World of Tanks: UPDATE 1.10 IS HERE!

Update 1.10 for World of Tanks is here, Commanders! Experience battles with the reworked Equipment 2.0 system, storm the battlefield in new Polish medium tanks, rediscover the exotic Pearl River map in Random Battles, and try out other new features of this major summer update!

Equipment 2.0

Time to rethink our vision of the Equipment feature, update it and make it more interesting, yet simpler and more attractive. The changes and revisions are truly fundamental—we’re introducing new types of equipment and categories for slots, changing the number of available slots, unifying existing equipment, and more. Try out the revamped Equipment concept and share your impressions!

Polish Medium Tanks

Seven menacing Polish mediums, six researchable tanks and one Premium Tier VIII vehicle are ready to join the game! These versatile Winged Hussars are destined for mid-to-close combat and boast good gun depression angles and high mobility. The crown jewel of the new medium line is the CS-63, a Tier X vehicle featuring a gas-turbine engine. Thanks to this unique mechanic, this top-tier Polish predator has two different speed modes—standard and rapid.

The DS PZInż

Research for these new vehicles starts from the Tier IV 14TP. The new branch kicks off with the DS PZInż at Tier V. Its battle parameters are comparable to the Soviet T-34, but it has a more powerful gun with high alpha damage and good armor penetration.

The B.U.G.I.

This Tier VI Polish medium is a true rock star. Dynamic and agile, this versatile tank can easily change flanks and reliably hit enemies thanks to its powerful 90 mm gun with 240 points of alpha damage. Take the B.U.G.I. for a spin and get ready to turn heads on the battlefield!

The CS-44

The next newcomer is the CS-44, a versatile tank featuring a precise 100 mm gun and 300 points of alpha damage. It’s a nice support vehicle with good armor penetration and high dynamics. Play to its strengths by shooting at enemies who just fired before ducking back into cover.

The CS-53

Now for the high-tier tanks, starting with the menacing CS-53 that embodies all the finest qualities of Polish mediums. While it can’t say it has tough armor, this tank is always ready to shock enemies with its powerful gun and 300 points of alpha damage. With a gun depression angle reaching –8 degrees, this marauder can make the most of the terrain. Finally, the CS-53’s good alpha damage is complemented by great DPM, so even with its mediocre armor, this tank can jump into a 1v1 fight and come out on top.

The CS-59

This Tier IX tank features a menacing 105 mm gun with good stabilization, a depression angle of –8 degrees, and high DPM. The CS-59 can change flanks quickly or perform brilliantly as an aggressive support vehicle from the second or first line. Its accurate gun makes it easier to go hull-down, take a shot, and withdraw into cover so that enemies can’t zero in on your weak spots.

The CS-63

As the jewel in the crown of the new medium line, the key battle parameters of the CS-63 are similar to the other Polish medium tanks. Like its brothers-in-arms, this vehicle doesn’t have solid armor, but it does boast good alpha damage (390 points) and great gun depression angles (–8 degrees). You can rely on the gun’s accuracy and firepower, even when on the move, enabling you to support your team as a proper flanker.

Pearl River Returns

Pearl River, a map that was removed from the game in 2015, is returning to Random Battles. This picturesque 1000 x 1000-meter summer location has received a considerable revamp and was inspired by the scenery of Yangshuo county in Southern China and other regions. The reworked Pearl River map offers a wide variety of unique landscapes and diverse, exciting gameplay for different vehicle classes.

Vehicle Rebalancing

This year, we’re continuing the rebalancing work we started in 2019 for some popular vehicles. In Update 1.10, we aim to adjust the characteristics of wheeled vehicles, as well as the battle performance of several medium and heavy tanks. Here’s a closer look at each class.

