARed says:

    so basically they are really going to fulfill their plan “gundepression won’t matter any more”?

    it’s not like russian tanks (like Obj 140 with “only” 6° gdp are considered UP right now. what will tanks like M48 and the like get as compensation? 300 dpm less? *fp*

  2. Kyros says:

    Console players get new maps and PC gets fixes of current maps that should be done weeks after their first release. When was the last time the PC got a new map ? And no 30v30 is no new map, it’s open map for clickers.

    Current Ruinberg
    Favors top spawn since ever, they get first scouting and can controll full map with the middle green part. Cap can be easyly defended against enemys from town. Bushcamper (TD) have full view over the map middle.

    Current Pilsen
    Middle Factory is an empty useless deadzone, west side is coverless clickerfocus zone and mostly avoided.

    Current Fisherman
    Favors top spawn. West can be easyly rushed with no disadvantage. Camper have better positions, can’t be scouted and can even controll 3/4 of the map. Whole middle part is better for top spawn lights and meds, having better cover, hills and bushes. Only downside is if heavys decide to camp in town, they die because of middle meds and clicker spamming.

    And this is known since the maps release or reworked rerelease.

    Ruinberg change will do nothing if the top spawn scout still reaches mid faster. Fishermans middle changes will give top spawn even more advantage. Pilsen change should not allow TDs to give advantages in the west, this will cause camping and no active pushing.

    1. Kyros says:

      Current Pilsen
      Middle Factory is an empty useless deadzone, EAST side is coverless clickerfocus zone and mostly avoided.

    2. I agree withy your first paragraph and most of what you say but
      I’d like to ask that when you say “clicker” are you referring to arty players? If yes then how do you fire in you glorious heavy tank without clicking? did you ever played with arty or just complaining about them ?
      Never the less bring back dragons ridge map !!

  3. I like the fishermans bay and pilsen changes but not so much for the new alcove on ruinberg field. getting just one tank with a good turret in there can shut down most of the eastern side for north spawn, but north spawn doesnt have the same opportunity at all. the new one in city doesn’t seem to possess as much importance, but north spawn should still get one as well. it would be so easy to implement as well; there’s already part of that building that juts out and could collapse from some sort of explosion on the opposite side of the fountain

  4. wolvenworks says:

    for Ruinberg map, the map indicates that the north base has been opened up too. that circle wasn’t there, and there are a couple buildings removed. i believe this is to make it fair for the south guys since their base is so open, while the current north base actually has cover near the point

  5. Anonymous says:

    “but quite a few of you like having a reason to not visit the portal, so here it is”

    You do this for fun and you bitch about doing it 😀 gj

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