World of Warplanes Ho 229

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World of Warplanes Ho 229

15 thoughts on “World of Warplanes Ho 229

  1. Sturmi0545 says:

    starting the operation results in the notification: “time left: 2 days” or something. do you have to complete all 30 missions in 2 days after activating?

    PS: You can buy 150 tokens for about €25. unused tokens will be converted to 63gold each after the event.
    => buying and not using tokens will give you a great gold/euro ratio of about 363 gold per euro (regular ratio is about 250)

    1. Mizutayio says:

      well you can extend the missions by 48 hours for 2 Tokens ( i think), it’s rather cheap and you should get at least 2 tokens on a daily basis if you’re good.

      1. Sturmi0545 says:

        restarting the marathon after expiration will cost 5, prolonging before expiration will cost 2.

    2. i think you are mixing up two things. tokens (the ones to extend the mission) don’t cost you money but you rather earn them for playing the game (no, afk won’t get you any). you can easily use those to extend the time of the mission to the typical marathon lengths in WoT.

      certificates is what you can buy and those are used to skip nasty or grindy missions of the required 30. therefore if you combine completing some missions the normal way and skipping others via certificats you’ll notice it effectively quite alike the marathon discounts we have in WoT .

      1. yes, thanks for pointing that out.
        I messed up the nomenclature there. it’s certificates you can buy in the prem shop. those (if unused) get converted to 63 gold each after the event, which might be an interesting chance to stock up on gold, even for WoT-players. you can buy the certificates without ever even trying to do the WoWp marathon.

  2. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Another money and token grab.
    Token grab, as 2 days are way too short to make all missions, and money grab, as there are missions next to impossible to do, as Ace.
    And grind missions are interleaved with luck missions.
    Plus universal time waste – required won missions for some really grindy ones (and for luck ones as well).

    Taking the grab easy, for dubious missions there are some 100-150 certificates to buy – about 45-60% of regular price. Not so like WoT marathons, where 70% discount was well within the reach.

    Plus usual lack of information – still there are no clear definitions, what are Flying Paladin or Flying Guardian missions. Nothing definition like “kill XXX enemy planes flying YYY plane type doing ZZZ” – no, players have to apply trial and error and waste time.

    Usual low ball from WG.

    And after such there is big surprise “we made such great game, less players play, why?”.
    At least now WG pays for play (without real effect).

    1. Mizutayio says:

      honestly, WoT is makin the worse “Free tier 8” events, in Wowp you can do them in one day if you’re good enough, while in WoT it’s either you buy it or you spend your next couple of weeks just grinding the event. also getting 2 tokens to extend is still rather cheap in the end this is just a chance for you to win a free tier 8, but many people think it’s their privilege to get a free tier 8 with little to no efforts.
      As mentioned earlier, i know a guy who did the missions in less than a day.

      1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

        WoT is pure grind, anybody with good amount of time can do that.
        In WoWP player needs to be a no-life to grind grindy missions and have well above average skill, to grind faster, and to luck missions.

        To not look far — how many Efrimov medals do you have?
        How many Aces or Marseilles did you score in normal mode, not bomber one?

        Anecdotal ‘i know one who did that’ means nothing. For an ordinary player 5th mission is a first obstacle – Akamatsu needs luck and skill (9 tokens). Another is 8th mission – Winged Legend (5), Efrimov medal (15), Hero of the sky (7), McCampbell (25), Ace (35). 96 tokens just like that, withou “discount” it’s half a price of regular tier viii premium plane. IMO it’s more or less the mount of money such plane such cost.
        And time won’t make it less.

        So it’s another event, after just finished operation orders for bombers, that encourages hardcore no-lifes, while average Joes willing to take part need to pay.

        Fact that other games may be different doesn’t change the not so stellar shape of this one.

      2. Sturmi0545 says:

        one day? there might be something wrong with his credit card if it took that long 😉

  3. eric says:

    WoWp premium ammo are out balance , most of the time instantly dead. No way player have change to fight back

    1. Mizutayio says:

      wowps premium ammo doesn’t increase damage, aside from the one that is only for Ground Attackers and that one is only against ground targets, normal premium ammo only either gives you full critical damage chance but no fire chance or full fire chance but zero critical hit chance. So basically gold ammo is useless as the credit bought special ammo increases both.

  4. Sturmi0545 says:

    well … the most severe flaw in this mission are definitely:
    1. objectives that require a victory to count at all (dumbest choice ever in such a bot-heavy game), and
    2. the permanent “kill-steals” caused by the spontaneous detonation of planes and ground targets at base cap.

    whoever cracked his skull and had this diarrhea come out of his head should be hanged with a noose around his testies. that’s incompetence at eekeepoo-level.

  5. Christian Thomas says:

    I was going on vacation so I used certificates to get the 229. Not impressed at all. Tried all sorts of permutations..none was more successful than the other. Bottom line is the guns need to fire faster from the start.

    Right now the plane in my opinion, is a dud.

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