Balance Changes to Wheeled Vehicles

Fast and highly maneuverable, wheeled vehicles have too much of an impact on the outcome of battles at times. To balance the wheeled vehicles, reduce their influence on gameplay, and give slower vehicles a better chance against them, we will:

  • Increase the reduction in speed caused by suspension damage
  • Slightly reduce the firepower and mobility of some wheeled scouts

First, we’ll make changes to the mechanics of causing damage to the wheels. Previously, a damaged wheel affected only the vehicle’s dynamics, not its current speed. Now, if the wheels are damaged, both vehicle dynamics and speed will noticeably decrease. Damage to a drive wheel will reduce the overall power of the vehicle, and damage to a traction wheel will affect its speed. Considering that almost all wheeled vehicles in the game have all-wheel drive, damage to any wheel will cause a reduction in dynamics. However, the speed of the vehicle will decrease only when the damaged wheels are touching the ground.

The second aspect is the rebalance of their technical characteristics. We want to slightly decrease the gun handling parameters, as well as the acceleration and top speed of some vehicles. A slight decrease in their technical characteristics, in combination with the revised wheel damage mechanics, should have a sufficient impact on reducing the battle performance of these vehicles.

Be sure to join the Common Test and experience these changes for yourself!

Balance Changes to Medium Tanks

We also aim to rebalance the battle parameters of several popular medium tanks that are inconsistent with others in their class in terms of effectiveness. In particular, we’ll adjust the characteristics of the  X Progetto M40 mod. 65  and the  X Object 430U , as well as their Tier IX predecessors. These balance changes should correct the performance of these tanks and, at the same time, preserve their key gameplay features.

The turret traverse speed of the Progetto M40 mod. 65 will be reduced and the aiming time will be increased. Gun dispersion will also increase, including after firing. The  IX Prototipo Standard B  will undergo similar changes.

You will no longer be able to mount a Gun Rammer on vehicles featuring autoreloaders. If Gun Rammer is already mounted on these tanks, it will be automatically sent to the Depot for free after the update goes live.

However, the autoreloading mechanics and general gameplay dynamics of these vehicles will remain unchanged, and they’ll continue to bring considerable firepower, speed, and maneuverability to the battlefield.

As for the Object 430U, the armor thickness of the commander’s cupola and gunner’s cupola will be reduced, making this tank more vulnerable in close combat. Dispersion when moving and when traversing its turret will increase.

On the other hand, the  IX Object 430  will only undergo gun dispersion changes.

Balance Changes to Heavy Tanks

We’ll also revise the characteristics of the  X IS-4 , the  X T110E5 , and the  X E 100 , as well as the parameters of some other heavy vehicles.

After rebalancing, the IS-4 will receive more durable frontal armor, allowing it to fight more effectively on the front line. Its turret traverse speed will also increase, and gun dispersion will decrease during movement and turret traverse. The top gun of this tank will lose some accuracy, but its reload and aiming time will decrease.

For other vehicles in the branch, including the  VII KV-3 , the  VIII KV-4 , and the  IX ST-I , their characteristics will also change to become more favorable for close combat.

The T110E5 will maintain its status as a versatile brawler with good armor and serious firepower. Its weapon dispersion will decrease, while DPM will increase. The combat characteristics of the  IX M103  and the  VIII T32  will also become more pronounced.

The superheavy E 100 will become even more hardy as its frontal turret armor will be strengthened, causing it to be harder to penetrate. Also, it will receive an updated alternative gun that is more suitable for close combat. It’s less accurate, but it has higher damage and a quicker rate of fire. In addition, the aiming time of the 15 cm gun will be reduced.

Other vehicles of this branch will receive updated shells with increased damage. Their turret armor will also be improved.

You can learn more about the revamped characteristics of these tanks in more detail in the Patch Notes and in a dedicated article which we will publish at a later date.

Battle Communication

Along with Update 1.10, we’ll release the reworked in-battle communication system. Thanks to a number of improvements and changes, it will be easier for you to communicate with allies and share your team tactics. The entire communication system will become clearer, more informative, and efficient. Read up on all these changes in the dedicated article.

Revamped Bond Mechanics

Currently, you can earn bonds in several ways. The most common one is to play Random Battles in Tier X vehicles. But the fact is that you can’t predict how many bonds you will earn per battle, nor whether you will get the epic medals or Battle Heroes achievements that also reward you with bonds. Moreover, you can earn bonds only in single-tier battles when all tanks on the battlefield are Tier X vehicles.

