World of Warplanes Iron Maiden Spitfire Mk. Vb marathon

Greetings everyone, for the next week from August 6th to Augist 13, you’ll get the chance to Earn a tier 6 Premium Spitfire Mk. Vb in the Iron Maiden theme including Eddie as the Pilot.

All you have to do is finish 5 Missions in order to get your hands on it. they are all tier 4 and up.

First mission: Win a battle.

Second mission: Deal 5000 damage to enemy planes in any number of battles.

Third mission: Siege 5 Airfields in any number of battles.

Fourth mission: Earn 7500 exp in any number of battles.

Fifth mission: Destroy 10 fighters, 5 heavy fighters, 10 multi role fighters, 10 attack aircraft and 5 bombers in any number of battles.


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