World of Tanks – Soul Hunter

The voice over of the Russian version is far spookier. I understand just a little Russian and I got this  “Death, I am listening , I am close, your soul belongs to me” The RU version is Here. If you have a better understanding put it in comments.

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World of Tanks – Soul Hunter

22 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Soul Hunter

    1. fogy2 says:

      Most precise I could translate was.
      – Death I hear it myself.
      – I am allready close/ closeby
      – Your soul belongs to me (or as google translete says- your soul is due to me)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a mode made after getting fed up of campers , so it’s like rust : battle royale
    were all the players have to move and kill while the circle of survive is shrinking , in WOT case the earth collapses

    1. Zettomatic says:

      Armor layout is crap. 185 pen is enough to shoot him in the face, every 122mm gun can easily overmatch his roof, the cupola is quite prominent
      Sidescraping works only against noobs because of above mentioned reasons.
      Alpha too low compared to russian counterparts,
      Mobility is bad compared to other Tier 8 tanks.

      1. Suka says:

        I love my Tiger II, good thing almost everyone doesn’t knows how to play it correctly, easy Ace tanker and MoEs.

      2. bbmoose says:

        And then I mean Zettomatic’s comment. I’ve got two MoE on my Tiger II while grinding for the E75, but I’m not going to bother playing it again now I have the E75.

  2. Berto72 says:

    I suppose there will be a special game with an evil “zombie” kingtiger,

    destroyed with hits in hull that will form the evil face of the video.

    All in bet.

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