World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.1

It’s barely been a month and World of Warplanes is already getting a new patch.

The patch will deploy on November 2nd

Patch notes:

Conquest Game Mode

The composition of ground targets in sectors has been changed, and as a result, the efficiency of different aircraft types when capturing and defending sectors will become more obvious.

  • Garrison: All garrisons will now have an identical average composition of ground target.
  • Forward Airstrip: The number of ground targets was significantly reduced.
  • Airbase: The number of ground targets was reduced.
  • Mining Plant, Military Base, and Command Center: The composition of ground targets was slightly changed with the view to adding extra targets equipped with AA guns. The total number, armour, and value of the ground targets in these sectors were changed slightly.

The number of AA guns in sectors was changed:

  • Garrison: 2 light and 2 high-altitude AA guns
  • Forward Airstrip: 2 light AA guns
  • Mining Plant: 6 high-altitude AA guns
  • Airbase: 6 light AA guns
  • Military Base: 4 light and 6 high-altitude AA guns
  • Command Center: 6 light and 4 high-altitude AA guns

The number of capture points required to take control of different sectors, or retake them from the enemy, was changed.

  • To capture a neutral sector, team A is to earn a certain number of capture points of advantage over team B.
  • To retake a sector from team B, team A is to earn a certain number of capture points. At the same time, team B defending the sector earns capture points by destroying the attacking aircraft from team A. The points earned by team B are deducted from the result of the attacking team A.

The required number of capture points by sectors:

  • Garrison: 90 capture points to capture a neutral sector, 120 capture points to capture an enemy sector.
  • Staging Airfield: 90 capture points to capture a neutral sector, 120 capture points to capture an enemy sector.
  • Mining Plant: 140 capture points to capture a neutral sector, 180 capture points to capture an enemy sector.
  • Airbase: 140 capture points to capture a neutral sector, 180 capture points to capture an enemy sector.
  • Military Base: 140 capture points to capture a neutral sector, 180 capture points to capture an enemy sector.
  • Command Center: 140 capture points to capture a neutral sector, 180 capture points to capture an enemy sector.

Advanced Control and Interface Settings

In response to numerous requests from experienced players, options that were available in previous versions of World of Warplanes have been added to the advanced control and interface settings:

  • Added the option for assigning a key for manual flaps control in the ‘Mouse’ control scheme.
  • Added advanced settings allowing for fine-tuning mouse control, particularly the option for disabling automatic flaps as well as the rate of roll and level-off settings was added.
  • Added the option for enabling an attitude indicator that shows the aircraft pitch and bank in relation to the horizon.
  • Added the option for enabling the altimeter scale (barometric or radar) that shows the optimum altitude margin, the ceiling of the aircraft, the range where the aircraft performance is reduced, and the critical altitude where only level flight is possible.
  • Added the option for enabling the speed indicator scale that shows the optimum speed margin, marks for dangerously low and high speed, and critical speed values leading to aircraft stall or dramatic decrease in manoeuvrability.

New Aircraft

New exclusive premium aircraft:

  • Borovkov-Florov I-207/4 – Soviet Tier IV multirole fighter

  • Ilyushin IL-1 – Soviet Tier VI multirole fighter

New aircraft available for developers and Supertesters only for testing purposes:

  • McDonnell XF-85 Goblin – American Tier IX fighter

End of the ‘Assemble Your Bomber’ Event

The special event where players who completed daily missions could receive special loot crates containing parts of the Blenheim Mk IV (e.)Douglas A-26B, and Myasishchev RB-17 bombers is over. However, players will be able to purchase these aircraft using tokens until February 1 2018. Bomber parts that players received during the event will be converted into a discount on the final price in tokens for a bomber.

All loot crates that players received but did not open will be opened automatically, and the awards from the loot crates will be added to players’ accounts. If the loot crates contain bomber parts, the latter will also be added to players’ accounts, and will be taken into account when calculating the final price in tokens for these bombers. If one part was the only missing one for a bomber to be assembled, the aircraft will be assembled automatically and added to a player’s account.

World of Warplanes’ Fourth Anniversary

From November 10, a special event dedicated to the fourth anniversary of World Warplanes since the game release will be available. The Hangar design will be temporarily changed to a festive one created specifically for the occasion. From November 10-12, players who will complete a small chain of missions will be able to receive a new aircraft, the Soviet Tier IV Multirole Fighter, the Borovkov-Florov I-207/4.

Change to the Chain of Training Missions – ‘Combat Reconnaissance”‘

The conditions of some training missions in the ‘Combat Reconnaissance’ chain were changed. Missions that were to be fulfilled in neutral sectors were changed, and now players will be able to fulfil them in any sector. Some especially difficult training missions have been simplified.


  • Added animation for opening bomb bay doors for bombers of the Attack Flight.
  • Changed the appearance of an aircraft scheme in the battle interface for canard aircraft.
  • Increased the display time for map ping animation (Ctrl + click) and quick command animation on the minimap and radar area.
  • Added figures and letters on the minimap frame to designate grid squares.

Optimization and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that disabled some key mapping settings in some cases when updating the game client to version 2.0. Default key mapping settings were installed for all players to prevent possible incompatibilities.
  • Implemented the technology that allows reducing the consumption of RAM.
  • Fixed some problems that resulted in the game client’s critical errors.
  • Fixed the bug that caused some sound effects to replay, particularly the bug with the continuing shooting sound made by an aircraft after it was destroyed.
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World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.1

8 thoughts on “World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.1

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh for fucks sake that’s not what players asked for, we want to get Influence Point for each individual building that is destroyed instead of the dumbass “last kill takes all’ model.

    1. If after all this, at this point, after years of going backwards developmentally, playing a version of the game literally no one asked for, you have any shred of hope that these idiots were going to listen to any feedback from active players, you are most to be pitied.

  2. czarbuckz says:

    I got sucked back in thinking there would be bombers, but I have not seen a bomber on the tech tree yet! only premium bombers you have to earn, but I don’t think I will be playing enough to ever see one of those. I just feel like a big bait and switch, where are the bombers? or is it like world of warships where you don’t get to see what the game is capable of until you play for so long? because I am sick of them expecting me to grind to a prize I don’t even know about.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think WoWPs could draw more Wargaming players new, old and those that left WoTs, IF they allowed silver to be used between both games.

    Why is it that gold and XP is shared between both games, but not silver?

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