World of Warplanes patch 2.0.6 full patch notes

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New Aircraft

A new aircraft line appears in the World of Warplanes tech tree – USSR bombers, including the famous “Peshka” Petlyakov Pe-2. These high-speed machines with a powerful bomb load are very mobile and effective over a wide range of altitudes, destroying ground targets from an unachievable height or launching rapid offensives in a strafing dive. Powerful engines and good defensive weapons allow it to effectively resist fighters, and the Pe-2’s good manoeuvrability and forward-firing weapon makes attacking enemy aircraft a possibility.

USSR Bombers line

  • Soviet MB (Pe-2 line)

Tier III-IV USSR bombers are represented by high-speed aircraft with a 100 or 250 kg bomb load. Tier III and IV planes Arkhangelsky/Tupolev SB and Arkhangelsky Ar-2 are highly effective in high-altitude precision bombing. Their outboard weapon is represented by six-eight 100 kg bombs, which are powerful enough to destroy large ground targets from a single approach. Bombs are dropped one by one and quickly replenished. Instead of a forward-firing weapon, these planes are equipped with powerful nose turrets, but rear turrets have complex blind spots and cannot fire back precisely.

Tier V-VI is occupied by the Pe-2 and its improved version, the Pe-2 M-82. These two bombers have excellent speed and manoeuvrability. A forward-firing machine gun and even a forward-firing autocannon in the top modification of the Pe-2 M-82 allows you to launch an offensive against other aircraft. The outboard weapon is represented by four 250 kg bombs, which can be dropped either from a horizontal position or in a dive. The high speed and wide range of optimal heights make it possible to use these bombers effectively in a high-speed offensive at low altitudes.

  • Arkhangelsky/Tupolev SB – Tier III USSR bomber;
  • Arkhangelsk Ar-2 – Tier IV USSR bomber;
  • Petlyakov Pe-2 – Tier V USSR bomber;
  • Petlyakov Pe-2 M-82 – Tier VI USSR bomber.


Promotional planes

  • Hawker Hurricane Mk Ia – Tier IV British fighter

Special hangar design, based on the movie Hurricane (303. Bitwa o Anglię), has been added.

Testing planes

Available only for developers and supertesters, the following plane has been added:

  • Heinkel He 111 H-2 – Tier IV German bomber

Summer Storm event

A new global event, Summer Storm, will run from August 22 to September 16. The event will be divided into four stages, during which the players will have to fight in battles in the Conquest, Invasion, or Attrition game modes.

Players will receive supply crates for active participation in battles. Inside these supply crates, a variety of valuable awards can be found, including Premium Days, gold, consumables, equipment, materials for enhancement and calibration, and hangar slots. The most valuable and rare prizes among the others are the new USSR bombers and the Operation Orders for obtaining them and some other Premium planes.

During the period between event stages, players can accomplish the missions from the Operation Order to get these planes in their hangars for free without research. Moreover, each stage and every phase will have a Global Goal, which can be achieved by players’ joint efforts. For example, the Global Goal of the first stage will be earning Capture Points for capturing Command Centers and Garrisons. When the Global Goal is reached during the phase, players will receive twice the number of supply crates. Players will have one additional week after the end of the event to open their crates and accomplish the Operation Orders.

Aircraft Balance Changes

System Adjustments


  • Vertical shooting angles for bomber, attack aircraft, and heavy fighter turrets were limited to 50 degrees. Aircraft of these types are now more vulnerable to attacks from above and below.
  • Vertical shooting angles for fighter and multirole fighter turrets were increased to 70 degrees to improve the efficiency of firing in a turn.
  • The speed of capturing a target and opening fire with turrets in automatic mode was increased. This improves the efficiency of forward-firing turrets and turrets with a narrow firing sector.

Damage model:

  • The chance of damaging an aircraft with an explosion from bombs dropped at a low altitude was increased, especially for large-calibre bombs.
  • The attack aircraft’s resistance to bomb and rocket explosion damage was increased, as this type of aircraft is in the immediate proximity of the targets being bombed. It became more difficult to destroy the attack aircraft with a bomb explosion.

Bombers’ Altitude:

  • The speed of all classic bombers was reduced for heights below their optimal altitude. This makes their interception at low altitudes easier.
  • Bombers with the ability to launch offensives, the A-26B and Pe-2 in particular, will still be able to fly at low altitude, maintaining high speed (for their type) and maneuverability characteristics. In this case, the altitude of such bombers is now less than that of classic models.

Aircraft model changes



  • Dornier Do 17 Z-7 Kauz – increased altitude, slightly reduced the angles of bottom turret shooting, reduced the speed of flight at low altitude.
  • Junkers Ju 87 G Stuka – increased the damage and shooting distance of the ultimate turret, the distance of base turret shooting was increased.
  • Junkers Ju 88 A – increased altitude, slightly reduced the angles of bottom turret shooting, reduced horizontal angles of top turret shooting, increased the damage of ultimate bottom turret, increased boost duration, reduced the speed of flight at low altitude.
  • Junkers Ju 88 P – increased the horizontal angles and the distance of ultimate turret shooting, increased speed, more speed kept in turns, improved altitude and boost duration, the responsiveness of control was slightly reduced.
  • Dornier Do 217 M – increased altitude, slightly reduced the angles of bottom turret shooting, increased the damage of the ultimate front turret, reduced the speed at low altitude.
  • Messerschmitt Me 265 – the turrets shooting distance is increased.
  • Ju 86 E – is being tested.



  • Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV (early mod.) –
    • added small blind zones in the tail and nose of the aircraft, preventing the turret from shooting through the hull
    • reduced the speed at low altitude.

Reassembling Equipment

The possibilities for enhancing equipment and its settings have been expanded: an option for reassembling has been added. It allows you to replace the bonus characteristics of Improved, Advanced, and Ultimate equipment with new ones. Depending on the level of quality, when reassembling, you can replace from one to three bonus characteristics. New characteristics are chosen randomly from the full list of characteristics available at a given level of quality. It is impossible to reassemble and end up with an identical combination of bonus characteristics. It is possible to lock up to two bonus properties, when reassembling, replacing only what the player considers unsuitable. Locking properties costs 2 Tokens and a certain amount of credits, which depends on the equipment period.

Supply Service

The “Tokens” hangar panel has changed and expanded. Now it will contain all the additional values that are available on the player’s account. In the “Supply Service” menu, you can purchase, use and trade Tokens, view and manage Operation Orders for obtaining airplanes, and open earned supply crates and purchase additional ones. Additionally, in the supply crates section, you will be able to see the probability of finding each of the prize groups in them.

In the future, the “Supply Service” functionality will be expanded.

Bot Changes

The behaviour settings for bots have been changed:

  • The ability to make manoeuvres to evade high-altitude AA guns has been added.
  • The logic of searching for targets for an attack has been changed. Now bots look for targets only within their strategic goal (an attacked or defended territory, which is a priority for each type of aircraft). When playing for the defenders’ side, the radius of the search area is slightly larger to ensure their interception on the approach to the territory.
  • The efficiency of using outboard weapons on all types of fighters for destroying ground targets was increased.
  • The behaviour of bots in fighters in the absence of air targets has changed, they will now attack ground targets with forward-firing weapons.
  • Air-to-ground rockets are no longer used by bots against aerial targets.
  • Air-to-air rockets are now used by bots only against aerial targets.
  • Bots now more effectively use boost and brake. They always use boost to break away from a chase, and slow down to low speeds, which makes an attack on a low-speed aircraft easier.
  • Bots attacking another aircraft will leave the range of the gunners’ shells if the strength of their aircraft approaches zero.
  • Bots in airplanes with gunners start to cause the same damage as players in the manual turret control mode after 4 seconds of continuous turret fire on one target.
  • Now attack aircraft and bomber bots will attack an aerial target in front of them if they have forward-firing weapons and sufficient speed reserve for manoeuvring.
  • Fixed a bug related to the effect of a territory’s capture progress on a bot’s prioritization. Now the closer the territory is to changing state, the higher its importance for the bot is.


  • In the “Service” panel, the display of the keys that activate the equipment installed on the aircraft was added, if it is activated manually.
  • In the “Service” panel, in the equipment installation and replacement menu, information has been added about which planes have suitable equipment that can be installed.
  • In the “Service” panel, the ability to view all possible bonus properties and the best calibration values for the main properties was added to a pop-up window with equipment characteristics. This information can be seen by pressing the left Alt key.
  • In the “Service” panel, specification of spending on rearranging equipment and purchasing equipment was added.
  • An indication that equipment can be enhanced with the accumulation of a sufficient number of materials was added.
  • The display of the “Specialist” configuration on the post-battle results screen was added.
  • The pop-up window with the amount of experience gained and bonuses applied was returned to the post-battle results screen.
  • Icons with question marks on the post-battle results screen were added, indicating that when you hover over an item, you can see a pop-up window with a description and explanation for it.
  • The display of awards and achievements earned by other players in battle was added.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the display of the “Optimal distance of rocket flight” parameter in the aircraft characteristics panel in the hangar. Now it correctly displays the optimal launching distance for direct rockets.
  • Fixed the display of the number of barrels, bombs, and rockets in the aircraft characteristics panel in the hangar.
  • Fixed the bug due to which 6 Daily Missions could be active on one account, but only 3 of which were visible in the hangar. If one of the visible missions is accomplished, it will be replaced by one of those that were not displayed in the hangar, until 3 of the 6 active missions are fully accomplished.
  • The bug, which caused there to be no sounds of hitting the aerial target when firing from rifle calibre machine guns, was fixed.
  • The bug, which caused the progress of Daily Missions to be displayed incorrectly, was fixed.
  • The bug, which caused outboard weapons in the hangar to be displayed as unloaded, was fixed.
  • The bug, which caused a zero value to be displayed after the sale of an aircraft with any amount of accumulated experience in the tech tree, was fixed.
  • The bug, which caused the sounds of bullets passing the aircraft to continue to play when turned off in the volume settings, was fixed.
  • The bug, where a pop-up window with the description of Advanced and Ultimate equipment stored in the depot displayed the inscription “Bonus properties do not work”, was fixed.
  • The bug, where the cost of changing equipment was incorrectly counted when it was repeatedly re-equipped, was fixed.
  • The bug, which caused the player to be charged with the cost of demounting when equipment was moved between two cells of the same type on the same aircraft, was fixed.
  • Fixed the sound of the Vulcan F-94D cannon.
  • Fixed an issue where concealment bonus did not display in the “Paint Shop” panel next to the paint schemes types.
  • Fixed an issue where modules and/or equipment were not displayed in the depot after purchase.
  • Fixed an issue where the information about completed Daily Missions on the post-battle results screen could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the information about repair costs on the post-battle results screen could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where player achievements could be incorrectly displayed as unobtained.
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World of Warplanes patch 2.0.6 full patch notes

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