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A brief bit of news, a mod floating around allowing players to view the equipment mounted on friendly and enemy tanks.

While not officially banned, its status is up in the air as it gives the player an advantage, thus violating EU server rules regarding mods. With a recent wave of bans do to illegal mods, best to play safe, and watch what you download.


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World of Tanks- ODevices

44 thoughts on “World of Tanks- ODevices

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      small sure a kv2 who has no equipment has roughly a 25 second reload while with equipment has 20. that tells alot buddy.. Ban it.

      1. Teknokraatti says:

        You ever read the equipment descriptions?

        A KV-2 using rammer has 10% reduction from the stock reload, ending up with 22,5 secs. Vents boost crew skills by 5% and tank stats by about 2,5% (Explanation on WotLabs, go check it out). That gives you 0,61 secs off. Combined they make 21,9 secs reload. Note that rammer and vents are the only pieces of equipment that boost DPM.

        In other words, 100% commander, BIA and food are not equipment.

        When you take those into account, you get 2,5 secs off from the rammer and about 3 secs off from crew skills. Practically the effect is a bit smaller due to the exact formula used to calculate DPM, but that’s how the bonuses work in theoretical isolation from each other.

        TL;DR Not knowing equipment would mislead you by 3,1 secs, not 5. That’s about 40% less than in your example, and that’s assuming that the KV-2 is for some mysterious reason using a 100% commander and 90% crew. Practically, when taking into accord 100% crew and commanders bonus, the time difference would be more like 2,8-2,6 secs. Now we are approaching something like 45% less than you claimed.

    1. Since there still is no real dependable way to detect what mods a player uses client-side, nothing really major happened. They banned a few players who already openly admitted they had rigged the T-22 missions and they banned a few people who were stupid enough to post videos of them using ‘illegal’ mods online.

      And even the word ‘illegal’ mods is an ambiquity in the EU cluster, since the EU department still has to give an official response on what exactly constitutes an unfair advantage. The EULA rules seem quite clear, but in effect there is still some discussion about it.

  1. Anonymous says:

    what difference does it make anyway? it just only looks through the modules, those this make mod make the me the most overpowered, most skilled player in the team? its redundant thus making no advantage at all. unless calling someone out for using equipment. or artillery just checking if you have a spall-liner or not… 😉 😉

    1. It gives you access to information not otherwise available to you, therefor it is an unfair advantage and an illegal mod. There is really no other discussion about it possible for this mod. Whether or not the effect of this mod is small or large is irrelevant.

  2. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Why does WG even send this kind of information to the client 😐 It’s just eating bandwidth for no actual purpose :/

    1. DeanoGTO says:

      thats a really good point why is that being sent to the client its totally unnecessary only you need to know what equipment your using. the only explanation i can think of is maybe a crew skill that never made it in to the game?

    2. apache1990 says:

      As far as I can tell, it’s solely there for Esports purposes (the official spectator mod set they use shows clip status, reload time, equipment, and so on).

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Very good point. But in that case wouldn’t it be possible to get the clip status from enemies aswell? :O

    3. I was just about to come ask this.
      WG are just asking for cheats by sending information such as this.
      It is not the only Mod which made me question the information they are sending to the clients.

      1. pixywing says:

        It’s not hard to set-up a different game server for E-sports like League of Legends does, this would save them money and stop it from being World of Cheaters.

    4. This actually costs you less bandwidth, not more. Because all player information is already present on your location, your client can immediately do very specific calculations locally on certain in-game effects without having to send net calls back and forth asking for the information each time you fire at an enemy for example.

      Whether or not this actually works as intended and if it is a smart thing to do is an entirely different subject.

  3. DeanoGTO says:

    this may be a small advantage but seeing the equipment of a tank gives you a lot more information than youd think. it allows you to gauge the player your facing more accurately so you can look at a tank and roughly guess the crew level from it. people who are running more expensive equipment are far more likely to be running op crews but if you see someone at long range with no equipment at all then you can likely assume that they done even have 100% crew yet. also being able to tell if someones using binocs or optics lets you know whether or not you can fire your gun or not at them without being spotted back. that could be a humungous advantage on some maps and the right situations. honestly this needs to be banned immediately because an experienced player could gain a gigantic advantage with a mod like this.

