World of Tanks Sandbox

Map fly through of Grand Canyon.

This is the 1.2 x 1.2 km Frontline mode map in a very basic form. From here it will have to go through more stages in supertest. Note the spotting distance, render range and max shot range are as now in-game. There is also the minimap and a montage of photo’s of the real Grand Canyon.

Source WoT Express.

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World of Tanks Sandbox

12 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sandbox

  1. don’t like the map or the “Epic Randoms” as they are calling it on the sandbox forums. Nothing more then more passive gameplay of what we already have. Doesn’t even compare to the first Frontlines test on Epic Normandy

    1. Thagomizer says:

      I disagree. Epic Normandy wasn’t a good mode; it only really worked for autoloading meds and the respawning meant the losers were just exp piñatas at the end.

      I didn’t like the Grand Canyon map, it was too restrictive. However, the other Frontline map (Valley?) was great – every type of tank could contribute.

      Lights could scout, meds could flank, heavies could hold, TDs could snipe, and SPGs could irritate.

      1. Well it is a difference of opinion so I’m not going to say your’e wrong.

        It was, however, the first iteration of Frontlines and was recieved by the majority of players. Naturally more testing would need to be done with changes made. And you make a good point about respawning leading to exp pinatas.

        I agree with your point of view about Grand Canyon and Sunny Valley but I do have my own opinions on how the gameplay felt and what could be tested.

        I can’t help but want WG to try it with 20 vs 20 as a replacement for the current 15 vs 15 rather then just another game mode to split players into.

        From my experience, players were very passive because of the much larger number of players in the games I played which led to much slower paced games (and thats saying something. I’m on the Asia server and the games here are incredibly passive). I cant help but feel 20vs20 on the larger maps might lead to players being a bit more active and agressive.

        Thought I should just explain my thinking and am in now way trying to change your opinion

      2. Thagomizer says:


        We can agree on the 20×20 – I was asked to fill out a WG survey after a week using the sandbox and said I felt a 20×20 format would be better in the medium sized maps. More space would lead to a more dynamic game.

    1. SpottableSky says:

      you do realize that these maps have just been put into testing recently, they can’t just make a map into HD when it’s not even known if its even gonna make it to the test server.

  2. Nocomment says:

    What happened to all the objectives, map holding etc? This looks like a slightly larger worse than nearly all encounter map. Everyone into your corridor and camp the center point…original WG very original.

  3. Ze Dank says:

    They have clearly never seen a picture of the grand canyon…. they should just call it “Dam” as the depth perspective is terrible. Actually, after typing that, Damnit would be more appropriate.

  4. Ruthless4u says:

    Shame something like this will never come to console because wargaming values the 360 players over the current generation( XONE/PS4)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well at least its some new map they kinda told there will be at least 1 new map each month ! and the thing is when the map comes out u see it rarely in randrom bullsshit allways some kind himmelsdorf !
    Dont make maps for ur wg tournament players dont give a *** that they want to play their turnaments in old maps let them do it but think abouth other people also

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