World of Tanks PC Case mod


Thanks to Marc Bourgoin for sharing this! Have another fan creation for you, a Russian lad created a World of Tanks inspired PC Case from a  R-123M Radio.

For those unaware R-123M is a Soviet era transceiver used in BTR-50PU carriers.


This is how it looks like:

Have to say, the PC case makes me think more of Fallout than WoT, still, amazing work.




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World of Tanks PC Case mod

14 thoughts on “World of Tanks PC Case mod

  1. Geeh says:

    I don’t like that video card connection, there’s a reason why we put them directly on the motherboard and that is the amount of time information takes to reach the mainboard in the first place. Other than that, it seems pretty cool, besides the possible air flow disruptions.

  2. Silvio I says:

    I made a Raspberry Pi case out of a US Army R422 auxilliary reciever. I military radio geek offered me 10X what I had into and I sold it to him, don’t know what ever happened to it.

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