World of Tanks Top Tankers Event

Good day everyone,

Starting on October 27th, players will have the chance to earn various rewards based on their average base XP over the course of 5 consecutive battles!

Base XP from the last five battles in a tank will be calculated and added to a leaderboard for that specific vehicle. Fighting in another vehicle will not interrupt the series of games your XP is calculated from. XP will be taken from Random Battles only, either solo or as part of a platoon.


While you can use any eligable vehicle to compete, you will only earn one reward based on the highest class you’ve reached at the end of the event.


If you want to see your progress, you can look at the event page on the game portal, or use a mod developed spe ifically for the event to get a vehicles performance summary in game.


If it comes to WGs attention of players fixing matches or rigging, progress for all of their vehicles in the event will be reset despite what specific vehicle they played in that match.

Players who recieve a ban of four days or more will have their participation in the event rendered void.

The event will run from October 27th, 05:30 CEST to November 28th 06:30 CET

For a look at eligable vehicles, see here.

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