World of Warplanes 2.0 – More information

World of Warplanes will soon enter a new stage with Version 2.0 ( Current version is 1.9.9)

Source: World of Warplanes Livejournal

A closed test server is already running with the latest changes to the game, some things may change but for now let’s take a look at the Patchnotes and a Gameplay video for World of warplanes 2.0:

Conquest Mode

Conquest is a completely new gamemode. In order to win your team must attack fortifications and protected  core areas in order to obtain a tactical advantage over the enemy. Control of each of these territories  give the team a certain amount of influence points per unit of time. Winner will be the team which gets the required amount of points. In most cases your team earns influence points every 5 seconds, based on the number and type of territories controlled by the team. If the team holds all sectors then the “Excellence” event occurs where the frequency of gained points increases.

Key territories (Capture of territories)


Each territory in the area of operation gives a particular advantage to your team.

In the beginning of a fight all key areas are neutral and controlled by local forces. In order to establish control over a territory the team needs to destroy targets in it’s range. ( ground targets or defending aircraft. To capture the territory you need to score 140 capture points before the enemy team does. In order to defeat the territory of the opposing team, you need to score 160 capture points. The progress of seizure of territories can be observed on their icons.


When capturing a territory all further attempts made by the enemy team to recapture the point is blocked for 30 seconds.

Different type of Key areas:



Airstrips are the respawn points for when you’re destroyed. Once you fly within the influence are of the airfield you can recover HP as well as critical damage.

gives 3 influence points every 5 seconds.



Small factories: give 3 points every 5 seconds

Medium factories: give 5 points every 5 seconds

Large Factories: give 100 Points every 90 seconds

Military Base


gives 3 points every 5 seconds

Every 20 seconds a missile will attack an enemy base.

Command Center


Each 110 seconds causes a strike platoon of five bombers to attack enemy territory (Excluding neutral territories).

The AI Bombers fly from behind the edge of the map in the direction of the target, after they reach the enemy base, the bombardment begins, causing significant damage.

The amount of damage depends on how many bombers reached the target. After the capture of one territory, the Command Center switches to attack another enemy base.

Bombers can be intercepted and destroyed by enemy aircraft.

Brings 3 Influence Points every 5 seconds

Also once all rockets or bombs are used a countdown for a complete resupply will start.

In the closed test server the way the shooting works was also modified. Primarily the aim assist was removed. This decision was made in order to focus the player on the enemy plane rather than the tiny circle in front of the the enemy. In order to accurately hit, the player must now monitor the enemy closely to anticipate it’s maneuvers, chose the right angle of approach and look at the way the tracers go. You also need to constantly adjust the the fire based on your tracers and where they are in relation to the enemy. In order to effectively engage the enemy aircraft it is necessary to adjust the fire and taking into account the flight direction and speed and to shoot at the point where the enemy is going to be when the bullets hit.

General principle in a fire exchange:

The timing of opening fire.

Depending on the caliber and type of the gun, the effective firing range of the gun changes.

An indicator that the enemy is in range is the appearance of stripes on the aircraft marker.

In all cases except for head on engagements and when you’re directly behind the enemy, you’ll need to aim slightly in front of the enemy. To facilitate zeroing in the tracers hits on the enemy aircraft will be more vivid.

Avoiding attacks and maneuvering


Standard maneuvers for avoiding attacks is still effective and will avoid damage to parts. However, it is necessary to begin avoiding immediately after you’re getting fired at.

Modifications to the damage model

Damage model has been redesigned and allows now to manually damage large modules on the aircraft. Applying critical damage to a desired component of the enemy aircraft is now much easier. This feature is fully manifested in the destruction of large aricraft with high survivability: bombers and attack aircraft.

Rear Gunner control

Now Bombers and attack aircraft can change to Rear gunner mode by pressing “T” . After that they will enter a new gunner mode. with which they can more easily destroy pursuers and focus their fire on the more dangerous enemies.

