World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13

Greetings everyone, World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13 has just released and here are the patchnotes:

  • Daily Log in has been added

Every monday a new daily bonus “session” will start giving you 5k credits on log in and another reward after completing a battle and getting 3k personal points. After the seventh day of completing all daily bonuses, players will get a crate which have the chance to drop Premium Aircraft, Gold, Free Exp, Universal premium time, equipment, consumables, ammunition, consumables and materials ( WoT players might be interested in this as gold and free exp can be used in WoT and playing a wowp match every day seems easy considering you could get free gold out of it)

New Aircraft and Aircraft changes

  • USSR and German Tier 7-10 Bombers available for research
  • Horten Ho 229 has been added
  • Various damage models got changed ( F-84B, F-84F, FW 252, Ta 183, Me P.1092, Me P.1101)

Secret Trials: Horten Ho 229

An operation order has been added to every player, activate it and complete it to get the Horten 229, keep in mind that an activated mission has a 48 hour time limit and can be expanded and difficult missions can be skipped using tokens, so make sure to stack up on some before attempting the operation order

Personal Ratings

  • Special project of Germany: Engine Boost Mixture Injection System and Special project of Germany: High-Speed Gas Turbine
  • Special project of Japan: Lightweight Wing Frame
  • Special project of the U.K.: Collimator Sight and Special project of the U.K.: Gyroscopic Sight

New Bot commands

  • Updated the bots’ control system via the chat shortcuts (keys F2, F3, F4, and F7).
  • Each player can control only one bot at a time. The bot will execute orders until one of the three following events occurs: it is destroyed; the aircraft that the bot is attacking or defending is destroyed; the sector that is the target of the bot’s attack or defense passes into the hands of another team.
  • After the player uses the chat shortcut, the order will be assigned to the bot that is closest to the team’s target and piloting a suitable aircraft. Bots that are already executing any other player’s order will ignore the new order. If there is not a single suitable free bot, the order will be declined. If the bot is attacked on the way to its target, it can join the battle to defend itself, and this will postpone the order’s execution.
  • Upon pressing the F2 key, a player sends one suitable bot to the selected sector (when attacking) or calls it to assist with defending the sector (a player must be in that sector). The bot goes there and starts attacking the targets corresponding to the target’s aircraft type. The territory type affects the bot’s choice, for example, fighters are not involved in attacking plants, and attack aircraft and bombers will not provide support when defending sectors.
  • Upon pressing the F3 key, a player calls a bot that will become a Flight member and provide support for this player. The choice of the bot depends on what the player is currently engaged in — the attack aircraft type can provide support when attacking sectors; outside these sectors, a player can order fighters to provide cover.
  • Upon pressing the F4 key, a player can order a bot that is piloting an attack aircraft type to engage a selected enemy aircraft or to defend a selected allied aerial target. In addition, you can order the bot to defend the allied Attack Flight.
  • Upon pressing the F7 key (“Clear my Tail!”), a player can order a bot that is piloting a fighter aircraft type to attack all aerial targets threatening the player.

Map changes:

  • Sea Gate: Siege, Old Fortress: Enemy at the Gates, Old Fortress: Flanking Maneuver — changed entry points for both teams.
  • Old Fortress: Danger Zone — completely changed entry points, as well as territory type and layout.


An indication of the number of players and bots waiting at specific entry points has been added to the respawn window.


Hangar sound effects were significantly updated and enhanced.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug due to which some gift emblems on the Ju 86 E, Hs 129 A, and BV P. 203 aircraft did not provide bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug due to which rear turret fire visual effects on the Тu-2 and Тu-10 were missing.
  • Fixed a bug with the gunner’s model on the AD10 aircraft.
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World of Warplanes patch 2.0.13

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