World of Tanks Stereotypes by DezGamez


while busy with other things I left the YouTube auto-play on and it brought me this gem from DezGamez that I was completely unaware of, he’s been creating videos on Tank Class Stereotypes and I find them hilarious, my favourite so far is SPG:


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World of Tanks Stereotypes by DezGamez

25 thoughts on “World of Tanks Stereotypes by DezGamez

  1. Start the neg reps says:

    I do not see what is funny about this series, he plays very poorly and everyone thinks its funny.

      1. As he said, making the Heavy tank episode he promised that he only have 1 take to make them(1 game). And the fact that we have players like this is kinda funny. Light tank episode is made on test server, where people kill teammates in every single battle, so how could this affect anyone? 😀

  2. C'mon says:

    Hey guys… seriously? He’s just dubbing the other people replays… I don’t think it’s so hard to get it…

    1. Start the neg reps says:

      The first one with arty was funny because he used someone else replay, the next two episodes are of him just telling his team things and playing bad.

  3. I thought it was a funny video but we all know it’s complicated to “balance” arty in any game

    it’s not just in WoT because I have a feeling something troublesome will happen in AW when or if they add tier 9 or 10 arty

    just imagine players starting threads saying:
    “current day artillery use smart munitions, why don’t we have guided munitions for arty in the game?”

    the devs that have to deal with arty “re”-balance have a tough time with it

    1. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

      @ARMANDO RODRIGUES not only smart ammo, but also ballistic computers that can calculate series of shoots whit different parabolic trajectory – so longest fly time for first shell and shortest for last one and all of them hit target together. Imagine that 3 x 700 dmg at once. Just like a nuke in your face.

    2. TPMadre says:

      I guess the active protection system will stop some incoming rounds, like the C-RAM systems which can be also implemented.

  4. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    now, this is a game of a batchat 55 stereotype player. If he were a T92, there would be cursing and none of his shots would hit anything.

  5. Teobold Tor says:

    The arty one was good up to a point, he was eating, looking up porn and complaining but there was no suiciding or teamkilling light tanks because “GO SPOT NOOB!1111!!!11”

  6. just an extraordinary battle of an arty.

    and dubbing was not bad, he says the things which other players thinks about arty players. you can take it both ways, like an arty player making fun with arty-haters, or like an arty-hater making fun with arty players.

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