World of Tanks Strongholds: Journals

Good day everyone,

A new feature will be coming to the Strongholds mode for World of Tanks: Journals. These new logs can be used to easily track events in your Stronghold, such as battle statistics and the use of earned resources. Events such as the results of Skirmishes and Advances as well as tracking Industrial Resources and Reserves.

New Tabs

New tabs will be introduced and providing quick access to Industrial Resources, Reserves and Battle Stats:

Battle stats will display the commander of the detachment, as well as the rewards earned and any Reserves used.




Stronghold Structures Discounts

In other Stronghold news, a discount on building and upgrading structures will be discounted from September 11th to the 17th.

  • Structure Levels I-IV: 50% Discount
  • Structure Levels V-VI: 30% Discount

That’s all for now, everyone.

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World of Tanks Strongholds: Journals

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