World of Warplanes 2.0 open test

Greetings everyone,

World of Warplanes has just opened up a testserver for the patch 2.0 to the public.

How to install it: Open up the Wargaming Game Launcher, go to the Tab “All Game” and click on the button on the top right which says: “Install game by ID” then type in WOWP.CT.OPENTEST2017@

Details about the changes made in Patch 2.0 can be found on the official website, It also includes a drop down tab on how to install the test client including a download link to the WGC.

Here’s a summary of what to expect:

  • New sound effects as well as some reworked gun sounds and engine sounds
  • Improved graphics and graphical effects
  • An all new gamemode “Conquest” with new mechanics
  • A new Bomber class
  • The ability to switch to the planes rear gunner

The Public test comes with Various missions which will grant you tokens which will carry over to the live server at the end of testing.

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World of Warplanes 2.0 open test

26 thoughts on “World of Warplanes 2.0 open test

    1. Its a poor man’s version of WT Arcade battles. So, no, not at all worth it. If they had spent half as much effort listening to player feedback as they had developing this new meta, the servers would be full.

      1. nervous_testpilot says:

        Come on, Mizu, this thing is fucking garbage and everyone can see it from 5km away. Flight mechanics are almost nonexistent and GUI is for ADHD apes who can’t track more than one parameter at the same time. This is a coup de grace for this game. Shame, really.

      2. Mizutayio says:

        then, can you explain to me why i enjoy it so much? Also i have played many games that looked like fun but were shit, same goes the other way around, Wowp 2.0 plays a lot better than it looks.

      3. nervous_testpilot says:

        1. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it *right now*, I guess. But this is a progression-based F2P game, which means it needs some depth to retain its value in time. And this 2.0 abomination is so shallow it hurts. There’s really no tactical or skill-based depth to it. Actual WoWp, like WoT and WoWs, at least has depth in its mechanics. 2.0 has none. You just can’t pull off the gameplay feats you can in WoWp right now. So why play it? To go around doing pew pew a little? LoL.

        2. If you don’t see how seriously horrible GUI is … I don’t know what to say. How can you even fly without proper climb or altitude meters, no wing orientation in sniper mode, laggy 3rd person view, etc. The GUI doesn’t show the most basic info it should!

      4. Mizutayio says:

        1. It does feel different than the current version of WoWp ( just based on the fact that it lost the aim indicator which made the old game a point and click game while with 2.0 you need the brains to lead it yourself which isn’t hard, it does show however who is a good player and who isn’t coupled with the fact that this would make evading a lot easier as there is no indicator where to shoot when someone maneuvers) and yes, it is no simulator. If i were into simulators i’d be playing WT instead. But i don’t like them as a concept of a “Game” so i don’t play WT.
        WoWp 2.0 is not WT, and i think that is a good thing. It is a fun game to just play. Nice, easy and uncomplicated, aside from leading becoming an actual skill you have to master, especially at higer tiers when the planes get a whole lot faster. Some strongly dislike WoWp as a concept, acting as if there’s no way someone could ever enjoy planes with HP, but others really like it. I myself gotta be honest and say that i prefer 2.0 over the Wowp beta.

        As for second: i do agree that the UI could be changed, different overheat bars for multiple guns, a proper altimeter. As for the climb meter, i don’t really know what use it is in Wowp, i do understand it for WT, but not for Wowp, not saying it couldn’t be added as an option later on in development. Neither do i understand the need of a wing indicator, but again, it could be added later. The GUI is a thing that can be tweaked when studia persha actually gets more funds for development, i’ve heared it’s really hard to improve a game which basically is on life support. So from what little the devs had in resources, they pulled off something noone could have imagined, based on how many thought that Wowp was dead.

        Don’t get the wrong impression, i do accept your opinion, but it does appear to me that you haven’t given 2.0 a try yet.

      5. nervous_testpilot says:

        1. How can you say this isn’t like WT when it’s exactly a (poor) copy of WT arcade mode?! WoWp was at least different enough from WT to be regarded as an alternative, because WoWp was better than WT arcade alone. But why would I want to play a copy of an arcade mode from a game that is, all modes together, a better flying game?

        2. What use are climb meter and wing indicator in WoWp? Are you for real??

        Hmm, let’s see … yup, a tad over 3k battles, a good 50% winrate. Look, man, you really have a rather bad grasp of current WoWp mechanics, so you can’t be telling anyone anything about “improvements”. Sorry, you just lack competence. Learn the current core game more and then we can talk. Until then, I’ll leave it here.

      6. nervous_testpilot says:

        Oh, and I’m playing 2.0 test as we speak, of course.

        And in the core game, you can hit me for help anytime. Nickname is omglaserspewpew.

      7. Gouldy says:

        Ya I tried it & it’s complete trash, there are browser games with a more realistic flight model. Looks like it might appeal to windowlicker types that just want to tool around & shoot at stuff.

      8. Mizutayio says:

        whether i understand the core gameplay or not does not change the fact that Wowp does need changes, and it won’t survive for much longer if they cater towards the veteran players, at least in my opinon.
        Also with what little development money they got from minsk, i think they did fairly well. Stuff like GUI improvements and better flight models and graphics optimisation always has a chance to come at a later date.
        I just want Wowp to succeed, but it appears that i am the only one who thinks that way: If they do nothing, the game will die and we are all forced to play WT. Because i think this is WG’s last attempt at making the game popular. If they succeed, it could become a competitor to WT, which would be benefitial to everyone, including WT players. Competition is good.
        Also i’d like it if you wouln’t attack me for being a joe average. 50% wr is by no means bad, especially with such a low amount of games.

      9. nervous_testpilot says:

        It’s not that we don’t want changes – everyone knows the game needs serious improvements. But game mechanics and GUI were two areas that were at least basically OK and should not be touched before other areas were fixed/ improved.

        As I’ve said more than once: WoWp didn’t flop because its core mechanics were bad, but because everything around it was bad. No endgame, no clan activities, awful balance, awful MM, bland graphics, badly programmed bots etc. 2.0 only tries to fix two of those problems: graphics (effects are better) and a fresh gamemode. Everything else is even more screwed up.

        Oh, and I didn’t call you out for being joe average to insult you in any way. It’s just that it’s evident why you don’t properly recognize apparent changes in flight mechanics. It’s similar to players from WoT who don’t know how to angle their armor. Hit me in game some time and see how good players actually play WoWp and you’ll see that 2.0 is ridiculously dumbed down.

        Case in point: where the hell are flaps in 2.0??

    1. Mizutayio says:

      2.0 is the name of the patch. Also just because it’s called Wowp does not mean the the patch will not make it good, maybe just give it a try before jumping to any conclusions.

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