World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.12

Greetings everyone, World of warplanes will release a new patch tomorrow which mainly adds new Soviet Bombers as well as many other things. Here’s a summary of the new changes:

Added new Soviet Bombers:

  • Tupolev Tu-2, soviet tier 7 Bomber
  • Tupolev Tu-10, soviet tier 8 Bomber
  • Tupolev Tu-12, soviet tier 9 Bomber
  • Sukhoy Su-10, soviet tier 10 Bomber

This month, you can unlock the new soviet tier 7 to 9 Bombers through Special Orders during the Red Comet event.

After the event, players will be able to Research and buy the Junkers EF-131 and Sukhoy Su-10. People who have played during the event will be able to get a large discount on them in exp and credits.a86c3b15e0d8aa473e18806df9c39936.jpg

Aircraft now available for purchase in the premium shop:

  • Ilyushin IL-1, soviet tier 6 Multi Role
  • Dornier Do-335 A-1 Pfeil, german tier 8 Heavy Fighter

Added following promo plane: 

  • Bristol Beaufighter Mk. V Iron Maiden


Reduced prices in experience for Tiers VIII-X aircraft upgrades:

Tier VIII:
  • 15% off the modules
  • 25% off the aircraft
Tier IX:
  • 20% off the modules
  • 30% off the aircraft
Tier X:
  • 25% off the modules
  • 30% off the aircraft


Changes to Aircraft visibility:

Seasonal camouflage will now reduce the spotting distance by 200 meters instead of 20% concealment. Radar equipment will now reduce spotting distance by a maximum of 500 meters, depending on upgrade status.

Spotting ranges are now 1650 meters for tier 1 to 4, 2000 meters for tier 5 to 7 and 2500 meters for tier 8 to 10.

Visible area on the Radar now covers 4500 / 3000 / 1500 meters for Tiers 1-4, 6000 / 4000 / 2000m for Tiers 5-7 and 7500 / 5000 / 2500m for Tiers 8-10. A circle visible on the radar when Alt is pressed represents average distance of enemy detection for the aircraft Tier. If an enemy is inside that circle it most probably can see the player’s aircraft as well.


Balance changes:

  • Stalls are now easier to recover from
  • USSR

    Temporary crossing between bomber and attack aircraft branches between Pe-2 M-82 and Il-8 is no longer available.

    • Fw 190 A-1 can now be researched from He 112 and Bf 109 E.
    • Ta 152 can now be researched from Fw 190 D and Bf 109 G.
    • F6U can now be researched from P-51H and provides an cannon-based alternative to American fighters mostly armed with machineguns. It will also serve as a link for crossing over to the heavy fighter branch towards the F2H.

    Balance changes for some aircraft

    • Il-20 — slightly reduced damage and blast radius of the TRS-82 rockets.
    • RB-17 — all 4 engines can now be damaged individually.
    • Il-40P — fixed an error in the turret damage settings for Specialist configuration. It will now deal more damage.
    • Bf 109 G — increased armament accuracy, slightly increased boost efficiency and duration.
    Great Britain
    • Beaufighter — updated damage model, slightly decreased salvo duration for forward-facing armament.


Escort gamemode has been changed, the amount of HP for the bombers has been increased. Number of Bombers in waves and waves themselves have been changed depending on the map.

5 new map layouts for tier 7 to 10 battles for the map Plateau have been added.

Various paint schemes for tech tree planes are now available for purchase in the paint shop tab.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that caused a respawn point different from the default one to revert to the default one in case the enemy team captured any allied territory while the player waited for respawn. It will now only revert to the default respawn point if the enemy team captures the territory selected for respawn.
  • Fixed an incorrect spawn point for bombers on Northern Bridgehead: Cold Skies map layout so that they no longer spawn facing a mountain peak.
  • Fixed an issue with AA guns not attacking enemies on several map layouts.
  • Fixed an issue with Scorching Sands: Desert Strike map layout that caused one of the bombers to spawn among enemy team.
  • Fixed engine power value for the Jumo 004A engine in the Hangar tooltip. Aircraft parameters have not changed.
  • Fixed an issue with the XP-31 pilot model that caused the oxygen mask to shift in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue with a reward paint scheme for the Hurricane Mk. I that caused its engine cover to lose metallic sheen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused propeller speed visualization to not return to normal after engine critical damage and repair.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the B-32 bomb bay doors animation.
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World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.12

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have had nothing but techincal issues with the font being too small in the game, and having to always go through and fix it repeatedly. I play World of Tanks with no issues. Why cant WoWPs take care of the simple issues?

    1. because the PR team was the first one to bail out of this game => no more Wp representation on E3 etc, no advertising for the game anywhere, and a general shame for a less lucrative project which WG cannot kill due to its ties to WoT (luckily).

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