World of Warplanes Dev QnA – post your questions

I have some great news for everyone playing Wowp or considering to play Wowp. WG has agreed to host an exclusive Dev QnA for this blog. All you have to do is post your questions and the devs will be answering them as soon as possible.

I want to set up some special Rules though:

  • Check the comments to see if your question is already asked.
  • Keep the questions on topic, these are World of Warplanes devs and no WoT or Wows devs.

Share this with your friends who also may be interested in Wowp and most importantly, have fun asking 🙂

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World of Warplanes Dev QnA – post your questions

77 thoughts on “World of Warplanes Dev QnA – post your questions

      1. Liam says:

        I prefer to land adds more to the game for me. Tbh it doesn’t take and great skill to play this game. Landing can add some challenge.

  1. Any plans for a proper optimisation? I have a config way over the recommended PC config and still get drops below 30 FPS no matter what settings I’m runnig the game at while my CPU usage is at 40-50% and my GPU usage is at 60-65%.

    1. Liam says:

      What kind of cpu are you running?! I have a 5year old i7 with a 1060 zero frame rate issue. Smooth as butter. These comes a time where you gotta spend some cash if you want to game.

      1. i5 4460, an R9 290 and 8 gigs of ram

        I doubt the problem is in my PC since then either my GPU or CPU usage would max out. People having better PC than mine are reporting similar issues on the forums.

      2. DrSinister says:

        Seems there is an issue with the 2.0.1 build, because 1.9 and at 2.0, I had 100+ FPS in the sky and 60-70 look at the ground cludder. Come 2.0.1, a lot of ppl including myself dropped to 40s at the ground cludder even dropped to an avg of 80+ when staring at the sky.

        I run i5-4460 and an EVGA 1080 ti SC2. I run PUBG, FFXIV, Witcher 3 with HD mods, Destiny 2 and various other games with no issues at 100+ FPS.

        Just like others have stated in the forums of all regions, even going to SD at medium settings does not change anything.

      3. Liam says:

        You’re running ryzen with 1070 and dipping 20fps?! I suggest u reinstall the game. I never dropped below 50fps on my setup.

  2. Back when 2.0.1 was launched, loot crates were removed from the missions, and the bomber parts could be bought using tickets. The patch notes said they would be removed Feb 1, 2018. Why is this? The idea that playing the game earns you tickets, which can be you to buy parts to get planes is an awsome idea. It says blue prints will be available in the future so I guess more are coming. But why the time limit for them. Especially when people start playing at 2.0 might not have tier 8-10 aircraft yet.

    Also it wasn’t yet posted yet so, when are bomber tech trees plan on being added?

  3. Life_In_Black says:

    When will we see an Italian tech tree in the game, and could we possibly have Israeli planes (such as the Czech-built Avia S-199) as premiums? Perhaps with the ability to train crews from multiple nations.

    1. Mizutayio says:

      That’s a well known bug and the devs are fully aware of it and working on a fix. Maybe we’ll see that gettign fixed in the next patch.

  4. SirCorsair says:

    Why cant we have both Team Deathmatch and Conquest mode , so we can choose which one we want to play ???
    When will the next ICONIC line come ?
    Do we really need SQUALL Line ? Why not just let the team win with the most points. That way the matches would be way more interesting and intense
    Will you look into the balancing? Some planes are WAY better than others (yes im looking at you spitfire line and yes i am crying at your funeral Mustang line)

  5. Will there be an option for the guns to be divided in 2 categories like primary guns(autocannons and cannons) and secondary guns(machine guns and heavy machine guns) so that u can use one while the other cools down after extended use.

  6. Marian Rodu says:

    In contrast to tanks Romania actually built quite a few planes. Is there any possibility of introducing Romanian planes in the game at any point?

  7. Marisa says:

    1. Is there any effort to make the UI and controls more consistent with other WG titles such as WoT or WoWs?
    Playing all 3 games you have to learn 3 different sets of interfaces, and 3 different control schemes. The default zoom key in WoT and WoWs is shift, but in WoWp it’s F. Additionally the way modules, consumables, upgrades, research etc. works across all three games is different and there’s no need for it. The map works differently (though this is new to 2.0), chat works differently, there’s no way to view team lineups at the side, and loads of other inconsistencies. Can WG devs for each title just get together and come up with a similar UI across all 3 games?

