World of Tanks: New Australia-New Zealand Trailer

In a new announcement from the World of Tanks Asia server: Australia and New Zealand will be receiving a local server group. Tentative launch date for this is set for November 1st.

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World of Tanks: New Australia-New Zealand Trailer

16 thoughts on “World of Tanks: New Australia-New Zealand Trailer

  1. Bob says:

    I don’t think this is a good idea. The australian playerbase is smaller than the US player base. The servers will be empty.

  2. siralexice says:

    WoT is making a shitload of money, they could afford a server in the Oceania region. As to the number of players, do some proper marketing to get them to sign up.

  3. Never mind says:

    Having consistent underwear cable
    And high ping issues is killing the Auz player population. Of course the way the SEA is run is very player unfriended.

  4. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    yeah because people in straya will definitely enjoy playing this game with 300 ping thanks to Abbotâ„¢ Bandwidth

    1. wtfcaniuse says:

      Enigmaticmuffin, the NBN has slow speeds, not high pings. I’d much rather a local server than putting up with the Sea-Me-We3 cable going down every month.

  5. SunShangXiang says:

    i thought ausies were mainly on NA server, this means the low player base there will go even lower.
    as for SEA server i think it has the smallest player base of all.
    this could kill 3 servers in one move, gg wargaming gg

  6. Anonymous says:

    Its nice for wargaming to give the australians a server…

    …several years too late, the recent cable issues has killed the oceanic population, i for one dropped tanks for warthunder. no oceanic server but atleast i can switch freely + no power corrupt moderators, or warpacking viets clanwar-hogs.

  7. Jim says:

    Any chance to transfer your account to the different server…. nope….
    Makes it really stupid if you spent a shit load of money already….

  8. wolvenworks says:

    just to clarify, it’s a sub-server, so you still need the APAC client to run it. all you need to do is pick the ANZ server at the server drop down it seems

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