World of Warplanes – Operation Holiday Maneuvers

December is here, so it’s time to decorate a tree, turn on the fairy lights, and, of course, accept some gifts. Immerse yourself in the holiday bustle with the new Operation Holiday Maneuvers event!

Join the jolly winter marathon and collect candy to be rewarded with aircraft from the new branch of multirole fighters, a unique pilot, days of Premium Account, gold, and much more.

Complete daily missions and get the most out of each battle to collect a whole load of candy. Advancing along the marathon route depends directly on the amount of candy you have. Every candy piece you earn moves you closer to the coveted reward!

You can get candy by participating in battles, completing daily missions, or finding them in the holiday Supply crate:

  • Easy daily mission — 6 candy.
  • Medium daily mission — 9 candy.
  • Difficult daily mission — 12 candy.
  • Over 3,000 personal points for a single battle — 1 candy.
  • Over 5,000 personal points for a single battle — 1 candy.
  • Over 10,000 personal points for a single battle — 1 candy.

Holiday gifts

  • Aircraft from the branch of U.K. multirole fighters:
    – Hawker Typhoon, Tier VII
    – Hawker Tempest, Tier VIII
    – Hawker Sea Hawk, Tier IX
  • Pilots with skill points for these aircraft
  • Promotional aircraft Hawker PV.3, Tier III, U.K. fighter
  • A unique pilot for this aircraft
  • Paint schemes, nose art, and emblems
  • Gold
  • Days of Premium Account
  • Free Experience
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Credits
  • Consumables
  • Hangar slots
  • Bunks in Barracks
  • Holiday Supply crates
  • Economic consumables (boosters)

Special gifts

This time, event gifts include some very unusual ones, such as bear, eagle, deer, and squirrel sculptures. Decorate your Hangar with ice sculptures to get unique bonuses for all your aircraft in battle. A powerful bear will make your plane more durable, a fast reindeer will increase the speed of your aircraft, a nimble squirrel will add maneuverability, while a wise eagle will earn you more experience.

And there’s even more! Special holiday achievements will help you keep warm memories about this winter:

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