    2. Additionally please can you add an option for the alt-interface to be permanently enabled in battles?

    3. UI scaling – any resolution above 1080p has really small UI elements, playing at 4K or 8K you can’t ready anything or see any of the GUI, you’re practically forced to play at lower resolutions. Is there any plan to fix this?
    (the same problem exists in WoT and WoWs too)

    4. Can you please let us see previews of planes we do not own in the hangar? Currently we can only see a tiny thumbnail in the tech tree, it would be nice to see the full plane in 3D without having to research and buy it.

  8. rainmakerltu says:

    Some shooting range would be nice to have in hangar. To test different ammo types against plane parts. For example, we have fixed plane (choose a plane from all available in tech tree), also we have fixed weapon (choose a machinegun, autocannon etc what is available for all planes). Point it where you want (tail, wings, engines etc) shoot and see what damage and criticals you make.

    1. How dare you miss out the ass-ender!

      Curtis-Wright P-55 Ascender pusher prop canard. The Swoose Goose & the Black Bullet are nice too, and the Airacuda (preferably with more powerful engines…)

      That’s what I like about this game, it’s like a hybrid of Crimson Skies and the old Lucasarts Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. Or the weirder bits of IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles.

      Ooh… the Wespe or the Lerche II… or the Treibflugel!

  9. MTG says:

    Tokens were good motivator to play WoWp in 1.9, but are terribly inadequate to work for in 2.0. Three main issues
    1. Missions are not really compatible with simply playing the game. They promote in-game behaviour that is often detrimental to the team effort. Some missions are completely stupid, like earning combat points while capturing/defending command centers, which are almost never present on tiers 1-4. In Warships you just need to get required amount of experience and that solution is way more stimulating.
    2. Missions force people to sealclub at low tiers. That’s completely without any sense. I don’t want to keep special crew on planes I already elited. I have dozens premium planes but most of them are useless and I really would prefer to advance on tech tree lines instead of repeatedly playing low tier premium planes.
    3. It is too much work to earn 5 tokens per day, at least comparing to 1.9. 1 token medals are extremely hard to get comparing to ace/thunder/destroyer, and missions take extremely long time. Doing 10 token mission in 5 days, 4 token in 2 days and 1 token mission every day (so 5 tokens per day) feels like a chore, not like fun. Also smaller missions are often not compatible with 10 token mission, which also often determines and enforces specific gameplay for a long time (mission get 3 times 72k compat points while destroying ground targets means that for a week I have no reason to play fighters.

    At this point I would be happy to just remove daily missions, cause possible rewards tempts into trying to complete the, while completing them sucks out fun out of the game
    The simplest and minimum solution would be to cut th rewards in half (5, 2 and 1 token) and changing mission requirements from completing it 3 times on different tiers into just completing it once on any tier,.

    Is there a plan to rehaul daily missions so they are more rewarding, less incompaitible with simple gameplay and increasing fun from the game instead of killing it?

  10. sturmi0545 says:

    How did the release of 2.0 influence the total number of active players? (until 1.9, there were about 800 – 1200 during normal (no special missions/marathons) daytime peaks, IIRC)

    1. MTG says:

      also what is a dynamic of the population, is it growing, stalled or declining?
      how the population changed? I have feeling that many veteran players resigned, many new players tried the game, but I doubt new players retention will be as great as players who were previously hooked on the game.
      What tiers are played now mostly? I have a feeling low tiers are more populated now then in 1.9

  11. Andy says:

    The new Gamemode seems a bit boring in the long run, the focus definitely is on the planes now, and its fun, but i think it wont keep newcomers, like myself, here for too long or give them motivation for a longer time to play actively.

    Will there be optimizations, new mechanics and more gamemodes incoming?
    Maybe just reworked maps for more tactical play or opportunities to make dogfights more interesting by using terrain when the distances between caps are bigger?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Are there any plans to fix the ramming mechanic. Since when can two WW2 airplanes collide and the “heavier” one is not totaled, im fairly certain both planes would be fubar. Im also fairly certain no sane pilot would ram other planes as a strategy to taking down an opponent.

    1. There is a (possibly apocryphal) story that Soviet pilots were specifically ordered NOT to ram German bombers during Operation Barbarossa, which suggest this was actually a problem…

      There were a few designs (I know of US, British, German & Soviet ones) specifically designed to ram, but generally I agree, it should be fatal to both in the game, barring the biggest bombers.

  13. I’m just wondering how bombs and rockets affect a plane’s maneuverability and airspeed compared to the previous version. Do they affect a plane’s stats just having them loaded or only when they are off cool down?

