World of Tanks: Soviet medium tank T-29

We have a Garage video to show you.

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World of Tanks: Soviet medium tank T-29

11 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Soviet medium tank T-29

  1. Noidea says:

    fuck me that is ugly and who could have guessed another premium soviet tank. makes you think the game was owned by the Russians or something… WTF is the T71 CMD, or the T 92 LT?

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      From what was reported some time ago, it seems to be a premium. Most likely a login gift for WG birthday. Or is it WoT birthday? Whichever the case, it should be one of two freemiums we get every year.
      But it’s not a predecessor. According to Wikipedia, it was “a modernized T-28 with Christie suspension”.

  2. Shade_30 says:

    It’s a modernisation of the T-28 by adding christie suspension
    According to the wiki it was approved by the military, but never entered mass production (Probably due to the project leader being arrested)

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