World of Tanks – I Am Artillery

I don’t know if this is meant to be funny but it so is.

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World of Tanks – I Am Artillery

38 thoughts on “World of Tanks – I Am Artillery

      1. SMGJohn says:

        Yeah well kid, you have to be pretty good cause I do not even play World of Tanks and you were probably not born when it came out anyway.

    1. Shiva says:

      How can you complain about WoT, when you don’t even play it.
      Holy F! I didn’t know that the game is older than Atari 2600.

      1. Shiva says:

        You don’t?
        Well, seems I started playing that game earlier.
        And had my last game played longer ago too?
        So I am a smartnut kid? 😉 That is old enough to have kids, or even a very young grandfather too.
        No kids or grandkids here, I’m too ugly to even have a gf, it seems.
        And in WoT I have been called everything from:
        “Noob, uninstall game”
        “Hacker, you reported.”
        Regardless of what tank class I have played.

  1. t3rri says:

    I think this shall be a Recruiting-Video for a new Wave of Trolls and Douchebags. WG wants also the last one-handed Monkey in their game..

  2. Mathew says:

    I have to say I don’t share the hate of artillery. Many of the criticisms are subjective and present a bad culture, rather than anything constructive.

    For example
    Do Russian heavies require more skill to play than an arty? Does it really matter?
    Do TD’s that hide up in the back hiding behind a bush require more skill to play than an arty? Again, does it really matter?

    I say this as one that occasionally plays an arty, and as a heavy tank driver that has on occasion had my tank destroyed by an enemy arty in 1 shot before I even fire a shot.

    World of tanks is a team game. To win you require many talents, and those talents working cohesively. Don’t scapegoat. Besides you need some sort of tank that can flush out enemy tanks with superior frontal armour that is in a well fortified position.

    This is ‘world of tanks’, not ‘world of invincible heavy tanks on safari’.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I am artillery, and I hit with only 10% of my shots…..
    And IF I hit, I do 300 damage.

    … Then I get rushed by light tanks.

  4. Why dont WG offer a mode without arty ,(maybe with an XP & credit reduction),but then again why dont they offer a performance based matchmaker mode ,If you can order a burger how you like it ,why not a game mode?

  5. Joe20685 says:

    I also bite my ass when I get oneshotted by arty. But that just means in 90% of the case: No cover or no movement of myself. Arty is essential and I’ll never understand the whining, because arty is ment to do devastating strikes even in reality, otherwise it would shoot cotton balls! The games have become to easy in general. The last one I really loved was Alien Isolation. It took me 3 days for the first level with the alien hunting me and several month to get to the end. The first Unreal for which I bought the Voodoo2 graphics card. Unbelievable intense.
    But it seems the everyone complains if you have a difficulty above candy crush level…

  6. flint74 says:

    Seems just a bit unfair to tar ALL arty players with the same brush when there are plenty among them who not only suffer from the most horrendous luck with rng that they can literally go multiple games in a row without hitting anything, even despite being fully aimed at a static target with each shot for example, but they also don’t suicide or run away from a fight and instead actually try and get stuck in, despite often having less HP than most light tanks/td’s.

    But I guess it’s easier to stereotype a whole group of people rather than consider the possibility that maybe some of them actually aren’t mouth-breathing, one-shotting, suiciding, wastes of oxygen and internet bandwidth…

    1. arra90 says:

      Well, i do play the occasional arty game and it often ends with me leeroying/sneaking up on/ambushing an enemy tank when it turns out everyone else is dead.

  7. morganakis_gr says:

    do you even see a real spg from close? or see and hear it shot? you can shit your pants if you are close when spg like t92 fires ( in real life its m110a2) so stop complaining about arty in game i love when you eat my ap shell for 2000 dmg and then i am sad that wg remove the team chat cause i love to read you cry !!!

    1. Ioruba - NA server says:

      get a man dude, btw i am Available :), stop be scumbag and f. some as… kkkkkk dude no one like arty then thats is reason for you be a gay ?

  8. Anon again says:

    I have to play my first game as arty as my old PC takes time to settle down before i can play proper. Gives me a good excuse to take Bert out for a spin.

  9. Anonymous says:

    too many cry babies in here complaining about arty. no word on OP premium tanks or auto-loading guns that clip you to death in 4 seconds.

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