  14. Personally, i really don’t like the cinematic movie after I die. I have to keep pressing ‘S’ to skip the movie to click ‘battle’ to get back into the fight. I would much rather have an option to disable the movies so that I can watch the minimap and plan my next attack path rather than just uselessly watching cinematics. Furthermore, I would appreciate a way to move the camera before the start of the battle. I don’t like the movie there either, as I’d rather see the minimap, see who is around me, look at my plane in the way that I want to, and plan the battle without just having a locked camera.

    Question: Will an option be added to remove ALL movies/cinematics before, during, and after the battle?

  15. Foofafie says:

    Squall line. The fact of smashing the plane into the ground just before the squall line was that intended? Are you happy people doing this? Or are you looking to correct this?
    Stats. WOWp doesn’t want external websites with stats but I’m missing some aspects in the current stats that WOWp gives. Mostly the evolution of my performances. Now they give only global stats. But why not period stats like 1day, 1 week, 1 month, … At the moment it doesn’t matter with only a couple 100 games. But what when I reach 10.000 games? My stats will be set in stone. It will be hard to improve my numbers by then. But if you give short periods you can see your improvement in time = motivation. Any reworks on the stats pages?
    In-game currency. It seems that taking/ defending bases is the objective of the game. But it is still mindless shooting down planes that is most rewarding. Often you see the biggest profits in the losing team. Intended?
    Why can’t I look in the hangar at the planes that I haven’t bought? I. So many games you can. You can in WOWs.
    Those WOWs hates Belgium? Where is our flag? You have the one of Romania? Doesn’t seem hard to make the Belgian flag?
    I was surprised that there weren’t crossover bundels between WOT, WOWs and WOWp for black Friday? Any plans for that?

  16. -When is going to start the “Invite a friend” program?
    -Are there some plans involving Clans in development? (air base, clan wars, clan battles)
    -Any chance to recover the three pilots squads?
    -Are you thinking to increase the achievements that come with a daily token?
    -When aircraft anniversary returns, What happens with the aircraft anniversaries we missed from October 11th until that return date?

    1. MTG says:

      gosh, 2 player flights are toxic enough, I hope they remove them whatsoever, not bring back completely unbalanced 3 players flights. Even 2 player flights were almost exclusively played to get an advantage (real or perceived) and only minuscule portion of them were created just to play with someone else….

      so my question is
      1. will you finally remove the flights completely?
      2. will you introduce any kind of tier 10 end game content? Something like clan battles in WoWS or Stronghold/advances in WoT (CW are pointless, too time consuming and require much higher playerbase)

  17. sturmi0545 says:

    2.0 has been introduced on short notice and after a far too short test period, alienating a lot of the “veteran” players who wouldn’t have invested as much time and money (or any of both at all) in a WoWp the way it looks and plays now. Are there any plans to make up for their sudden loss of a game they enjoyed? Any plans to bring back 1.x game elements, battle modes and/or flight physics?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Any plans to add more nation tech trees ? Italy ? Romania ? More French planes ? or even add these to existing trees like the Australian planes being on the UK tree ?

    1. Anonymous says:

      There are also some key planes missing from the Japanese tree….
      1. Nakajima Ki-44
      2. Kawasaki Ki-100
      3. Kawanishi N1K
      4. Kawasaki Ki-45
      5. Kawasaki Ki-48
      6. Mitsubishi Ki-51
      7. Kawasaki Ki-102

      I could go on…

    2. There are evidently a lot of aircraft flying around that aren’t available to most players. The Commonwealth Boomerang is a common base defence bot, and I think I even saw a Payen design once…

      I’d like to know, if not how to get them, at least why we CAN’T.

      1. Anonymous says:

        The Boomerang was available on the NA server for a day or 2 during the Birthday stuff I regret not scooping it at that time.

  19. EA says:

    Looooot ccccccrraaateessss!! Excellent idea. Lol perhaps you could make the next airplane in the tech tree a loot crate. Charge $9.99 per crate with a 50% of not getting the next plane 🤣😂🤣. If you do win the plane it’s gotta be more powerful than the regular ground out plane, for promotional purposes of course

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is there any info about bringing WOWP to the console? We’re totally fed up of the WoT Devs and need something else to spend money on.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Any invite codes for new players wanting to try out new and improved 2.0 for NA like in wot/wows where u get prem time, gold, tank or ship

  22. Anonymous says:

    any chance you can make the game playable it is really sorry the way it is now or cash me out so i can put my resources into world of tanks,,,tanks a lot worst upgrade every hope you enjoy it no one else does ,did it job broke up the clans

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