World of Tanks – How to Play an Autoloader


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World of Tanks – How to Play an Autoloader

22 thoughts on “World of Tanks – How to Play an Autoloader

  1. To be fully honest, as a tier 8 light player … I have to say that I would have preferred if they decreased the number of autoloaders rather than trying to incite more of them.

    1. Tier 8 lights are underpowered due to the view range power creep and tanks in general being more mobile. The autoloaders are a double edged sword, just gotta get them on their reload or annoy them with the occasional shot because their armor is fairly squishy.

  2. In the end as long as you have ammo you’re ”one up” on poorly armoured medium tanks in one versus one situations and can shut down any aggressive playing potentially own your own in exchange for having that awkward defenceless moment were you’re reloading your clip.

    Honestly However fun I find them to play, I dislike how autoloaders close off flanking opportunities simply by their presence. It’s very hard to advance on an open flank if there is the possibility of an autoloader hiding there and clipping you. I have no idea how to fix the passive boring gameplay that happens sometimes versus autoloaders. Being unable to advance with 5 tanks due to 2 autoloaders is a bit ridiculous even if you’re in an autoloader yourself the on the move accuracy makes it hard to move in yourself too, you can’t even rely on other medium tanks to push for you since you know just how easy they are to pen for you too…

    1. It’s very situational but autoloaders are awful in a battle of attrition because of their generally lower dpm, alpha per shot, and clip reload. It takes a heroic stand for any autoloader to hold a flank and unbelievable incompetence from the enemy team to not push/out trade autoloaders if they have the numerical superiority. I do agree that most auto loaders are mobile enough to counter flanking maneuvers if not retreat from a bad situation but it is all to offset the lack of attrition combat potential.

      Finally, accuracy shouldn’t be a major problem since wargaming have given so many buffs to general tank accuracy to not deviate too badly from the center of the reticle, if it helps, try putting a gun laying drive on top of the stabilizer and vents whenever possible. After that, it just comes down to raw patience, flanking, and picking the best targets.

  3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    1- load gold
    2- autoaim
    3- oneclip kill it
    4- wait 7-50s (depending on your tier and caliber) and repeat.

    They should nerf the clip reload.
    20s only for 1600dmg for T57 Heavy is too small. Even soviet MTs cant put more than 3 shots in this time frame.
    And T-25 at tier VI… 7.5s for 350dmg or more, so you can kill one tier V 10s and a tier 6 in 20s…

    WG’s finest balance. Definitely adds to the gameplay: a tank coming out of nowhere or camping behind its arties can remove the totality of your health, sometimes without being seen, and with the time between shells you have almost no way to hide once targeted. Reminds me of something else…

    1. The T25 has some of the worst dpm at tier 6 and the 330 clip potential is required 3 times to kill a target if they are nice enough to sit idily and not kill your team mates while it reloads (a cromwell will kill you in 19.8 sec on raw dpm while it will take you 20.34 sec in a T25 with continuous fire). It’s certainly not a bad tank but not an over powered one because to make the most of the poor dpm you need to unload your shots every 1.33 sec and your aim time of 2.1 sec can’t keep up so you will generally miss 1 of your 3 shots every time you unload without sacrificing your dpm further by waiting for the bloom to shrink. I think this would become obvious if you played the tank rather than just get killed by it.

      The T57 has questionably impressive dpm but it relies on isolating its opponents and that is very rare with its reduced mobility and it will very frequently get out traded by E100’s and IS-7’s if not bounce several shots against them with its pitiful 2.9 sec aim time and below average tier 10 penetration (and heat rounds are not as good as apcr). I think this will become obvious if you play competitive matches at tier 10 and try to run a T57 heavy line up as other heavies can just absorb so much more damage than you and it makes a difference because the enemy will not bounce as frequently off your T57’s armor.

      If the video showed you anything, autoloaders are not simple, they put a greater emphasis on playing together and encourage a dynamic on aggressive plays/team line ups. Perhaps your case would have held better if you had targeted tier X’s like the TVP 50/51 but even for that tank it requires a impressive amount of team work to put into effect and is only used competitively in limited amounts.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        I do play the T-25, and so far I dont see how this fits at tier 6. The ability to deal that much damage this quickly is crazy, and at that tier its not hard to take cover for 7.5s and find isolated ennemies. But you need to get close.

        What bothers me with the T57 is just the clip reload. 20s is just too little. E-100 has 17s reload for a single 750dmg shot, AMX50B with less armor needs 5s more to reload a similar clip… And its armor is far from bad, it can troll many shots even at tier X.
        TVP is broken the same way as T-25 because very short overall reload for very fast unload, but its armor is non existing so once you get it in reload he’s dead; while T57 still has a chance to reload anf finish you off if you managed to survive the first clip.

