World of Tanks TV commercial


a new and still unlisted WoT commercial for Television:


Loved when the guy used the chair as machine gun. 😀

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World of Tanks TV commercial

18 thoughts on “World of Tanks TV commercial

      1. Yeah, our adverts are awful. It gets so bad around holidays or “social events” like Valentine’s Day, we have to turn the telly off half the time, or just watch only the BBC! The WoT TV ads have always been good though, and this one is just silly

  1. WG are going to fucking burn, they think it’s funny to fuck with my MM after a 7 day ban (yes, I know 100% that they fucked with it, 2 days straight of fucking polak scum useless teams).
    Lets see how funny they think they are when I give them a fucking surprise gift.
    They want to fuck with someone that has spent £4k on this game, I’ll show them what else my fucking money can buy.

    1. Bajskorv says:

      Yeah, that is somewhat offensive to promote an oppressive regime that murdered millions and conquered about half of europe for 40+ years.

      1. Lee Michael Brindley says:

        OF course which also saved Poland from Hitler’s Plan Ost the complete destruction of the Polish Culture, Language and People.. Just mentioning historical fact..

      2. Bajskorv says:

        Yeah, but they were no “saviours”, just less douchebags. They just occupied nations and installed their own governments and murdered anyone that opposed them. There were no actual “good” guys during ww2, just winners and losers. Both sides commited warcrimes, the winners just didn’t get any shit for it. Katyn massacre comes to mind and the totally overkill bombing of dresden, aswell as USAs sweeping under the rug of Unit 731. And the rape of german women during and after the war by soviet troops.

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