World of Tanks- Odds and Ends for Sale

Good day everyone,

While NA and Console are putting a new meaning to Black Friday, EU and RU have a few things up for outside the game.

First up, EU has a couple of partnerships, one with FabZat, creating 3D printed busts of yourself in full tank regalia. Sizes are either 5.5cm or 7.5cm, each costing €29.99 and €54.99 respectivly.


The second partnership is with Arozzi, bring up a WoT Edition gaming chair…


It also comes with a code for an SU-122-44.

Meanwhile, the RU Premium shop now has tickets available for WG Fest being held in Moscow this December. You can check it out here.


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World of Tanks- Odds and Ends for Sale

20 thoughts on “World of Tanks- Odds and Ends for Sale

  1. Yah i was interested in buying a chair, i was looking the arozzi’s chairs for 199€ and now here comes an arozzi chair with 3 or 4 emblems of wot for +160€ more.

    Sad i was hyped for the chair and 356€……. also people from spain cant enter arozzi’s page :/.

  2. It would be nice if the 3d busts were available for North America. Tried to see if I could order from the United States but no, orders are only available within the EU. Perhaps I can get some help from my Hungarian relatives in Europe….

  3. wolvenworks says:

    meanwhile in SEA we only get some random sales because what the heck is Black Friday (i personally know what it is but most ppl here never heard of it)

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