World of Tanks – New Graphics

Today we have something very exciting from the World of Tanks NA Youtube channel.

It shows the comparison between the old and new Mines which will be renamed to Hills and the Cliff map.

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World of Tanks – New Graphics

52 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New Graphics

  1. Wow, these changes are impressive, would be fun to have both the old maps split there frequency with the new ones in rotation so people could more easily see the changes first hand. I like the improved narrative wargaming is adding to the scenery.

    1. Cricked says:

      I think I could draw the old mines in 3D I’ve been on it so many times. I would prefer new maps with the same graphics over these changes.

  2. I feel the maps will be changed for everyone and these graphics will only be available on the HD client. Makes sense then so people with pleb builds can still play the game uncomprimised

    1. Ion7 says:

      Would be a good idea, but the 3D structure of the maps and some terrain has changed too. They will probably offer low res textures to the ad client instead.

  3. platoon says:

    so they was working for this while they discard other maps for years.. (10+ maybe?) GG wargaming.. there is no hope I guess..

    1. MM says:

      cry more… its so easy only bitching.. only bitching and bitching and bitching.. just get lost and find another game to bitch about

  4. Partybooper says:

    Even though it won’t change the gameplay, hats off. Better graphics will extend the game’s lifetime. And this rework seems to have the biggest impact on the graphics since I started playing in 2013.

    My PC is from January 2009 (except the graphics card) and it’s bored when running WoT. I was always ok with the graphics, but I will be the last to complain when WoT will try to improve the graphics significantly so they look a bit more modern.

    Bring it on. My 8 years old PC can probably still handle it.

    1. Tobi_1989 says:

      Well… isn’t it, then? I believe for the most of my life so far i even lived in one…

      But the funny part is: i allways assumed Cliffs map was something like Scotland, Ireland or such (judging by the topography, nevermind architecture) and now it suddenly relocated to Greece it seems 🙂

      1. Tyrud says:

        My thoughts exactly! I wouldn’t have even guessed southern Europe, let alone Greece. Hopefully with these changes we will get more variety in terms of locales!

    2. Nabzd says:

      Yeah, exactly. And every building is a castle. There is someone in WG with a passion for ancient architecture and he/she’s pushing his/her agenda despite the fact that it doesn’t fit to a tank game. We need more maps like Fiery Sailent, WoT is supposed to be a WAR themed game, no?

  5. BringFreedom says:

    my gtx1060 can handle it I guess
    but is it DX12 or 11? I have windows7 so if DX12 my DX11 can’t do perfectly the new graphic

  6. Partybooper says:

    What I noticed in some of the comparisons:
    One of the biggest flaws in WoT when in comes to graphics, at least for me, are the inconsistencies of object sizes. This usually results in the tanks looking like toys. Regular grass in current WoT is often more than 1m high. Streets are 30m wide. Bushes are always HUGE.
    In some parts of this video they seem to have scaled down many assets, which might very well make the tanks look bigger, e.g. more realistic to how big they really were. This can result in a much better overall look of the game.

    Just take a look at this screenshot:

    It looks like toy tanks driving around. The T32 and the ST-I are lower than the front doors of the building on the right of the picture.
    These inconsistendies make the game look “wrong”, strange and unrealistic. Make the tanks look like huge steel beasts, and the biggest flaw is gone!

    Seems like they are heading into that direction with the HD maps (bushes and trees are smaller, assets in general).

    1. Some people need to go back to school says:

      “The T32 and the ST-I are lower than the front doors of the building on the right of the picture.”. It’s called field of view and perspective you retard, go back to school…

    2. apache1990 says:

      Trees really ought to be bigger though, in terms of realistic scaling. Most of what we’re running over in-game are pretty tiny.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Looks great!
    I think I now know what’s been happening regarding the lack of map changes for the PC for the last year or so now!
    I suspect that their main map designer, had been working on the console version of the game!
    If this means he’s back & concentrating upon the PC version Fantastic! About time!

  8. Angrier says:

    I like the new graphics (of course) , BUT what are they doing to the game play at the same time? It looks like they are removing the overlook positions on top of the hill on mines and all the routes down. We did not see what happened to the Lighthouse on cliff. The bushes and trees were once again reduced and the climbing areas removed. This may well be World of Heavy Tank corridors by stealth. In which case it could be more crap.

  9. NH says:

    Yeah, they so it’s true, they are too lazy to make new maps 🙁 Instead they change old maps and fuck up key points, so you can feel the care 😛

  10. goingtobebasecampertd says:

    ffs…they really didnt find anything else to change, like this shit mm so unbalancede that it makes me sick, retard teams( maybe player rating based mm for teams) , crashing in every new patch, total shit rng, totally stupid map rotation… they need to do better graphics….

    1. Me says:

      MM is fine now, don’t lie, its just your blind hatred. You must have a really bad PC to face all those issues that no one else is complaining about.

  11. КОМРАД says:

    But, the question is:
    Will the “Hills” still stay the shitty tier 2 map and will the North spawn still have the advantage(and huge advantage in Assault mode) over the south one?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Looks fantastic and I cannot wait. I was thinking of getting a PS4 just so I could enjoy the visuals. This may just delay that purchase.

  13. Parrot says:

    MM and enigmaticmuffin you guys are from wg ?? Right? IF they make game worse in other areas and make better graphics we players should shut up….rrright…so IF someone will give u a bag full off shit for free, u should shut up and be grateful because u got it free…..

  14. dimo says:

    lol ancient temple ruins? looks nice, but… were there any major tank battles in Greece?! with its mostly mountainous landscape… with maps like Paris, Greece etc. WoT becoming more like tourist destination advertising

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