World of Tanks- Personal Missions Down

Brief post, but as some of you have found out Personal Missions are down temporarily for technical work.

No exact word on when they will be up, but when we find out we’ll be sure to update or create a new post letting you all know.

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World of Tanks- Personal Missions Down

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks- Personal Missions Down

  1. Dave says:

    Its funny how I get my news of bugs and such on this site, instead of the GAMES OFFICIAL SITE. Would it be so hard for them to post known bugs and an estimated time to fix them in the news section?
    Huh? Wargaming? Would it?

    Never mind…. *facepalm*

  2. mirotordaji says:

    that feeling you get when you finish scout mission you have been chasing for two weeks………and bloody personal missions are down!!!!!!!…….just the thing you need to put you in the mood for weekend Halloween event.

  3. Veltro says:

    since the last patch I find at random times. my control steering controls disconnect?
    anyone else?

    i post this here as its more likely to get an intelligent and quicker riposte here then the official

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