World of Tanks Promo. Video

The Mauerbrecher: Take it Easy

A promotional video for the imminent sale of this paper only project tank with its “Trumped” up history.

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World of Tanks Promo. Video

20 thoughts on “World of Tanks Promo. Video

  1. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile the mm is going to shit,balance is going to shit and games end the traditional 0-15,3-15 and at best cases 5-15! (Obligatory wg funboy coming to dislike)

    1. Killtech says:

      no matter how good balance was as the start of the battle, after the first few kills it’s mostly gone. the MM cant do anything 3 mins into a battle. its simply a core characteristic of games without respawns.

      1. Anonymous says:

        The thing is with the new ranked season medals you can see where the good players are (don’t use xvm). With the new mm it’s all falling on the top tiers. When in my skorpion I do more damage than all the tier 10s combined and our enemy team has clan war veterans in their tier 10s it’s like putting a 5 year old to beat up Arnold Schwarzenegger … Its not going to happen.. What the top tiers do dectates the outcome of the battle.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Situation update: I was playing this night and was constantly playing against platoons of obj 907s and m60s kicking asses. I mean what shoud me and my friend do against 55-56% win rating players with 60k battles between them? And I am just your average 49 ish % . It is fun for noone, I don’t improve getting murdered by professionals. The thing this game lacks is skill based mm kinda like ranked battles.

    2. Robopon says:

      This is exactly why 5/10 and single tier battles are the best. WG should listen to their CCs and stop prioritizing shitty 3/5/7 MM.

    3. Anonymous says:

      All that crying brought us to the new retarded mm in the first place… the old mm of 9.14 and before was just perfect and with a lot of variety.. but that’s the thing about wot.. wg making the game worse but only because players didn’t stop cry as the game was actually good and kind of balanced.. at least far more balanced then now

      1. Anonymous says:

        Old mm had problems,lots of them,but the new one is just retarded. I dont find any excuse for why new mm wasnt rolled back immedietly. You are never top tier (1 in 15 games to be honest) and it sucks….

  2. Killtech says:

    please tell me the earlier leaked “history” of this tank is not going to the live client. please tell me it was just a placeholder or something. or that the description was supplemented with the info that it stems from a fictional book/story… please please please.

  3. Pecinskey says:

    I am very much pleased this thing has actual weakspots.
    Also, a massive counter-part to the Lowe, and a good teacher to Maus and/or E-100 gameplay. Blocky but sloped, loads of armor, two glaring weakspots, weak LFP, and a derpy, massive alpha, long reload high caliber gun.

    Gotta admit, not happy a new premium is coming out yet again, but this one is indeed balanced. I like it. Can’t wait to kick wallet-warrior butt! ^^

    1. Anonymous says:

      Its balanced against high tiers but just like its VK P brother its going to be a pain in the ass for lower tiers.

      I just feel bad for newer players trying to make their way through the game having to deal with superheavies these days.

      1. Robopon says:

        If you look at the collision model you will see that this thing has a terrible weakspont behid the front road wheel. When hull is decently angled it has around 120 mm of effective armor. I think it’s bs

      2. Vanler DearNoob says:

        do you think the matilda, hetzer, Kv1, AT2, and compony dont fuck the low tier MM??
        They are monsters and they had been ther years.

  4. All this is, is a sponge for premium ammo. WG are just using heavy armoured tanks to encourage players to press 2. The team that wins every game is the team with the most players that press 2 at start of battle. The team that loses is the team with the most free to players on it, who can’t press 2, but instead press 3, the WG “I can’t afford to spam gold” back up ammo. This tank will sit perma tracked within 2 seconds of seeing enemies, then sky cancer will eat it for breakfast. Because if it ain’t russian, it ain’t got no roof armour. A tomato red player shooting gold at me is JUST AS ACCURATE as a unicum shooting gold at me, funnily enough. Perhaps the cyprus hand of god rng is in there somewhere…its all in the code.

    1. Vanler DearNoob says:

      I have the VK 100.01p and gold is not a problem.

      “Because if it ain’t russian, it ain’t got no roof armour” the IS3 have 30mm turret roof.
      almost all tanks have shit roof, rusians 2.

      ST-1 also have a shit roof, and it is a turreter tank.

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