World of Warplanes 2.0.5 to come soon (Text heavy)

Greetings everyone,

The Patchnotes for the next Wowp patch 2.0.5 have been released.

As for when the Patch will hit the live servers:

June 13th for the RU server and June 14th for NA, nothing known for EU, but based on past patches it could be either the 13th or 14th.

As for the Patch itself, it will implement the Progression 2.0 patch which will greatly allow you to customize the playstyle of your plane to your liking.

To make it short, the most important changes in this patch:

  • New equipment and consumables
  • Hangar UI changes
  • Ability to upgrade your elite planes to specialist planes
  • Battle replays reenabled
  • Bot behaviour changed
  • Test Flights

Devblog for Consumables and their effects

Devblog for Equipment and their effects

New Materials

From the NA website 


Aircraft Configuration

Aircraft that can be researched and purchased in the Tech Tree as well as Premium aircraft are now provided to players as aircraft in the Stock configuration.

Once all modules of an aircraft are researched, it acquires Elite status. It is no longer needed to research next aircraft in the Tech Tree to acquire Elite status. Premium aircraft still have Elite status by default.

Once Elite status is acquired, a player can complete special missions and receive an aircraft in the “Specialist” configuration. This configuration allows mounting more equipment and consumables and thus significantly improves certain features of an aircraft, emphasizes its character, and further adapts the machine to a personal playstyle of a player. However, it is not possible to change the set of modules mounted on an aircraft in the “Specialist” configuration: modules of the “Specialist” configuration are always the same as top modules of this aircraft in the upgrade Tree of the Stock configuration. Players can freely switch between the configurations in the Hangar choosing what they prefer more—the number of slots for equipment and consumables or the opportunity to change the set of modules

Equipment and Consumable Slots

Now equipment and consumables can be mounted only in slots that correspond to certain aircraft modules. The slots are no longer universal. For example, equipment changing parameters of an engine can be mounted only in an engine slot.

The number and combination of slots for equipment and consumables depend on the aircraft Tier, type, and characteristics, whose improvement is relevant for this type.

The number of slots on low- and mid-tier aircraft in the Stock configuration was reduced. High-tier aircraft can still be equipped with 3 equipment pieces, but the number of slots for consumables on such aircraft was increased to 4.

Many more equipment and consumables can be mounted on aircraft in the “Specialist” configuration compared to the Stock configuration—up to 5 pieces.

All aircraft, equipment and consumables, including ammunition belts, are now clearly divided into three historic periods depending on when they were developed and how technically advanced they were:

  • Period I: Tier I–IV. Tier I–II aircraft have up to 2 equipment slots and up to 2 consumable and ammunition slots, Tier III–IV aircraft—up to 3 equipment slots and 4 consumable and ammunition slots.
  • Period II: Tier V–VII. These aircraft have up to 4 equipment slots and 5 consumable and ammunition slots.
  • Period III: Tier VIII–X. Up to 5 equipment slots and 5 consumable and ammunition slots are available on these aircraft.

Ammunition for forward-firing weapon is now considered as consumables as well and is mounted in a consumable slot for forward-firing weapon.

Equipment and consumables mounted in slots of an aircraft with different configurations are remembered and automatically mounted when a players switches between configurations. If a player prefers to use the same equipment or consumable piece on two configurations, such piece should be mounted manually when switching between configurations. The same equipment piece will be removed from one configuration and mounted in another configuration of the same aircraft for free.


Parameters of all equipment in the game were changed. Now they will have a significantly positive effect and a slightly negative one. For example, equipment increasing the durability of an airframe will slightly reduce the maneuverability of an aircraft. Equipment can now be mounted only in a corresponding slot of an aircraft of the corresponding historic period (tier).

Equipment Enhancement

The opportunity to improve the quality of equipment was added. Equipment has one of four quality levels: Stock, Improved, Advanced, or Ultimate. All equipment available for purchase and equipment that players will have on their accounts when update is released comes in the Stock configuration. Increasing equipment quality level to the next one adds a special characteristic in addition to the basic ones. For example, aside from the increased accuracy of forward-firing armament as a basic characteristic, Improved Optical Sight can additionally get a chance of setting a target on fire, a chance of inflicting critical damage, or an increased range of fire. When enhancing equipment, an additional characteristic is randomly selected from the list of available ones. When enhancing equipment further, the selected random characteristic can coincide with the additional random characteristic of the preceding quality level. In this case, their effects will be cumulative. Besides this, enhancing equipment can also improve its basic characteristics.

