World of Tanks: Tank Festival

An unprecedented event is starting soon in World of Tanks—Tank Festival! This is a large-scale anniversary celebration bringing many events and new features! The festival will start on August 6 and last for two months. You will see in-game events old and new, personal Dog Tags, and, of course, the welcome return of tank races!

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World of Tanks: Tank Festival

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Tank Festival

  1. Tachenk0 says:

    Czech Holidays? Why? Oh, maybe cause WG doesnt give a fuck about Czech tree so no one is playing it!
    Noooo, they wont add more Czech tanks,cause it is not like we could get a LT, TD and SPG branch even without some deep research.

    But heeey, Chinese made up TDs are there. And wheeled scouts. Thing nobody asked for.
    And it is not like Czechs are the second largest community on EU servers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yet more complete utter Bollocks from Wargame

    ……………. wish I worked for WG as a developer/ manager whatever! easy money for doing nothing that’s important or matters or even actual work, but it looks good to the non-WOT playing-fat farts-in suits at WG

  3. heinz says:

    wtf. Again this is just overly complicated. Another currency, the 20th now? WG will find a way to even make rank races p2w, I am sure. Maybe premium tanks start 5 seconds earlier or something. Bull—–Shit.

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