World of Warplanes invite code for EU

Hello everyone, this code has been provided by WG and can only be used on the EU server and can only be used on new accounts.


The code includes

  • 7 days of premium time
  • 300’000 credits
  • Tier 5 UK Multi Role Hurricane IID ( 50% crew)
  • Tier 5 USSR Ground Attack Aircaft IL-2 with rear gunner ( 50% crew)
  • Tier 4 German Heavy Fighter Messeschmitt Bf 110 C-6 ( 50% crew)
  • Aerial verification consumable ( +25% exp)
  • Ground verifiaction consumable ( +50% credits)
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World of Warplanes invite code for EU

4 thoughts on “World of Warplanes invite code for EU

  1. TheMadPizzler says:

    Too bad it’s for WoWP. Stay away until they stop treating players with derision and contempt… or at least until they show an interest in making the game fun.

    1. Honcho says:

      Premium time on WoWp is shared with WoT.
      Does it mean you can use the invite code for WoWp when you already have a WoT account or does new Player mean without a Wargaming Account?

      1. TheMadPizzler says:

        In theory, it doesn’t hurt to input the code… but… I’d still recommend staying away from this game. It’s been farmed out to a studio, Persha… and they have no interest in making a game that’s player friendly…. each update they fix one bug and add at least two more. They’ve added some rather ethically shady ‘on-line gambling’ to the mix and totally f’ed their old players by forcing regrinds of every aircraft. They don’t communicate with players, nor have any interest in player opinions (they’re on record dissing their players)…. imagine all the frustrations WoT generates and multiply them by 100 and add some straight up unethical shit (the gambling and blatant pay-to-win options). Until such time as Persha is fired or Wargaming leadership takes a more active role in the game, this game will rather quickly irriate you.

        So… definitely input the code, get the Premium time and play tanks 🙂

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