World of Warplanes Development Plans for 2019

Greetings everyone, Wargaming has released a Development plans post on the official World of Warplanes websites. To make things short and tidy, here is a summary of the upcoming content:

  • US Bomber branch will be completed by the end of 2019 which inclused the B-29 Superfortress ( likely tier 8). Tier 9 and 10 won’t be disclosed yet, but they’re planned to be unconventional planes that however did take to the skies.
  • The small nation arsenal will be expanded and will add planes like the Polish PZL.38 Wilk, the czechoslovakian Avia B-534 and S-199 as well as the Swedish Saab J-21R. These small nation planes will be joined into one nation in the game.
  • Summer event to earn the Horten Ho-229 will come.
  •  Referral program will launch later this year, the main Prize for recruiters will be the P-82B Twin Mustang.
  • Log-in  rewards planned for mid year.
  • PvP gamemode planned, planned to have no bots and no ground targets, so a Dogfight only gamemode.
  • Mercenary Pilots will be added, they could change their nation or could possess unique abilities. More info will come later.
  • Specialist 2 will be added, it allows the pilots to get alternative loadouts for tech tree planes ( Like the Me 262 A-1/U4 or BF 109 with underwing gunpods)
  • Another Iron Maiden collab is in the works, they’re trying to get Bruce Dickinson to do another set of videos where he’d talk about Soviet planes. In addition we’ll get the ability to earn the Bristol Beaufighter Mk. V IM with eddie as the gunner, in addition to all of that there will likely be a Music Video of IMs song “Tailgunner”
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World of Warplanes Development Plans for 2019

6 thoughts on “World of Warplanes Development Plans for 2019

    1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

      B-50 is too weak for all-jet tier IX, so I’d rather bet for B-36 and B-52.

      Small nations – Błyskawica worked for WoWS, so screw national pride and try to grab money.

      Ho 229 – most probably another marathon for nolifers that can be finished only for money, as previous for Nazi HF and current for Tu-1.

      Still no word about ramming issues and team modes, so another episode of changing much to change nothing.

    2. Possible but unlikely. More probably it’ll be the Northrop YB-49 and possibly YB-35. During US bomber introduction the hangar teased a covered plane that had very strong similarities with said planes. Also matches the description of ‘unconventional’ yet ‘did take to the skies’ significantly better.

      1. Grand Moff Tano says:

        Maybe unconventional can mean anything and the prop and turbo jet was also rather unconventional

  1. TheMadPizzler says:

    I’ll bet the new American high tier bombers will come with amazing features such as: 2 extra black screen guns, a crash-to-desk top bomb, a new pilot feature that will only allow you to play a not-well-thought out new game modes; a new specialization that increases the AA fire against your plane, and a new festive camo that allows you to be shit on easier by PERSHA. Oh, and maybe some new features that promote gambling and forced regrinds.

    Anyone wanna take that bet?

  2. Sturmi0545 says:

    “PvP gamemode planned, planned to have no bots and no ground targets, so a Dogfight only gamemode.
    wonderful. so, back to 1 x! love it! suck it, ickipoo!!

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