World of Tanks RU Privacy Policy Amendments

Good day everyone,

A few days back the following was added into the Privacy Policy for WoT RU players:

3. Information about you that we may collect

You authorize us in the course of using the Services you receive from your data in the following categories:

When you create your account, you authorize us to receive and process the following data about the account:

Your e-mail address, phone number, identity on social networks or gaming services, the country of residence.
In the course of your use of the Services, you authorize us to receive and process the following data tracking:

1. For information about your use of our Services, including, without limitation, information about the time and manner of use of the Services, the data stream and records the screen elements that you click the mouse button in the use of our services (so-called “history visits”).

2. Log files (logs) and statistics on the activities on our web site and in the Games.

3. Technical information about the devices and operating systems and other software that you use in the course of visits to the website or the use of games, namely, information on the means to control access to information media (Media Access Control, MAC), device identifier (Unique Device Identifier, UDID), a similar device IDs, your IP-address and information about your browser, as well as the information needed to detect, investigate and prevent acts that violate the provisions of the Agreement or the game in respect of any of the games.

We use cookies that are stored in the user’s system (cookie files) to receive and process tracking data. Their function and use embodiments discussed in detail in section 5 below.

Of particular interest is the text alluding to means to investigate user agreement violations. Combined with the recent micropatch creating a specialized mods folder, it would seem WarGaming is stepping up a bit in an effort to detect an ban users of illegal mods.

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