World of Warplanes on Steam

Greetings everyone, it has been brought to my attention that apparently, World of Warplanes has been added to steam on the 12th of September. So for those who don’t like the WGC or just can’t be bothered to download it can play it through steam. You can switch between the different servers using the Steam client. Also keep in mind that, just like WoWs, you cannot use your WG account on the Steam version. And if you haven’t tried it, i recommend you give it a shot and rate it, what this game needs the most is more players.

Visit the Steam page

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World of Warplanes on Steam

14 thoughts on “World of Warplanes on Steam

    1. whaaaaat? who doesn’t love shooting bots that explode spontaneously when their base is capped, while under constand AA fire?

      yes, they messed up so hard. I don’t fully get that steam move. next step will be dropping pamphlets in people’s mailboxes and standing at the train station like jehova’s witnesses to promote the game with unpaid cc apes.

      1. Eelco van den Berg says:

        Stop complaining about realism
        If you want that go play a flightsim with 15seconds of ammo
        Blackout’s if you turn to hard
        No map
        And a +1000hp engine that damages you hearing

  1. Mizutayio says:

    Why is it always the same Wowp haters in this comment section that just seem to hate the game because it isn’t the game they used to like? Games change, get over it, there’s a lot of games i used to play but that changed a lot that i don’t play anymore, does that mean the game is shit? Not neccesarily, many people like 2.0, and yet i see the same people going out of their way to shittalk Wowp for reasons that aren’t even legit ( not just refering to this post but older ones as well) Seriously, try to move on and find your joy somewhere else. 1.x ain’t coming back.

    1. Anonymous says:

      They can’t get over it, just like they can’t get over the fact that a free to play game needs to generate income somehow. They should just crawl back into their salt mines.

    2. 1120ghb says:

      … says someone not worthy of better game quality. your response also ain’t no un-cunty one.
      What if your mechanic offered you to update your car’s ECU software, and you say no. But then he does it anyway and not only does it cost you 50% of your bhp, also power steering is gone and the radio goes on at full volume whenever it wants to. Too bad you already lost your warranty.
      THIS is how the changes felt to those people complaining now. Also, we do not see an increase in player numbers, which would have been one of the wg degenerates main goals.

      1. 1120ghb says:

        not enough to outweigh a 12 year old soviet fanboy. now get your parents back on the phone, either Mr Shitty or Mrs Cunty (they kept their last names)

  2. TheMadPizzler says:

    I liked 2.0, it was a good change. The patches after 2.0 were incomplete (added new battle modes, i.e., invastion, without understanding that bot logic didn’t mesh, constantly adding new bugs, rolling out incomplete and un-asked for ‘new features’ ‘specialization’…all the while, and I quote from SonicPariah “We only roll out patches if they’re 100% ready….. oh, by the way, can you please tell us all the problems”…etc.. It got to the point where each new patch is something to dread. The game developer (PERSHA) seemingly holds the player base in disdain and has no problem straight up lying in their push to become relevant: We (Persha) added new choices for players. They took away equipment slots, etc…. and branded it as ‘adding choice’. –thats some straight up Soviet Propaganda style. Lets not even get into forcing a regrind of all planes owned before 2.06. I won’t even get into the ethics of incorporating online gambling (with real money via tokens).

    How’s that for valid reasons for not liking the direction this game is going.

    I have no problem telling everyone I encounter to stay away from this game.

    1. Homer_J says:

      My feelings almost exactly. I was enjoying WoWP 2.0, looking forward to the rest of the Hawker line and some more bombers then they have to screw with the equipment and introduce more grind on the grind. The result is I have not bothered to log in and see what a mess they made.

  3. wolvenworks says:

    not a really good way to get more players in and active if old players can’t even login with their existing acc now would it? would rather wait for WG SG to release WoWP

  4. Thagomizer says:

    I still ain’t playing it. I have no wish for a Steam account, and I won’t touch anything that is infected with WG’s Games Centre. Get rid of the GC, and I might consider WoWp.

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