World of Tanks PC – Developer’s Panel


WG NA has uploaded this on their youtube channel:

The World of Tanks Developer head and other Wargaming high ups sat down with the players to discuss some pain points and what is being done to help them. Plus, we had breakfast and coffee, that’s always awesome to have. Not to mention, folks walked away with the first edition of the World of Tanks comic!

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World of Tanks PC – Developer’s Panel

24 thoughts on “World of Tanks PC – Developer’s Panel

    1. StumpyDaPaladin says:

      There is no Tl;DR for this.

      in point of fact i would love to have heard about the Q&A continuation away from camera …

      In it they discuss (in as much detail as they are allowing themselves) many topics that show up on this (and other) site over and over. So if you ever wanted as clear an answer (as allowed) for things this is where you find it.

      Make the time to watch it. If you post a lot here; then watching this will save you from spending 2 hrs making a well thought out easily understood post about topics that WG is just not gonna do anything about.

      First they acknowledge that they cant say everything they want to. They then tell you exactly why. Its a good reason.

      They go on to specifically discuss
      SuperTesting. Sandbox.
      And the difference between the two when it comes to:
      What their purpose is
      What your expectations could and should be.

      Mods. Some are worth getting into the vanilla client. Some arent. but are cool and not hurting anyone and should be supported. Some are worth the focus of BanHammer waves. They discuss why that is.

      Physics. (albeit briefly)

      WTF, Arty?.

      Matchmaking. should it be skill based?

      Maps. what the hell happened?

      Rampage. What happened?

      Vehicle rentals.

      premium tanks.

      Tech trees. Will/should they be re-purposed?

      Learning Curves for New players.

      And more.

      TL;DR? Too fucking bad. There is no “short” version that gives the content any justice. This video is information dense and deserves your time.
      If nothing else thier body language as they speak on various topics tells almodt as much as the transcript itself.

      1. StumpyDaPaladin says:

        Which most likely will happen as a part of global re-balance (which is still in early alpha) sooo 2 years and not before then.

  1. qwertypresser says:

    I liked when Thaine started talking about how WG will never abandon historical accuracy. Too bad no one ever told him that you cannot abandon something you never were.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well, WG was once very historical… But this only lasted through the British TD line and Japanese line 1. And basically gone after that. They also refused to back edit pre Historical tanks…

  2. Tarsis says:

    Wait, we are supposed to be extra understanding of the poor English speaking skills of some guys who speak better English than 30% of North American born English speakers? I’m confused here. They did spectacular. Would that I spoke foreign languages as well!

  3. Pharian says:

    To be honest… well done WG. These productions are not cheap to make. They are one of the few game companies who are trying are reach out to their player community. Personally, I respect it.

    To Paul at WG NA – congrats for managing this process.

    Finally, it’s a two way streeet. WG needs to listen to its player base ; the players need to offer positive and constructive comment. This is a win:win for everyone.

    1. Poppavein says:

      We RSVPed to Let’s Battle Seattle and they had a survey where one had a chance to be chosen for Breakfast. They did look us up because they knew we played a lot.

      They were our own questions but they didn’t give us enough time to ask any. This was my only complaint, they didn’t plan enough time for Q and A.

      Since they didn’t give us much time, I wondered how they get useful feedback.

    2. Poppavein says:

      After RSVPing for Lets Battle Seattle, we got an invite where they said a random number of people would be invited for breakfast.

      They did not provide the questions. My only complaint was that they didn’t schedule enough time for questions so very few were asked.

  4. Infernal969 says:

    Rotfl. I bet they care about it deeply and it’s not just a marketing stunt.
    Remember how they fixed the game after the famous “content creators” meetup on Cyprus? Yeah, me neither.

  5. WOT ~
    with very few Maps ever seen in a Day
    – then same few Maps repeated same as same all week every week
    – and all broken to WG exact requirements ‘with improvements for gameplay’ or in truth zero Cover and maximum Corridor close brawling, all in 1 place on most Maps

    with a broken Match Maker
    which is EXACTLY working as WG intends it to do and to perfection
    – to get turbo slaughter 1 sided 4 minute ‘fast-battles, to get maximum players back to the Garage – to buy more GOLD for everything that now needs GOLD, accelerate crew training, unlock Free XP and etc
    (notice how Premium Shop GOLD price keeps increasing? its fiction, not exist but yet keeps going up in price, wonder why?

    fuck good interesting gameplay
    lets ‘make lots more money’ with a good ‘Corporate business plan’

  6. Poppavein says:

    We were chosen from a pool of people that RSVPed to the Let’s Battle Seattle event.

    They didn’t provide the questions. My only complaint is that they didn’t provide enough time for questions, few were asked.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I believe that WG is trying to correct mistake they made over the pass. And now are in a PR mode to let people understand their listening and are try to correct mistake made. But that being said their a lot of unhappy player whom quit and may never come back, because of they mistake.

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