    1. Very true, if this mod is encouraged and allowed it can open the gates for new mods like those that tell friendly and enemy crew percents and skills. Generally this will make it more difficult and unpleasant to play new tanks and encourage a greater pay to win advantage as those players who can pay for full equipment on a fresh tank. If this were to be implemented, it would have to be included with the eagle eye perk so all players could have access to it on the trade off of some important commander skill.

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    I dont really see how it gives an advantage.

    The only equipment that makes a notable difference when fighting an ennemy is the Gun Rammer. And if the ennemy has any equipment its (almost) always the first one mounted.

    Just always act as if the ennemy has one and thats it. To be good you should learn the reload time of all tanks anyway.

    Other equipments have no impact on your fight. Aiming equipments make a bigger difference for the one who has it than for the one who fights it.

    If the mod showed crew skills too, then I could see why its bad. But for equipments everyone uses the same, everyone past tier 8 should have at least a rammer, and other equipments than rammer dont make any difference when fighting against (except maybe derp/arty vs spall liners).

    Cheats always do what experienced players can do better. Aimbot: learn to lead shots and hitzones. Red dot: learn to watch tracers. Etc…

    The only mods that give unfar advantages in this game are Ammo Visualisation (trust me you wont play the same against a tank depending on which ammo he uses. If you know he fires gold you can immediately forget about spending time angling and increasing armor), XVM (you shouldnt be able to see people’s stats, that makes people think they won/lost before the game even starts and this always ends bad), and Destroyed Objects on Minimap (because you cannot see by yourself if a tree fell at the other side of the map).
    And dezoom mod maybe.

    Hell even Tundra doesnt make any difference for people who are used to all maps, yet it deserves the title of cheat much more than this mod which could aswell display “rammer, GLD/VS, Vents/Optics” at all times.

    But if we go this way any mod is a cheat because if a single player isnt able to install it for some reason then all people who use it have an unfair advantage over him, even if the mod is just a crosshair mod (you never know; maybe that player would play better with a sight that feels better). So until all mods are forbidden (so until WG is done adding the most essential ones) all mods should be either legal or illegal; it’s impossible to select some mods to be legal or not and not all others, because there can always be someone finding an excuse to explain why this doesnt give an unfair advantage in his opinion (and WG EU support always said its up to us to decide if a mod is fair or not): “Tundra helps my fps when in sniper mode”, “Minimap mod helps me remember to look at the map”, “red ball are essentials to me becaude I have view problems and cant see tracers”, “I have memory problems so I need to know at all times what are the equipments/reloads of tanks I fight”…

    Its useless to claim some mods are cheats. Its always a subjective choice. You believe this mod here is a cheat, I do not. You believe XVM is fine, I do not. We both believe Tundra is bad, we both believe J1mb0’s crosshair is fine. It all depends on people. So until WG is very clear on what is an unfair advantage and what is not, what mods are banned and what mods are not ; stop with this kind of post. It doesnt help with the ingame toxicity. Average people will see “mod” and “cheat” in the same sentence and everytime they see anything happen in game they’ll spam “cheater report”.
    I’ve been harassed by one of my own teammates the other day who said I was using an aimbot/cheat ; because he saw me take a snapshot in a T-62A and hit an ennemy borsig sitting in the open 100m away, and for that I thank all of the community contributors who expose one guy using a cheat so everyone thinks everyone is cheating (thats not their goal but thats always what will happen). Cheats will always exist and WG isnt doing anything about it, so instead of making them more popular and advertising them you would better avoid talking about them at all. The less people know about them, the less people will use them or be toxic in chat about them.
    If you need to show them somewhere then spam them at the WG Support until you get a selfie from the dev team sweating in front of their screens because they’re tired of your tickets. That takes as much time and helps more.

  5. Chairman Mel says:

    Mod is not that new. Also, it pisses you off more than it gives you any sort of very situational advantage. Wait until you get a glympse of the shit equipment your teammates are packing for their tanks… Camo Net/Scopes for the heavies, repair boxes for the glass cannon TDs… It’s a mod you’d rather just not use to stay ignorant of this shit.

  6. Infernal969 says:

    Yeah, that information about 10% faster reload speed is OP as hell.
    The only thing I could see benefitting from it is arty, it can see whether the target is using a spall liner or not. So yay, more cancer.