Our goal is to make the whole system more transparent, understandable, and predictable. As a result, we’re going to introduce the following mechanics.

In the new system, epic medals and Battle Heroes achievements will no longer earn you bonds. Instead, you’ll be able to earn them not only in single-tier battles, but in all Random or Grand Battles in Tier X tanks so long as you rank in the top 10 of your team by base experience earned. The number of bonds you will receive depends on your performance in battle, as shown in the table below:

Position on Your Team by Base XP Earned Win a battle Lose a battle / Draw
TOP 3 7 5
TOP 10 5 3

Steel Hunter

Steel Hunter, one of the most anticipated modes in World of Tanks, will return to the game in August 2020 in a revamped format. It will feature a shared progression with Frontline 2020, called Expedition. There will also be a number of significant changes, including special new vehicles. Be the first to try it out during the Common Test and give us your feedback!

Steel Hunter is available during the Common Test only for testing purposes. The progression system during the Common Test will be shortened. Various values and characteristics that are relevant for the Common Test may not correspond to those in the final version of the mode.

This year, Steel Hunter won’t be a short-term event. Instead, it will be a long-term mode consisting of 4 separate Stages. These Stages will continue your Expedition for incredible reward vehicles. You’ll be able to earn up to 3 tokens during each Steel Hunter Stage.

Here’s a sneak peek at some changes this battle royale has received.

  • Five special vehicles will be available instead of three. One French and one British tank will keep you company, along with one American, one German, and one Soviet vehicle.
  • Vehicles will have special roles that their unique abilities will emphasize. The American and German tanks will play more defensive roles, while the British and Soviet vehicles will find themselves best suited to attacking and hunting. The French tank will perform best as a Scout. Each of the five available tanks can be upgraded from Tier I to Tier VII.
  • Each vehicle will now have its own set of abilities. Some abilities will be common, while others will be unique to specific tanks.
  • The progression system will be simplified and the Tech Tree for all vehicles will be corrected. Instead of 25 Ranks, there will be 15 Levels, and you won’t lose Levels for poor battle performance.
  • An atmospheric new map called Arzagir 4.04 will appear in the mode. It will be the same size as Dreamland, but made in a different setting. Arzagir 4.04 will offer you a fresh gameplay experience and give plenty of space for various tactical maneuvers.

More information about Steel Hunter and its features will be available later, so stay tuned!

Get out there and evaluate for yourselves all the changes and additions this large update brings, Commanders! Share your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions to help us make the game even more exciting!

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World of Tanks: UPDATE 1.10 IS HERE!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is big, but is this changes anything to balance out game and make easier for non-sub players?
    Good think i stopped playing that game over years now

  2. Das_Flamingo says:

    Good grief, so far the UI changes are pretty damn bad. They look like they were designed by toddlers for an old school iPad. Convoluted, counter-intuitive, hot mess. And can we please talk about how WG ****ed up the comms system in battle? We can say thank you (that’s good) … But no more “affirmative” or “negative”… Ping the map and it no longer says grid square location. Beep beep beep fricking beep with no volume control slider… /rant over.
    Sorry for the salt, Rita and jerryatrick53.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hahahhahahaha the CS-63 with its gimmicky mechanic if you want speed stick to wheelies they can still ruin your day while driving and are still way faster and can make 90 degree turns at 100km without flipping over lol…

  4. czarbuckz says:

    All of the sudden I have 50,000,000cr worth of equipment that is on tier 7 and lower tanks that will be automatically demounted next patch and I don’t really want to sell it all back at half price so I can buy the new equipment that can be mounted on those tanks… Not cool WG I have more than 280 tanks in my garage and now this new equipment thing has screwed most of them! I paid full price for that equipment! WTF?!

    And no F5? no F6? cant tell my team when my arty is reloading with a single key anymore? why does a new system make me hit more keys to do something the old system did with a single key? Stupid moves… wait is this the Rubicon patch that nobody wanted?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Never forget for WG its all about DPM (Dollars Per Minute) thats why you get hosed with this equipment change…

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