World of Warplanes Devblog: WoWp 2.0; the Beginning (with opinion piece)

Hello everyone the WoWp devs have posted an Article on their own Developer blog

Link to it is here

For those that don’t want to read here’s what it is about:

  • The Developers have recieved a lot of feedback in the testing phases of Wowp 2.0, in reaction to them, the devs will readd some of the old UI interface elements as an alternative option in the settings ( altitude indicator, aispeed indicator, altimeter which will display dangerous and critical altitude and speed ranges).
  • They also want to return the flaps to pre 2.0 which will mean that the flaps will be sepearated from the current airbrake. So flaps and airbrake [S] will be seperated.
  • They want to work on the controls a bit more to make aircraft more responsive and their behavior more smooth and predictable.
  • They want to return the aircraft anniversary celebrations. People who missed their anniversaries in the mean time will likely be able to get them after it got readded.
  • Replay recording and playing will be restored asap.
  • The Devs have planned a surprise for the fourth WoWp anniversary, news will be announced in the coming weeks.
  • the next global event ( I’ll explain what that is further down when i share my thoughts) will come for the New Year.
  • The two upcoming major patches will include features to help new players to get to grips with the game ( Tutorial etc.) as well as a new gamemode for veteran players.
  • WoWp 2.0 has made the game modular and adaptable which means the devs now have numerous tools to set, combine and adjust these mechanics for different purposes.
  • This includes the idea of a Tutorial PvE campaign for new players.
  • Veterans will recieve special new game modes on which tournaments can be held. They can be a combination between PvP and PvE.
  • Numerous bomber branches are planned and will include rare as well as iconic vehicles.
  • The first researchable bomber branch will include german twin engined medium bombers which will include the Junkers Ju-88A and the Dornier Do-217.
  • Among the future researchable bombers we will see bombers such as the Pe-2 and later on the B-17 Flying Fortress.
Dornier Do-217

Personal thoughts:

First of all the changes about the UI and the Flaps, they won’t have any affect on how the game plays, in fact it’ll improve it quite a lot.

The UI changes for exemple show you how close you are to reaching a critical speed which will reduce your maneuverability once your speed reaches yellow or red numbers. It’s a quality of life improvement really, as is the altimeter which gives you a visual representation of your aircrafts optimal height, above these boundaries the plane can’t fly at optimal airspeeds and you tend to fly very slow.

As for the flaps, it’s great news for any turnfighters as flaps allow you to turn faster, and them not being bound to the airbrake means that you can do turnfights without burning to much speed as a to low airspeed reduces maneuverability and currently you can not use the flaps and boos at the same time to keep your speed in safe levels.

Another thing i am most excited about are the aircraft anniversary, it means that the planes you decided to keep in your hangar will recieve rewards and several boosters for an x amount of battles each time an anniversary event takes place. To my knowledge it’s 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and every following year once.

Next thing i’ll talk about are global events, It’s essentially an Allies vs. Axis gamemode in which you can decide each day what side you’re on. During this event there will be two different modes: peace time and war time. During peace time you can play the game normally without anything going on, during war times, you’ll only get Axis vs. Allies in your battles and every time one side wins it’ll go into a point pool, winner is who reaches the required amounts of points first, during war time, you can earn loot boxes by completing several objectives and the side which wins the daily confrontation will double it’s loot boxes.

That’s at least how it was until now, things may turn out different than i explained.

I am also very excited about endgame content for veterans, though i am not to keen on the whole tournament aspect but i guess i’ll have to wait and see, they might prove me wrong, who knows really, they turned a shit game into a good one so anything is possible.

As for the Bombers, i think it’s great that they’re adding those lines, although i do not understand why they don’t go with the most iconic line first which would be the B-17s as they have 2 variants already in the game as AI bombers.

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