World of Tanks Support

Known Issues Patch 9.18


WG compiled a list of possible issues you may face.

Error joining battle

Some tanks may face the error: The current vehicle is not ready when attempting to join battle.


Modules show up as mounted in module slot, despite not being researched.

This issue is under investigation

T-34 is not Elite despite all modules and proceeding vehicles researched

This issue is under investigation

Gold not compensated on light tanks moved From: tier 8 To: tier 9

This issue is under investigation

Reusable consumables

Typo in patch notes. Recharge is 90s, not 60s.

Stun icon displays incorrect tooltip header

In Battle Results, hovering over the stun icon displays incorrect tooltip header.

Planned fix with micropatch.

Pre-patch Elite light tanks

You may find Accelerate crew training active by default on pre-patch Elite Light tanks.

Spähpanzer Ru 251: Error joining battle

Display error. The top engine is not mounted nor researched, even though the Engine slot is showing Tier 9 Engine mounted.


  • Manually mount the Tier 9 Engine.

Common post patch problems and solutions

I am missing Equipment

Equipment going missing after a patch mostly relates to:

  • Camouflage Net
  • Binocular Telescope
  • Toolbox

From our experience, this is caused by:

  • Garage mods misplacing or creating the illusion that you had more Equipment.
  • You or someone else with access to your account, moved or sold Equipment.

No patch delete equipment. Should a patch remove Equipment, the patch notes will reflect this change.

The game settings or the cache are corrupted

Please delete the game cache (this will reset game settings):

  1. Press Win+R
  2. Type “%appdata%\”
  3. Delete the World of Tanks folder

The graphics driver is outdated

Please make sure to use the recommended graphics card driver:


  • GeForce 400 Series and newer – 376.33
  • GeForce 200 Series and older (released in 2009 or earlier) – 342.01


  • RX 470/480 – known crash issues under investigation; driver Crimson Edition 16.11.5 Hotfix seems to have brought some stability improvements.
  • Radeon HD 7700-7900 Series, R5 240, R5 300, R7 200+, R9 200+ – Crimson Relive 17.1.1
  • Radeon HD 5000-7600 Series – Catalyst 15.7.1
  • Radeon HD 2000-4000 Series – Catalyst 13.9 (WinVista/7), Catalyst 14.4 (WinXP)


Mods and specially old mods, can cause lots of trouble.

Check this article to start the game in Safe Mode (without mods) and make sure all your mods are up to date. is not responsible for mods updates.

My issue is not listed

Should you have another kind of issue, please Contact Support

Include the following information:

WGCheck reports listing mods won’t be considered. Make sure the issue persists with no mods and with a fresh game client installation.

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