World of Warplanes patch 2.0.2 preview


 The winter update for World of Warplanes will finally enlarge the pool of bombers in the game and bring the exciting way of receiving these aircraft and the first part of the branch of the British Hawker fighters. The main peculiar feature of the German medium bombers is that they are equipped with several defensive turrets, each of which can be controlled by a player.

Besides this, update 2.0.2 will include improvements for the graphics and interface in the Hangar and in battle, improvements for the reticle and camera. With the new update, players will also be able to watch videos in the game client, thanks to which they will be able to learn the basics of the game.

Skies of Albion Eventalbion_hangar-screenshots-04-1920x1080


With the release of the update, the global event “Skies of Albion” event will start and will continue until January 10. Every day, players will be able to fight for dominance in the sky over Great Britain either on the side of the Allies or Axis. Active participation and high performance in battles will be rewarded with loot crates containing equipment, consumables, trained crew members, paint schemes, slots in the Hangar, and bunks in the Barracks. The main rewards that can be found in crates are gold, Premium Account time, and Special Missions that, if completed, will reward players with the first German medium bombers, the British fighters of the Hawker branch, the Premium Tier VIII RB-17, Me 109 TL, and J8M, as well as other 8 Premium Tier II–V aircraft.

A player who receives a Special Mission containing a chain of tasks can complete it during peacetime (in between two confrontations). Once a Special Mission is accomplished, an aircraft will be added to a player’s account and will appear in a player’s Hangar.


New Aircraft

New branch of German medium bombers

The key peculiarity of the aircraft from the new branch is the high bomb load and availability of several defensive turrets with wide fields of fire. At the same time, these aircraft carry no forward-firing offensive armament.

  • Dornier Do 17 Z: Tier IV bomber
  • Junkers Ju 88 A: Tier V bomber
  • Dornier Do 217 M: Tier VI bomber

New branch of British multirole fighters

The branch consists of the first three Hawker aircraft. These are durable and quite maneuverable multirole fighters armed with a formidable battery of small-caliber machine guns or four powerful 20 mm autocannons.

  • Hawker Hurricane I: Tier IV multirole fighter
  • Hawker Hurricane II: Tier V multirole fighter
  • Hawker Tornado: Tier VI multirole fighter

And much more :

Balance changes, camera and mouse control adjustments, interface modifications, two new maps added…

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