  7. My friend tried this mod once. The only useful part of it is that you know you should not trust an IS-3 teammate who bring camo net and binoc to the fight. But you should have known about it from xvm already if you want.

  8. Legion says:

    I don’t get it. You’re all talking about this module mod.
    But what about the fallen trees mod, one that all crap clans are using in CW or SH ?
    And they think it’s legal also !
    Or that’s what they’re excuse for using it.
    Talk about that !

  9. Tommy_Gun says:

    Little advantage, advantage, big advantage…
    It doesn’t matter. It is still ADVANTAGE ! ! !

    If it gives you advantage it is cheat. This is nothing gray here. Only black and white. Binnary system 0 and 1. Cheat or not cheat.

    If it gives little advantage than you will say: “Oh it is slightly illegal”.
    There is not such a thing as “slightly illegal”. It is either completly legal or completly illegal.

    btw. What concerns me more is that XVM can tell you number of battles for specified tank. So… If you see an enemy tank that has done only 10 battle than you can also assume that it is almost stock tank…

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      All mods give an advantage. Even sight mods or skin mods. Otherwise you wouldnt install them.
      So all mods are cheats or none are (except some mods who do give advantages that cannot be obtained in the vanilla game even by experienced players: XVM, Ammo visualisation, tundra, destroyed objects on minimap, lazers. Most other mods,including this one, do not give any real advantage and cannot really be called a cheat unless you’re a sensitive person who spams “cheater” at anyone better than you even if he uses vanilla client).

    1. No actualy I think the lonely ones are the few who actualy think this gives an advantage or is a cheat.
      Also why in the world does the server send these info to the client if nothing uses it. If WG doesnt like this mod they dont have to ban it they just watch what info are travelling between client and server.

  10. OrigamiChik3n says:

    That’s funny. Just a few days ago there was a stream with Jove (i’m sure at least some know this colorful character) and one of developers who comes under name foton64rus. He was asked about this very mod and said that it is sort off being looked into. According to him this mod is not such a big deal though: “So you get to see that enemy player is using one of few rigid combinations like rammer/stabs/vents or rammer/stabs/optics that EVERYBODY is using anyway? BIG advantage. Every time new tank is introduced, you (Jove) and other youtubers make a review saying – you should use this or that equipment. And then everyone uses said equipment”. Implying that this mod doesn’t reveal something that most players don’t assume about opponent anyway.

    Then there was a discussion that there’s always a number of players who are using equipment that doesn’t cost to dismount (e.g. tool box, camo net, binoculars on KV-4) because they don’t intend to keep the tank after the grind.

    In my opinion this mod is not that much different from “Eagle eye”. If you think that knowing if enemy is using rammer and reloads faster than stock (which i ALWAYS assume anyway) gives you advantage, then knowing that he is ammoracked and therefore reloads slower gives advantage as well. The only difference is that one is in vanilla client and the other isn’t.

    I don’t think many players remember this but some time ago when “smart” minimap just appeared in XVM there was a discussion that it gives unfair advantage. Because player who isn’t using this mod has to divert some of his thought processing time to try to remember where enemy tanks were spotted last. While player using said mod could concentrate all of his attention on action at hand. Then it got implemented into vanilla client and ceased to be “unfair” advantage.

  11. i recorded myself with a new account and send that video using pretty much every single cheat mod and they gave me an automated response with bullshit like our automated system is working blah blah, love testing this fools they will never fix anything.

  12. Myau.Chan says:

    I don’t see ANY problem whit this mod. you should All-ways assume your target has the best equipment possible, and just be pleased when you it it performs as not having it. i have WON many times matches shooting HE at objects, when i know my counterpart has the minimap objects mod ( no really it works specially in fast tanks resting the cap or in late game)

    This mod is MEH at best. Xvm tell you if he knows what he/she is doing or no, simple. actually Xvm is the single MOST useful mod in that regard. to tell who is good and who is bad lets you asses you moves.

    You are good by: Shooting gold, knowing the terrain, knowing the pros and conts of your tank. and a LOT of experience. NO MOD, gives you ANY of those.

    strip the mods out of a good player and what you get?!..
    well you get a good player W/o mods. LOL >:3

    Best mods are anime tank skins (now death), anime crew and XVM. there lol

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