World of Tanks New Year’s Gift

Brief little bit of news, the New Years gift for World of Tanks will apparently be the Tier 2 Swedish light tank, the L-60


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World of Tanks New Year’s Gift

79 thoughts on “World of Tanks New Year’s Gift

      1. I lord my name says:

        If u dont like what we are getting then i thinck u didnt do the mission were u could get a Dicker Max (you onely needed to get 50k xp)

  1. Steve SEA says:

    why do all gift tanks have to suck A$$? You kind of get the feeling you are not a valued customer when you get a POS every year.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Looks like someone else understands. I never got why people complained about something that is free. Even if you don’t like the tank, you get something that would cost 300 gold (real money)….

        Even then, there have been a decent amount of decent gift vehicles; Tetrarch, T7 Car (until the map changes), LTP, Toldi. Sure they have flaws compared to their peers, but that should be expected. I personally took the gifts out to the field every once in awhile when I did play, and I might get on just to have fun in the L60 (after the whole “Armor Run” calms down)

      1. Same toutghts here. This new Swede can’t even pen the MicroMaus with gold. People surely will have at least some fun @ Xmas time this year too. 😉

      2. repofox says:

        That tank is totally useless nowadays. There is plenty of tanks now that can pen it easily without premium ammo.

    1. pixywing says:

      I’ll just carry on in Armored Warfare where I get tier 4 premiums for free and don’t have to pay for garage slots or barrack slots.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Haha ha you know somones a noob when they say “why do all the gift tanks suck a$$” mostly because that means they have not played this game until a year ago 2015 so getting two gift tanks and they are complaining they all suck? genius right

  2. A decent tier 4 or 5 premium would be nice, tier 2 or 3 once in a while I guess so, but ONLY those low tiers? No, I want to train 4-5 men crews, not a silly 2 or 3 crew for a light tank in a tech tree that I will never play.

      1. I didn’t notice my mistake, meant to say that they made great barracks in those garage slots they come in. I better proof read some of my comments more often.

  3. Nighty says:

    There is actually NOTHING going on at Tier 2, you partially wait more then 3 minutes at night until you get thrown into matches with reduced player amount (7vs7). So, well, it´s always nice to get something for free, but why the hell always the same lights/mediums at tier 2 that

    1. don´t get played actually and
    2. no diversity, why not a heavy or tank destroyer as an example.

  4. wheeledtank says:

    For those who want to know the general stats (According to the Test Server)

    Health: 180
    Hull Armor: 13/13/7
    Turret Armor: 13/13/13

    Engine Power: 160hp
    HP/Ton: 21.92
    Speed: 48km/h (20km/h in reverse)
    Hull Traverse Speed: 45deg/s
    Terrain Resistance: 0.959/1.295/1.87

    20mm akam m/Madson
    Damage: 12
    Penetration: 27mm
    Reload Time: 4.795 seconds (10 round magazine)
    DPM: 960.7
    Accuracy: 0.46
    Aim Time: 1.92 seconds
    Elevation: 30/-10
    Turret Traverse Speed: 45.9

    View Range:280

    I’ll let the community be the judge

  5. Xavier says:

    We literally already got this. At least for the Toldi, there was use for it, but there aren’t even going to be Swedish light tanks

    1. Perhaps in the future. They’ve already stated that they’ve got enough Swedish tanks for a pair of TD lines, a dedicated heavy, medium, and light tank line, and an arty line.

      They’re just releasing them a bit at a time because they want people to be interested for longer.

  6. zebislaw says:

    So like whe the heck are we supposed to do wtih it? Train a swedish 3 man light tank crew that is not usable anywhere else? I am not sure that WG understands concept of “giving gifts”. Normally if you like someone, you think alot and you actually put some effort into the object that you gonna present to your “friend”. If you go to a “all for 1$” shop and get something there its like saying “here, have this piece of useless crap. I dont give a flying f**k about you, but ppl say that you need to give gifts on new year”.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      On the other hand person receiving gift should not feel entitled to receive only the most exquisite and expensive stuff and complain if he doesn’t get it.