        Bat Chat has long overall reload, long delay between shots, bad armor, bad accuracy. It hurts, but overall its more balanced than the other autoloaders. Same imo with 50B.
        Recent autoloaders just fire quicker and quicker. But apparently the new sweedish HTs are like french HTs except with even worse reloads, so I cant wait to see what would justify picking them instead of the american ones.

      2. wheeledtank says:

        @Speedycraft51 Well, the Swedish Heavies have good turret armor and high gun depression. They aren’t set up like a traditional autoloader; their gun setup is more akin to a Maxim machine gun with a gun shield ( The gun shield can rotate with the weapon, but gun is the only part that moves up and down. The Swedes should (in theory) be able to act more aggressively compared to its piers, but won’t be as effective at long ranges

      3. The T25 certainly is impressive with that short reload and making good use of it at tier 6 is pretty workable. It really is difficult to quantify what is an overpowered tank however, it takes a meaty calculation that I just can’t do.

        You’re right about the T57’s clip reload being concerning at 22sec with brothers in arms and food so let’s not exagerate it when every second makes a big difference. My argument is that 3 E100’s can probably do pretty well to fend of 3 T57 heavies as 3 consecutive 750 damage shells have a good chance of killing a T57 before it can unload its clip and while the T57’s unload into one E100, one of its allies can move in front to soak up part of the damage if necessary. In brief, a team of T57’s against an enemy team of heavies will struggle and the gap will only grow exponentially as shots are missed or do not penetrate.
        As for the T57’s armor, it is very troll indeed. Now, is it better than a E100, IS-7, or T110E5? The answer would be no, so what you have is a theoretical balance of how much damage a E100 can soak up with its hit points compiled with damage blocked in relation with how much damage it can do in ratio to its total soaking potential. It’s at this point that there is no solid answer but you start to realize that the T57 simply does not have the soaking potential but a counteracting damage potential instead which puts it in line very competitively with other tanks at its tier. I doubt there is an enormous gap between its peers but if there is, I simply don’t have the ability to quantify such a measurement. 😛

        Interesting perspective on the TVP, I can agree with you on the tank perhaps being broken as its clip potential of 4 320 alpha rounds with 1 sec inbetween is more impactful than a T25 is at tier 6 because there is a greater number of tanks that you can kill with two 1280 clip potentials (totaling 2560 dmg when most tier 10 tanks have 2000 health) that you simply cannot get with two 330 alpha clips (totaling 660 dmg when most tier 6 tanks have 700 health or more).

        I do agree the Batchat and 50B are perhaps the most balanced tier X autoloaders haha, they’ve had years to perfect their balance and were the tanks that set the norm for what autoloaders should be so we might be blinded by that haha.

        WheeledTank does well to explain the Swedish tank situation, there certainly is potential but it will go down to hard testing with as little prejudice that we can offer 🙂

        Pleasure talking to you! you brought up some seriously good points for debate haha

      4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Interested to see how the sweedish ones will play then 🙂

        Yeah I guess in the end T57 isnt as broken as it sounds. But the frustration is the same as with arty really: you make a wrong move, and suddenly you went from full life to almost dead in 6s, and in that time you dont really have time to fight back.

        I cant remember what Sandbox did to autoloaders, but I think SB in general will do great in rebalancing the game to a fun and playable level without just destroying tanks with nerfs or buffs. So I’ll have to see. Now that they have SB in their plans it’s not really possible to assume anything because what sounds OP now may become normal or UP in a few months,and vice versa.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Surprisingly, it is one of the few Soviet Tanks with a large Cupola weakpoint (Not only the view-finding bar, but the entire thing)

      2. oh wow, can’t blame wargaming for trying to make the russian tanks a little different as much as I did before 😛 It will be interesting to see how it works out in pubs because even tanks like the super pershing can make obvious weak points work for it in skilled hands.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      These could very well be new Personal Missions rewards.
      The tiers would fit (except the kirovets, but its soviet so thats ok, it looks like the new 112 except in stalinium), its been a while since we heard about them, and they wouldnt dare put the 268 “turreted 15cm gun premium/reward TD” as a clan wars only reward would they… ?

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Well, I don’t know where the Polish Heavy(?) would be (Might be tier V), but they do line up decently well (and the Kirovets may be taking up the role of “similar to others” just like the T-55). As for the Obj. 268, lets hope.

      2. Your guess is as good as mine haha, some new reward tanks would really get me interested in trying to do missions again since I got bogged down like a lot of other players did. As for the T25 Pilot, I don’t really see a priority in replacing the super pershing as it is one of those crazy unique tanks at tier 8 and functions well without too much complaint. Since they haven’t replaced the T34 with the new T26E5, we can probably assume they won’t replace the sp

      3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        I think the Pilot is tier 7.
        It’s just a medium tank version of the T25/2 TD, it has the same weapon so it would probably be tier VII (I dont see that armor work at tier 8).

        But two tier 8s instead of a tier 7 and 9, could work too.
        Excited to see what they do with them.

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