World of Warplanes Patch 2.1.1

The festive winter 2.1.1 update introduces new vehicles, aircraft balance changes, a marathon for the new Soviet multirole fighter, and, of course, New Year specials with a whole lot of surprises and gifts.

New Special Reward Aircraft:

  • The Supermarine Spitfire Vb U.K. fighter. The aircraft is equipped with powerful machine guns and autocannons, and can boast decent maneuverability, boost, and speed;
  • Beaufighter V — a British Tier V heavy fighter. Equipped with two 20-mm guns and a turret. In general, it is a light version of the regular heavy fighter;
  • I-21 — a Soviet Tier V lightweight fighter. The aircraft’s performance is optimized for Tier V — reduced maximum dive speed, cruise speed slightly decreased, the guns’ characteristics in the “Specialist” configuration are similar to those in Stock configuration. The aircraft has a unique feature — five slots for equipment and five slots for consumables.


Winter Marathon for the Yak-7 M-82

Update 2.1.1 also brings the opportunity to land the Soviet Tier V Yak-7 M-82 multirole fighter in your Hangar. You can get this legendary Yak-7 modification with an air-cooled engine by completing chains of missions that will soon appear in the game client and will be available for all players. In addition, you can purchase this aircraft and all the missions’ rewards in the Premium Shop, where a special bundle with a new warbird will appear soon.

New Year holidays — new gifts every day!

The second half of December is a traditional time for surprises and gifts. We have prepared a holiday calendar, where each day will be filled with surprises and pleasant moments. Daily holiday missions with various rewards, discounts, bonuses and much more are waiting for you from December 20.

Holiday Supply Crates

During the winter holidays, each player will be able to purchase holiday trophies that are full of surprises: Premium aircraft, gold, Free XP, days of Premium Account, consumables, and materials for enhancing equipment. Trophies can be purchased in the Premium Shop, but you have to visit our special website to open them and receive rewards.


  • The daily rewards poster has been removed to optimize the client loading speed. The poster is still available in the “Daily Rewards” tab of the client.
  • Extended time for opening Santa’s Bags
  • Added decoration set for the P82 Twin Mustang
  • Some work has been done to optimize server capacities to improve the stability and quality of the client
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World of Warplanes Patch 2.1.1

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