World of Tanks – How to Block Damage

A useful tutorial for the less experienced. Enjoy.

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World of Tanks – How to Block Damage

18 thoughts on “World of Tanks – How to Block Damage

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well accordingly to wg if the player in the is6 is better you can beat a defender. And when I mean better I mean the is6 driver must be a super unicam firing gold and the defender driver a brain damaged toddler. A blind brain damaged toddler with broken hands.

    1. I do very rarly reverse sidescrapping.. You just have no room to do it. Mostly I do a 45° front corner attack, so that the half of my pike has a great angle, with wrigle a little bit it is really usefull AND! you can do it even then you have a teammate. You just doesnt need so much room!
      OHHH! how I hate these “great” heavy drivers who stop on the corner and want to perform their Reserve… I just push them away all the time..

  1. wolvenworks says:

    we need a video on how to not be a twat noob and goldspam every HT you see because honestly that shit’s just irritating when grinding heavies. you can’t do your role as the shield when your armor gets cheesed by some random east asian with too much money and not enough brain cells to think it’s better to invest it in a prem tank, judging by how much i got shot with gold…

  2. geoneo says:

    another useless how to video what the uses of all this tricks when players have laser sights + gold ammo + aimbot’s + flora removal tools when we see a video of who to fight the cheat mod out there 30% of the player in my 50k battles experience have it

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guys it is a useful video, and nice reminder of some of the basics. You cannot stop people cheating with aimbots, and gold ammo is there for everyone to use. BTW – Gold ammo does NOT always guarantee a pen.

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