Special additional characteristics of the Advanced and Ultimate equipment will be active only on aircraft in the “Specialist” configuration.

Equipment Calibration

The opportunity to calibrate equipment was added. It allows improving the values of both positive and negative basic characteristics to their respectively maximum and minimum possible values for equipment of any quality level. The increase or decrease value can be different: calibration can slightly improve both characteristics or significantly increase the positive one and at the same time reduce the negative one, or, more rarely, significantly improve one of the characteristics without changing the other one.

All quality levels have their own ranges of minimum and maximum values for basic characteristics which overlap at their minimum and maximum limits. When enhancing a well-calibrated equipment to the next quality level, basic characteristics may remain unchanged. However, a slightly calibrated equipment when enhanced to the next quality level can get not only a new special characteristic, but also an increase in basic characteristics.


Enhancing and calibrating equipment requires special Materials that can be obtained in victorious battles. Materials will “drop” from aerial and ground targets destroyed by a player, with a certain probability. Besides this, each calibration or enhancement of equipment will cost a certain amount of credits.

Test Flight

Each equipment available on a player’s account can be tested on any aircraft of the corresponding historic period and with slots of the necessary types, no matter whether the equipment is available in the Depot or mounted on another aircraft. However, nothing is charged for demounting equipment from other aircraft or replacing equipment on a tested aircraft until a player finally applies all changes in configurations of all affected aircraft. A test flight takes place in a regular Standard battle, but with some restrictions. Players cannot change their aircraft if their team control the Airbase sector, and their credit and experience income per battle will be reduced by 90%.

Equipment and Consumable Migration

All equipment available on players’ accounts and mounted on aircraft was demounted for free and sent to the Depot. All equipment was replaced with new Stock-quality equivalents producing similar effects. Similarly, all consumables were demounted, replaced with new ones, and sent to the Depot.

All ammunition belts available for purchase were converted into the new corresponding ammunition sets divided by historic periods. The number of ammunition sets added to a player’s account is calculated by dividing the total cost of all purchased ammunition belts by the total cost of new ammunition sets of the corresponding historic period and rounding the result up. It should be noted that the type of ammunition and its cost will not depend on the set of forward-firing armament and the number of barrels—the same ammunition mounted in one slot for consumables can be used for all autocannons.

All Elite aircraft retain their Elite status and automatically unlock access to a mission for reaching the “Specialist” configuration. Elite status will be granted to aircraft, whose all modules were researched, but the next aircraft in the Tech Tree were not researched. All aircraft with Elite status will get a special emblem and the corresponding achievement.


Some old equipment and consumables do not have equivalents in the new system. They were replaced with other equipment and consumables:

  • Self-Sealing Fuel Tank was replaced with Stock Engine Armor Protection.
  • Concealing Livery was replaced with Stock Reinforced Skin for aircraft of historic period I and with Stock Reinforced Airframe for aircraft of historic periods II and III.
  • Consumables, which could be received as a reward for completing daily missions before, were replaced with equivalent standard consumables available in exchange for credits.
  • Consumables for cooling forward-firing weapon does not have equivalents in the new system and were replaced with consumables enhancing the power of outboard weapons. Weapons Ventilation and Emergency Weapons Cooling, which were available in exchange for credits and as a reward for completing daily missions before, were replaced with Improved Fragmentation available in exchange for credits. Weapons Cooling, which were available in exchange for gold before, was replaced with Heavy Warhead.
  • Fireworks, Sparklers, Smoke Flare, Ground Verification, and Aerial Verification remain unchanged in the new system. They will be available in the Depot and can be mounted on aircraft of any historic period.

Aircraft Balance

Damage Model

  • Changed damage settings for pilots of all aircraft. Now the chance of inflicting an injury to a pilot will be the highest if firing from the upper hemisphere and often no injury will be inflicted to a pilot if firing from below.
  • Added a slight chance of setting a target on fire if firing with regular ammunition.
  • Updated the damage model for the following aircraft: Ha 137, Ha 137 V1, Ju 87 G Stuka, Me 410 Hornisse, F4U-1 Corsair, F4U-4 Corsair, F2G Super Corsair, P-51A Mustang, P-51D Mustang, P-51H Mustang, P-51K Mustang, Blenheim F

New Aircraft

New Special Reward Aircraft:

  • Yakovlev Yak-3T: Soviet Tier VII fighter

New aircraft available for developers and Supertesters only for testing purposes:

  • De Havilland DH.100 Vampire F.1: British Tier VIII fighter

Battle Replays

The option to record and replay battles was restored.