Flight Physics

In the new Conquest mode a teams victory is not only determined by the ability of the individual players and specific techniques. The aircraft roles also play a large part in this. Accordingly, for each class of aircraft  there is a role where they can fight more efficently than others. For the Conquest mode the classes and some individual aircraft got rebalanced. Now, each class has it’s own unique characteristics:


They are very maneuverable and dynamic planes designed to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft in aerial combat and allied air cover. Outstanding agility, high thrust-to-weight ratioand comfortable to use weapons allows them to easily take position and destroy the target.

Multirole fighters

Versatile aircraft that can provide cover support for both fighters and ground attack aircraft. They carry a small number of bombs and rockets which allows them to strike ground targets. They have good weapon strength, speed and maneuverability. It allows you to implement the aircraft in a wide range of combat situations such as Air to air as well as air to ground.

Heavy fighters

Fast and heavily armed aircraft capable of effectively intercept enemy bombers and attack aircraft as well as to destroy ground targets. Heavy fighters inflict great damage on large aircraft. They can easily climb and take position quickly thanks to a powerful and a long lasting booster.

Attack aircraft

Aircraft with a high survivability and designed to take out ground targets from a low altitude. They have powerful impact weapons and defensive turrets. They’re perfect for taking on ground targets and can withstand a great amount of damage.

New: Bombers

Fast aircraft designed to attack ground targets from a great height. They carry a large bomb load and have powerful defensive turrets. They are a new class with some unique gameplay. They can move quickly move to different areas on the map where they can attack ground targets from a great height where they are relatively safe with the new high altitude bombing mode (left shift key).



Completely redesigned the game camera. Firstly it now is more effective and clearly conveys the state of the aircraft in combat and secondly it allows the pilot to comfortably focus in the situation in front of the  player.

During the execution of turns the aircraft is now free to move around the screen. This helps to better focus on the approach to the target and keep the enemy in the sights. In addition to the cameras a lot of visual effects were added or overhauled. Special effects depending on how fast you are.

Significantly changed the visual effects of fire and hits on the aircraft. A critical hit on tan opponent or destroying it became much more noticeable. It will show you whenever you hit the enemy which helps with aiming. Added on screen effects to events such as receipt of damage, critical damag and low hit points. Now it’s much easier to determine the status of your aircraft in the heat of battle.


8 maps were substantially modified for the Conquest gamemode. There are different variations of each map with the key areas and territories being at different places.

Walled City:

    • Enemy at the Gates – available for fighting I-III level;
    • Revenge – available for fighting I-III level;
    • The front line – available for fighting III-VI level.

Sea Gate:

    • Blockade – available for fighting I-III level;
    • Battle for Port – available for fighting I-III level;
    • Counterstrike – available for fighting I-III level.

Glowing sands:

    • Invasion – available for III-VI fights level;
    • Desert Wind – available for III-VI fights level;
    • The front edge – available for fighting III-VI level.


    • Retribution – available for III-VI fights level;
    • Reconnaissance – available for fighting V-VIII level;
    • The stumbling block – available for fighting V-VIII levels.

Asian Border:

    • Emerald Ridge – available for fighting V-VIII level;
    • Outpost – available for fighting V-VIII level;
    • Confrontation – available for fighting V-VIII levels.


    • Preventive measures – available for fighting V-VIII level;
    • Burning sky – available for fighting V-VIII levels.

Alpine gambit:

    • Snow and ash – available for fighting VII-X level;
    • Fracture – available for fighting VII-X level.

North bridgehead:

    • Valhalla – available for fighting VII-X level;
    • Breakthrough – available for fighting VII-X level;
    • Polar Star – available for fighting VII-X level


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World of Warplanes 2.0 – More information

33 thoughts on “World of Warplanes 2.0 – More information

    1. leo says:

      it looks like a whole new game focused on more PvPvE sorta, which is great. The old WoWP was just “dogfight simulator” with poor overall gameplay

      1. GamingW/War says:

        Yeah I know, I tried it out. Didn’t like it, couldn’t find enemies and couldn’t fly. This looks paly able though, which I’m most impressed over.

