World of Tanks will update automatically


there will be a new option in the WoT launcher that allows players to automatically update their game:


It will also get the ability to run in the background on the system tray:


And there will be an option if you want to cancel or postpone said updates:


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World of Tanks will update automatically

14 thoughts on “World of Tanks will update automatically

  1. thesherbet says:

    Pretty handy feature, so long as it’s obvious when it’s downloading without having to open the client, ie a notification pop-up or a different icon. Just so those of us with limited bandwidth can figure out why we cant do anything on the internet easily.

    1. And how do you think a programmer, which makes this launcher can help in disabling cheats?
      Or you think that even a janitor should not clean the WG building anymore, because he could help to fight bots and cheaters instead?
      Dumb kids, before you write your smart rant, do at least a little thiking! Sometimes it helps a lot!

  2. And I want to ask. When the game client you add the saved several accounts. For example, one computer game three brothers, and they want to be able to select your account. Now, every time you must enter e-mail and password. It might be worthwhile to add the option to save multiple accounts, and if someone wants to also password.

    1. There is a mod which does exactly what you mentioned. I don’t remember the precise name but probably it wouldn’t be hard to find it in google.

    2. Pikolo says:

      You should NOT save your e-mail and password. If not for security purposes, than for memory ones. Typing them is 5s, and remembering your password is important

  3. Ultrasonic2 says:

    good i like it……….. hate it when you come to play and…………… well you can’t come back tomorrow

    remember i play from NZ

  4. Anonymous says:

    As I see it it saves me like 10mins every 2 months or so – worth of 10s per day. I know that every penny counts but … .
    Rly I dont see it as an issue even tho there was probably almost no effort needed to implement it. On the other hand – did you know that average human who lives to their nineties and drinks six coffee’s a day spends up to two weeks of their life stirring coffee? 😉

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