      I never miss the opportunity to give sh*t to Wargaming every time they make a blunder. But gift tanks are not one of them. I don’t know when exactly this trend started but Wargaming lulled player into believing that they are entitled to at least two free tanks per year (1 for either WG or WoT anniversary and one for Xmas). In 2015 we got 3 tanks just for logging in during certain period. Plus other two for some simple missions that were easily completed just by casually playing the game. Right now the situation is that certain group of players whines every single time FREE GIFT is not tier 10 premium tank that is superior to any other tank in game, makes x50 credits and XP and gives you handjob in the morning, Should Wargaming stop giving free tanks (the way i see it, people who think that giving free stuff equals “I dont give a flying f**k about you” should not be disappointed if they no longer get said free stuff) there would be even more whining: “but you MUST give us free stuff even if we whine like little bi*ches every time we get free stuff!!!”.

      1. zebislaw says:

        I am not saying that I WANT a super-duper gift on every xmas, new year, anniversary. On the contrary, my point is: If you have nothing good to give away simply dont do that. That’s it.

      2. OrigamiChik3n says:

        Zebislaw, Wargaming has few more customers besides you. And some of them actually like these little puny tanks.
        But even people like you are getting something that is worth at least 150 gold. If you don’t like gift tank you can always sell it for a handful of credits and garage slot. Surely it’s not the worst thing that can happen in this world.

      1. zebislaw says:

        I am sure they will, but this one is a tier 2 light and from tier 4 you have meds and you cant put crew from med into prem light 🙁

  7. lafie says:

    Eh, it’s nothing special, but it’s about what you’d expect from a Xmas gift.

    I’ll take it, probably have it gather dust in my garage a few months, then sell it if I need the money or garage slot.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      How about Tetrarch, T-45 and Te-Ke?

      WG has released 10 gift tanks (BT-7A, Toldi 3, LTP, Te-Ke, Tetrarch, T7 CC, T1E6, T-45, Pz 2D and Light Mk6)

      Of those, I’d say that Tetrarch, LTP, T-45 and Te-Ke are good. T7 CC and Light Mk6 have premium mm and decent DPM, and T1E6 has good clip potential, so while not good, they are usable.

      The only things that I’d call truly bad are Pz 2D, BT-7A and Toldi 3. Only they have crippling disadvantages, and I’d only classify the Pz 2D as catastrophically bad even out of these. BT-7A at least has extremely good DPM and ability to derp things, and Toldis greatest and pretty much only problem is completely useless DPM.

      It’s not as bad as you say. Only 30% of the tanks have been explicitly bad, and 40% have been good/above average. Besides, it’s not as if WG hasn’t ofered opportunities to get premium tanks for free. In the last 2 years, players could have gotten SU-100Y, TOG 2, Dicker Max (Twice in fact), and Chi-Nu Kai for free by completing rather easy missions on EU. I don’t know much about NA missions, but what I do remember is that they gave the E-25 away as a prize for a pretty easy mission. I also earned my Excelsior from a mission as well.

      Admittedly, none of the tanks that have been available as mission prizes on EU have been especially good, but Dicker Max can get some decent results when one gets used to its numerous quirks and Excelsior, due to its decent speed and premium MM, is good for win farming for some missions.

  8. Tommy_Gun says:

    New free unique tier II to collection ! Good.
    btw. I always keep those tiny gift tanks that WG gives us.
    You know, that Light VIC with maxed crew can do amazing things…

  9. Xavier says:

    I hope to god it’s better than the Toldi. Toldi would be an amazing tank if it wasn’t for that gun. It needs either a reload, accuracy, or aim time buff.

  10. zombietropa says:

    A tier 2 gift tank you say?

    *Starts to refuel his collection of tier 2 French “LT’s” and hoarding the gold in the PZ II J*

    1. Anonymous says:

      Got that right, where’s our AMR 35, AMC 35, or Lorraine 47mm TD 🙁 –Heck, I would even take the AMC 34 if they would just give one already!

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