Bot Behavior Algorithm

Fixed bugs that reduced performance of bombers controlled by bots when bombing targets.

Game Locations

  • Disabled the following map layouts for further improvements: “Albion: Balance of Forces”, “Alpine Gambit: Vertical”, and “Peripheral Mission: Foreign Land”
  • Changed the balance for the map layout “Northern Bridgehead: Cold Skies”
  • Increased the battle tier for the map layout “Archipelago: Stumbling Block” to VII–IX
  • Increased the battle tier for the map layout “Arctic Region: Ancient Hills” to II–IV


Implemented the visual effect for aircraft acceleration and deceleration. Now when the airspeed of an aircraft is increasing (for example, when boosting or diving), the camera will be moving away; when the airspeed is decreasing, the camera will be getting closer to the aircraft.


  • Added aircraft progression windows where aircraft configuration progress is displayed.
  • Aircraft characteristics are now calculated taking into account mounted equipment, consumables, and pilot’s and gunner’s skills. When calculating the effects of consumables and skills, only those effects that are effective throughout the entire battle count.
  • Taking into account all effects, the values of main characteristics can increase to more than 100. As before, 100 is the highest value for all aircraft in the game with crew’s proficiency trained to 100% and without equipment and consumables.
  • All additional effects affecting an aircraft are displayed as a list under the corresponding characteristic.
  • Added new characteristics. Refined formulas for calculating existing characteristics.

Changes to Characteristics

  • Survivability now includes not only hit points, but also resistance to critical damage and resistance to fire.
  • Altitude performance now includes maximum altitude (service ceiling), optimum altitude, as well as the rate of climb.

Added New Characteristics

  • Cumulative damage of forward-firing offensive machine guns and autocannons
  • Optimal distance for firing with forward-firing offensive autocannons and machine guns
  • Cumulative damage of defensive turrets
  • Optimal distance for firing with defensive turrets
  • Cumulative damage caused by bombs
  • Bomb load resupply time
  • Cumulative damage caused by rockets
  • Rocket load resupply time
  • Optimal distance for launching rockets
  • Evaluation of different aircraft elements’ resistance to critical damage: airframe, engine, crew, and turret
  • Evaluation of the aircraft’s resistance to fire
  • Horizontal flight speed without boost
  • Duration of boost availability
  • Limits of the range of speeds at which the aircraft reaches its maximum maneuverability
  • Limits of the range of altitudes at which the aircraft reaches its maximum speed and maneuverability
  • Maximum altitude for a steady horizontal flight


Rapid-firing, long-range, and high-power large-caliber autocannons are now displayed with different icons.

Game Login Screen

Added the option to change languages of the game client to any of the supported ones.

  • In case the language of the client prior to the Update was different from the main official language of the game region it may be reset to the main language. It can then be changed manually to the desired one.
  • Added the option to switch between different regions (CIS, EU, and NA) in the game login screen.


Reset control settings for all control schemes due to changes in the number of slots for consumables and the increase in the number of active consumables.

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World of Warplanes 2.0.5 to come soon (Text heavy)

6 thoughts on “World of Warplanes 2.0.5 to come soon (Text heavy)

  1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Pay2win goes back – plane buffs for credits, consumables, complication goes back (remember removed 109 gunpods?), sealclubber paradise incoming – pimp tier I plane to the high heavens and sealclub as much as possible, further destroying retention.

    Still no endgame.
    WoWP is doomed.

  2. sturmi0545 says:

    without pure dogfights and physics this all means nothing.
    and yes, this update will club even the last babyseal to death. they probably deserve it though.

  3. jrt5 says:

    So after all the hype about bombers and new game modes they released a new equipment grind instead of fixing game crashes people on forum complain so much about. I am glad I decided to stop playing this after just 2 games played in 2.0. Anyway until they acknowledge how much they destroyed UI and flight physics there is no hope for WoWp.

  4. godofdun says:

    I’m all for offering a sense of progression if you want to continue playing a plane you enjoy after everything is researched, but this is just adding grind. Especially since the equipment calibration has RNG attached.

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