World of Tanks – Swedish Tanks Review

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World of Tanks – Swedish Tanks Review

9 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Swedish Tanks Review

  1. leggasiini says:

    The difference is that though the 50B has turret pennable by tier 6s while Kranvagn has the very best turret in the game. Thats gigantic difference and enough to justify the all around worse gun than 50B and more sluggish mobility. -12 is also very nice.

    Keep on mind that apparently overmatch system is cancelled afterall, so Kranvagn’s side is definely more handy than the one of 50B, because it still can sidescrape in emergency state unlike 50b. Not to mention its much smaller.

    50B and Kranvagn has their own strengths and weaknesses. Can you seriously all the time saying “tank 1 outclasses tank 2” and so on. Heck, even when Kranvagn had mega OP stats i personally still thought 50B has niche because of godly gold rounds of 50B…compared to possibly 2nd worst gold rounds of all tier 10s on Kranvagn…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love how they say the Strv m40 L has weak armour and no really outstanding stats, even though it has some of the thickest front armour of any tier 3 and better aim time, accuracy, and rate of fire than almost every tier 3 vehicle, regardless of type.

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