World of Tanks RU Privacy Policy Amendments

Good day everyone,

A few days back the following was added into the Privacy Policy for WoT RU players:

3. Information about you that we may collect

You authorize us in the course of using the Services you receive from your data in the following categories:

When you create your account, you authorize us to receive and process the following data about the account:

Your e-mail address, phone number, identity on social networks or gaming services, the country of residence.
In the course of your use of the Services, you authorize us to receive and process the following data tracking:

1. For information about your use of our Services, including, without limitation, information about the time and manner of use of the Services, the data stream and records the screen elements that you click the mouse button in the use of our services (so-called “history visits”).

2. Log files (logs) and statistics on the activities on our web site and in the Games.

3. Technical information about the devices and operating systems and other software that you use in the course of visits to the website or the use of games, namely, information on the means to control access to information media (Media Access Control, MAC), device identifier (Unique Device Identifier, UDID), a similar device IDs, your IP-address and information about your browser, as well as the information needed to detect, investigate and prevent acts that violate the provisions of the Agreement or the game in respect of any of the games.

We use cookies that are stored in the user’s system (cookie files) to receive and process tracking data. Their function and use embodiments discussed in detail in section 5 below.

Of particular interest is the text alluding to means to investigate user agreement violations. Combined with the recent micropatch creating a specialized mods folder, it would seem WarGaming is stepping up a bit in an effort to detect an ban users of illegal mods.

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World of Tanks RU Privacy Policy Amendments

26 thoughts on “World of Tanks RU Privacy Policy Amendments

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    Well that seemed obvious before this was even mentionned.
    -scanning game files to make sure you dont try to corrupt them
    -system infos so they get an idea of how powerful the computers used to play are and when they can expect to ignore the older specs
    -infos on what the user does when using their product, so they can see what is or isnt worth working on because a lot or too few people are using it
    -cookies, mail, IP, phone if added… Basic stuff you give them by registering your account

    Most games and probably most software companies do the same.
    Its just that WG is late (as always) on the cheat fight.

  2. Darkside69 says:

    sounds like a way of getting more revenue by selling your data to relevant companies, nothing to do with catching hack modders.

    1. Can’t really stop a banned person from making a new account, true, but you’ll lose months or years of progress and have to start from scratch since accounts are stored on wargaming servers, not personal computers. They also probably should only ban accounts and not IP’s because some people share computers over separate accounts. The problem is you can never stop someone from cheating if they really want to. The only deterence is making a cheater’s job as difficult as possible in a competitive environment. Kind of like creating so many vaccines for viruses that you create super viruses.

  3. I believe that the reason why they did not do anything against cheaters for 5 years is that they got a share from cheat mod sales.
    I’m pretty sure that they had some kind of an agreement with the big cheat mod sellers and/or they didn’t give a flying fuck because they made a shitload of money anyways.

    The following quotes (i don’t want to post a link) are from an article on WG’s “fair play” bullshit.

    “What you see here is ZorroJan (ZJ) statistics on daily usage of his free mods. As you can see (I had hard time grasping the size of the numbers) 250.000 users EVERY day use his mods on RU cluster ALONE !!!”

    “Also I checked how is the illegal mods market doing. This I did not expect:

    Mods: sales are the same (total revenue), slight conversion from permanent packages to 1-3 months subscriptions.

    Explanation why: No one believes that WG will ban all, it’s insane. Who will play ? – most common answer.

    Account boosting: Increase in sales.

    Explanation why: mostly rerolls are wanted, with 1-2 tier 10 tanks, I would suspect if the player is banned he can then continue his activity from the other acc. Also people are ordering 2 new rerolls at the same time, just in case apparently. The market is gone totally mental.

    The logical question is: so banning everyone will help the game ? Keep on dreaming…”

    ONE cheat mod developer and 250k daily users of his mods in 1 region.
    There is many, many cheat mod devs, there is many cheats available for free, and very advanced ones for money.
    Their sales are the same, or even increasing.
    Just imagine how many players use cheats actively in all regions (RU, US, EU, Asia), i bet that 80-90% of the total playerbase are constantly using these mods.

    Right now Wargaming is trying to put bandaid on a gunshot wound, probably because they realised a bit too late that keeping the game clean is better for the business after all.

      1. Anonymous says:

        desperate…pathetic…whatever….the bottom line is: it is ruining the game…….as a player who play this game for years….I come to the point: ” why bother?”……I know lots of things can be “blamed” on RNG but no one is that lucky ( tomato from 300 meters hitting my ammo rack 3 times in a row while he is moving )

    1. OopsAA says:

      80-90%?…. Sorry but thats bullshit! If so, then everybody has the same chance. So do your research better and don’t write everything down what your source tells you, use your brain.

      I think WG is goiing to make money by selling the collected data to third party’s….

      Hmmm guess now I get a probably a chat ban again from WG, it happend before.

