World of Tanks Top Tankers Event

Good day everyone,

Starting on October 27th, players will have the chance to earn various rewards based on their average base XP over the course of 5 consecutive battles!

Base XP from the last five battles in a tank will be calculated and added to a leaderboard for that specific vehicle. Fighting in another vehicle will not interrupt the series of games your XP is calculated from. XP will be taken from Random Battles only, either solo or as part of a platoon.


While you can use any eligable vehicle to compete, you will only earn one reward based on the highest class you’ve reached at the end of the event.


If you want to see your progress, you can look at the event page on the game portal, or use a mod developed spe ifically for the event to get a vehicles performance summary in game.


If it comes to WGs attention of players fixing matches or rigging, progress for all of their vehicles in the event will be reset despite what specific vehicle they played in that match.

Players who recieve a ban of four days or more will have their participation in the event rendered void.

The event will run from October 27th, 05:30 CEST to November 28th 06:30 CET

For a look at eligable vehicles, see here.

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World of Tanks Top Tankers Event

45 thoughts on “World of Tanks Top Tankers Event

  1. daerlon says:

    Sooo. if I have 5 really epic battles 2k+ exp battles on October 28th, I have to stop playing my favorite tank for a month?

  2. SCARed says:

    well, I concur – a very nice event and it it rewards not so much luck (having that one in a million match) but skill for a constant high XP income.

    well, we will see what the requirements will be for the different tiers.

  3. Soifon99 says:

    lol the type 59 is really not that special anymore.. the rep is from the beginning, now it kinda sucks.. so stop advertising it like the holy grail wg.. shees..

  4. The big prizes worth getting are the premium tanks and they will only be giving out several hundred of them. Even me, with roughly 70 tanks for this competition and 57% winrate, I have my doubts that I can snag one without placing top in a churchill gun carrier if I’m lucky.. Simply put, there are a lot of good players out there and I don’t even count myself in the top 1000 best players for this comp. so I don’t know if it’s worth the effort.

    1. berkeli says:

      Well it’s too early to say but I’m in top10 for 2 tanks and #6 for amx cdc, its worth nothing that I love cdc and its my most played tank and I’m only a 53%wr 1700 wn8 noob

  5. Did a head count of eligible tanks off of and in total they will give away 721 premium tanks (+-15). Here are my numbers TD:LT:MT:HT::: tier 6 (48 tanks)= 11:7:20:10; tier 7 (48 tanks)= 15:9:12:12; tier 8 (64 tanks)= 14:6:25:19; tier 9 (31 tanks)= 9:0:13:9; tier 10 (37 tanks)= 10:0:15:12.

    According to this, they will give out 144 swedish meatballs (KV220-2 on NA); 144 bouncewells; 192 Swiss Bears; 204 lobsters (Korean dog chow on NA); and 37 Eggroll-59’s

    Do with this information what you will, enter it into a lotto or give up crying because you’re not in the best 700 players of your server, I’m going to go get lunch.

    RIP Asia server.

    1. True, but at least for this event you can simply continue playing like you would normally do and not go through some insane nonstop week long playing spree like for the campaigns.

      1. Optimism Mode Activated:
        To get the best chance to win you need to play each of your tanks for their individual 5 perfect games, not just the ones you want to win, but all of them for the best 5 consecutive games for an entire month because for example, most people are not as good as they think they are in their hellcats (roughly an hour per tank assuming a good game is between 10-13 min long and you get your first PERFECT 5 games on your first try). Then you have to have an anxiety attack when you do take the first place prize because at any second, someone will quietly rig in their unicorn platoon and take you off your thrown. Thus, you have to repeat the process.

        May the odds ever be in your favor Mr. Play-like-you-normally-do. I’m sure you’ll love those personal reserves (I am genuinely not being sarcastic with that last part, seriously, don’t know how to prove I’m not being sarcastic but good luck dude).

  6. Time to set my rare chinese tonks to the wild and carry hard
    Meanwhile I won’t bother using tanks such as t-54 since there will be many gold spamming unica that have much higher exp than whatever I can collect with normal play. Tfw too poor for goldspam

  7. Anonymous says:

    so….for those of us that English isn’t our native or second language: it will count your last 5 battles in a specific tank,calculate an average XP income and place you on a leader board? did I get it right?

  8. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    What would happen if we already have the premium ?
    Do we get a gold compensation or credit compensation ?

    I only lack the Mutz/Strv/Type here, and I cant afford a bunch of full gold games at high tiers, so realisticaly only the Strv is reachable for me (unless lucky).
    And as they take the higher tier reward, I rather get myself an Strv than 2.4M credits because I already own the scorp.

    Also one thing I didnt understand: are the 5consecutiveGames kept the ones with the best average xp, or the most recent ones ?
    For exemple if I do 5 awesome games, then I play again and fail miserably, will my ranking be affected by the bad game or the first 5 are kept because better ?

    The event is great anyway. As said by other people already: its much better than marathons, because anyone can take part and just play normaly, instead of having to play non-stop for a whole month in order to get a tier 8 prem for cheaper (I doubt anyone got it for free, or very very few people). So nice choice from WG, hope we’ll get more of these.

    1. Wargaming generally doesn’t give gold compensation except for very rare occasions, It would surprise me if people could earn 11k gold from already owning a lobster. Maybe this would be the balancing factor to stop some of the top top players from taking all the good prizes. Otherwise, no official word said of compensation.

      And they were very specific to say the 5 most recent battles so once you do the best you can, you should stop playing it for the remainder of the 4 day event. Interesting way of getting players to play more tanks.

      (the marathon events are good if you have a lot of tanks so you can just get their doubles and triples, such as the T44-100 mission, you play a few top tiers for the xp and bottom tiers for the kills and you’re done, got my mission done a little past half way through the month just playing a hour every night) This event is limited to the elite tankers, which isn’t bad on occasion but you need a rather big head to think you’re the best of the best.

  9. real_toothdecay says:

    “If it comes to WGs attention of players fixing matches or rigging, progress for all of their vehicles in the event will be reset”. ?????????????

    Not DQ’d PERMANANTLY ??????????

    Let’s promote Flying Under WG Radar while rigging ???????????


  10. Str0nktenk says:

    Does it say that you need to wait for your tank to come back from a battle and solely play 1 tank all session?
    ..or can i do the normal thing and play 2 or 3 tanks at a time? I.e when one is destroyed in a game then come out and use another until the first is unlocked again?
    ..or am i reading it wrong?

  11. Nevermind says:

    FFS how many times does the SEA server have to get screwed? I wish The monkey Tanitha would get ass cancer and DIE screaming alone… ok I’m better now… but really folks Why does SEA always s get fucked? if its because the VN players all cheat, (and everyone over here knows it) why don’t they give them to the Chinese and let the rest of Asia enjoy the game?

  12. moogleslam says:

    I don’t believe this is correct:

    “Base XP from the last five battles in a tank will be calculated….”

    I believe it’s any 5 consecutive battles, not the last 5.

  13. I just wonder, WHY THE HELL I can’t find or notice a atatus report regarding this event, even after playing Tiger II and JagdPanther 2 for 4 days?! Do my games even count thusfar??? Strange….

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