  1. As a beta tester for WoWP I was sad to see it “Die off” fairly quickly after release due to poor implementation, I am a fan of military plane games… WG just wasn’t ready for a X/Y/Z range of motion game yet coming for an X/Y game (WoT). These additions make the game appear promising now, after all it has maintained quite the loyal player base, even if it is small…

    1. ExtincE says:

      said playerbase is likely to run away from this un-immersive, physics-void game where you have little to no influence.

      This video is a WT meets BF meets CoD. I guess it will be better at retaining more new players at the cost of scaring away what loyal players they still had. It has BF’s ticket system, CoD’s noob-friendliness and WT’s gamemode, and keeps 0 of WoWP and what made WoWP have so much potential. It also switches from a game with once massive esports potential to at best, clan-based competition only.

      Why they refuse to just implement player suggested fixes to finetune the framework they had in to an excellent game and in stead put this crap in is beyond me. 4 years of stubborn-ness and ignorance.. Perhaps critical thinking simply isn’t part of anyone’s personality at their studio.

      Just watching this video hurts my eyes already (new “camera”) I don’t imagine I could even play 2 games in a row of this.. Calling this footage arcade-style gameplay would be insulting arcade-style games.

      Honestly very surprised how positive this video seems to be received

      1. Don’t forget that Wowp has many camera settings, the settings which he has seems to be fixed on the plane. While other camera settings lock the camera on the horizon. So the camera may make it look worse than it actually is.

  2. DFAULT says:

    I would really like to play WoWP but unfortunately I play on the SEA server and WoWP doesn’t have a SEA server

  3. superskrem says:

    so i’ve given it another shot and guess what i can’t find any plan that i unlooked in about ~ 2 years “maybe” and i found them in the tech tree unlocked but i need to buy them again what happened no idea and all the money i have is 30k and i can’t get shit with that at least give me back the money , and another problem is the FPS i play WOT and WT at high with 60 fps in WOWP the fps is 10 at minimum !! like for what so i will wait for 2.0 and i will give it another shot if nothing change i will uninstall it and that’s it for WOWP

    1. RWN says:

      Actually I was in the same situation, joined in beta…
      But all planes remained, except those borrowed premiums ( I vaguely remember they were just for beta testing, not permanent)
      With the fps issue my situation is quite opposite – WoT has lower fps than WoWp (though none of them maxed out)

      1. RWN says:

        BTW: I gave the game another try even before the update.. I really liked it.. Just confused about crew training, but that’s caused by insufficient wiki..

    2. ExtincE says:

      if you last played during the CBT (or even OB?) then all your progress got reset. Depending on how many games you played you may have received a few gift aircraft.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hoping WG set up at least an NA West server so that us folks here from Australia can try it out without suffering 300+ ping

  5. wolvenworks says:

    remarkable change compared to back in the OBT era.i hope WG SG will reconsider bringing this into SEA once version 2 comes out and tested on the general population

  6. tyrranus says:

    let me guess – current op platooners will continue pwning everyone with mod preemptive aim circle or just simple skill while normal and poor players will be killed continuously and drop from the game even faster….

  7. Bf109F says:

    WoWp 2.0 has got a very poor reception so far among players invited to participate in the Closed Test (CT).
    The word “shitstorm” barely describes the kind of feedback the poor dev’s has got so far.

    The CONCEPT of adding a new gamemode and a new type of aircraft (bombers) is truly great.
    Add to that that shooting at something/someone suddenly became much more challenging.
    And thos things are exactly what the game really needs!

    However, if the “price” for said gamemode and bombers is what can most positively be described as a childish, cartoon-like, warthunder-wanna-be-clone – referred to as a “new game” – then I’m sure it will have an impact or some kind…

  8. Didgnmatt says:

    What sense does a “new game” WoWp make if the devs can´t even fix things in the existing “old game” ?
    I think this approach is just the loud yell “see we are doing something” from devs that will get the answer from new and old players: “You do your job best when you do nothing at all”.

  9. moxx82 says:

    The game as always been playable and fun, it just has a learning curve and many noobs quit after dying first for 5 matches in a row.

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