    2. Esurio1 says:

      ”The following quotes (i don’t want to post a link) are from an article on WG’s “fair play” bullshit.”

      are you trying to suggest a wargaming employee wrote these ”quotes” of yours?? i would actually like the link for that quote even though you said you wouldn’t give it. posting the quote would take the same amount of effort as posting the link doesn’t it? (ctrl-c followed bye ctrl-v for the reminder).

      and do you really think the biggest issue that makes new players quit the game is that they feel like they got killed bye a cheater? even though you cant proof that some1 is using an aim-bot even with a replay from yourself only from a replay of the cheating player himself. so don’t you think that wargaming is trying (well not there best i do agree on that only) to stop cheaters so that there beginning player base will continu to play and buy that pz2J 100$ bundle and the occasional 10$ premium for a month?

      if you really feel that wargaming is making money of cheating or even supporting it then in my opinion you should consider going back to school (or stay on it). no game developer benefits from cheating. and trowing in a radical hackusation of saying that you think 80 to 90% of the playerbase has pay2use hacks or even an ordinary weakpoint skin (which is forbidden) just proofs that you are an anti WG geek or don’t have any understanding of game mechanics and or you are just 1 of those 500wn8 players that gets outplayed so often that ”well this entire playerbase must be cheating cuz im too gud to get pwned”.

      i would bet you for 100$ that if wg ran a script to find out how many players use mods it would be less as 50% and less as 5% of them being illegal.

    3. betterdead thanred says:

      i agree that WG must have benefited from illegal mods somehow, or else it would have been cracked down upon quickly after it was discovered.
      blizzard, when it comes to WOW, i do believe they have been working hard since day 1 to combat hacks and cheats.

      but maybe WG wanted freedom for each individual to choose vanilla/mods of their own free will, and hoped the internet community would respect the ”rules” given at the time.
      but i highly doubt it…….

  4. As the vast majority of “free to play” games, WOT is not “free to play”, it is free to ENTER.
    It is designed to get people addicted and extract money from them.
    If you want to get some entertainment and if you want to progress without sitting all day long at your PC playing this shit in a mindless state and wasting a shitload of time, then you will have to fork over a significant amount of real cash.
    Playing this game as a freeloader is just unbearable.

    Paying for cheat mods isn’t more desperate than paying for anything else in the game.

    For example, why do people buy premium time and premium tanks?
    Because they want to farm credits and xp much more effectively instead of wasting their precious time as a free player.

    Why do people pay 50 bucks for a very advanced aimbot?
    Because they don’t want to aim manually and they want an advantage over other players.

  5. Recently there were more than 33000 players banne4d on the russian servers alone.
    if the cheat mod users only about 5% of the playerbase as Esurio1 says, then WG already banned every cheater in the RU cluster?
    Come on, you can’t be that naive to believe that.

    I’m pretty sure that at least 80% of the players used / using illegal mods (not necessarily “heavy” ones like aimbots or tundra for example) and WG did absolutely nothing against them for years.
    Maybe because they had an agreement with the biggest cheat mod developers (the infamous “Warpack” only worked if you had a premium account), maybe they just did not care because they made a shitload of profits anyways.
    I assume their revenues decreasing rapidly nowadays and that is why they make this dramatic, theatric “fair play” show now.
    Most of their decisions in the last ~2 years (they began to fuck up the game in 2015 if memory serves) show total incompetence.

    1. Esurio1 says:

      you got you’r numbers totally mixed up, on 16.01.2017 the total registered amount of players on the RU server is 33 692 530 maybe its my math but i don’t that 33,000 is % from that.

      also of those 33 million registered my source tells me that 4 330 566 are active each week give or take 5%.

      even then 33000 is far from 5%

      also if you read this status report more often you can find a post about the last banwave over here

      here you can see that the % of ->active<- players that got banned on eu server for illegal mods in this banwave was below 1% on average for each country. and yes not all of them got caught for sure but if an entire banwave only takes 1% of active players i feel pretty safe to assume that les as 5% of the entire player base is using actual cheats.

      even in my clan i still hear ''0my gud he hitts me amorackk twice repoort aimbod!'' people feel like there are allot of cheaters from the moment the first youtubers made videos about cheats now they cant see the difference between rng and cheats. just this morning i hit a hull down bulldog with a snapshot in my t32 whilst rotating my turret over 400meters away. and i can tell you that the t32 is not known for its accuracy. ill send you the replay if you want to cheat check it for yourself but this shit is all rng.

  6. DickHerMax says:

    “[…] as well as the information needed to detect, investigate and prevent acts that violate the provisions of the Agreement or the game in respect of any of the games.”
    So basicaly they can scan your whole hard drive, monitor your copy-paste cache, check websites you are visiting by checking DNS temp etc.
    It’s like writing “and any information we might find useful”.

  7. 33.7 million registered accounts means nothing, the real number of players are much, much less.
    The highest number of active accounts in the RU region on a single day was around 800-900k, and i’m sure that a significant portion of that number were not real players, but bot accounts.
    I don’t know how populated the RU servers nowadays are, but i assume the number of active accounts is somewhere between 150-300k per day.

    33k players were “penalized” in the RU cluster, 5.3k in the EU cluster and a few hundred in other regions.
    I assume WG caught only a fraction of all the cheaters.

    That second article with the list of names is just ridiculous.
    Where that list comes from, how exactly the people who made the list “mined” the servers for data?
    How exactly they acquired the info about banned accounts?

    I’m more inclined to believe what i read in the article on the link above than to believe anything that comes from Wargaming.

    Btw WG’s new privacy policy is very concerning, they can abuse the collected information in countless ways.

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