World of Warplanes Patch 2.1 – The Europeans are coming

The new Patch will go live on July 11 on 08:00 CEST to 12:00 CEST ( July 10 23:00 PT to 03:00 PT for NA)

Patch 2.1 will include planes from the Nations of Sweden, Israel, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

You will be able to Purchase the following planes in the in-game shop:

  • Avia Bk-534, a Czechoslovakian ( European) Tier 3 Fighter
  • PZL P-38 Wilk, а Polish (European) Tier III heavy fighter
  • Avia S-199, an Israeli (European) Tier VI multirole fighter
  • SAAB J 21RB, a Swedish (European) Tier VIII multirole fighter

New Special Reward Aircraft:

  • Avia B-534, а Czechoslovakian (European) Tier III fighter
  • Yak-7 M-82 A, a Soviet Tier V multirole fighter
  • P-82B Twin Mustang, an American Tier VIII heavy fighter

United Europe

With the addition of new nations, the France tab in the Tech Tree was transformed into Europe, and that’s where the Premium aircraft of France, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Sweden, and Israel are now located.

Switching Aircraft Nation

You can now switch the nation of any European aircraft (including French machines that were available before) to any of the main nations (Germany, U.S.S.R., U.S.A., U.K., or Japan) and back.

With this option, you can use these aircraft to train other nations’ Crews or assign already trained Crews to them.


New equipment added only for the Period III aircraft — G-Suit. It’s installed in the cockpit slot and increases an aircraft’s maneuverability at high speed while sacrificing the pilot’s resistance to critical damage. This equipment can be purchased using credits in the game client.

  • G-Suit — maneuverability at high speed +6–14%, pilot’s resistance to injuries –3–10%. Bonus characteristics: maneuverability in pitch +0.5%, accuracy when firing at moving targets +5%, maneuverability in pitch +1%, maximum altitude +4%, maneuverability at high speed +3%, maximum altitude +6%.

New Unique Equipment

  • Special project of Japan: Lightweight Power Unit — yaw maneuverability +3–12.6%, maneuverability in pitch +1.5–4.7%, engine’s resistance to critical damage –2–10.4%. Bonus characteristics: cruise speed +0.5%, acceleration without boost +1%, cruise speed +1%, acceleration with boost +1%, acceleration without boost +0.5%, acceleration with boost +0.5%.
  • Special project of the U.S.A.: Reinforced Bolt Carriers — burst length of forward-firing offensive armament +3–35%, accuracy of forward-firing offensive armament –2–10.4%. Bonus characteristics: cooldown rate of forward-firing offensive armament +5%, rate of fire of forward-firing offensive armament +2%, rate of fire of forward-firing offensive armament +5%, cooldown rate of forward-firing offensive armament +10%, firing range of forward-firing offensive armament +3%, rate of fire of forward-firing offensive armament +3%.

Personal Ratings

The update’s release brings the new ratings that will last for 4 weeks.

By participating in battles and fulfilling the conditions for getting into the rating for each of the weeks, players will be added to one of five divisions and, on Wednesday, will receive prizes corresponding to their effectiveness — unique equipment that can be received only by participating in the rating, gold, consumables, and much more. Each of the ratings will last for six days, from Thursday (16:00 UTC) till Tuesday (20:00 UTC).


  • Fixed a bug that caused the lock icon to disappear on the sectors unavailable for capture.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the stats of an aircraft selected in the carousel that has been upgraded due to the installed equipment, to be projected to other machines’ info in the Hangar. This bug didn’t affect the real battle stats of the aircraft.
  • Added more options to the stat panel in the Hangar. Now the panel correctly shows how the Crew skills affect the aircraft’s performance. By hovering the mouse over different modules, you can see how the performance will be changed if they are installed. Besides, the pop-up hints were added that explain the sources and values of the effects that influence an aircraft’s stats.


The lighting system was updated for all locations. Now the game utilizes the atmospheric light diffusion system, which makes the game’s visuals more realistic.

Other Changes

Game Modes:

  • All map layouts for the Attrition, Invasion, and Bomber Escort battle modes have been added to the training room.


  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for the bot to be sent to defend itself with a shortcut.
  • Increased the minimum distance needed to assign a bot on an attack aircraft to defend a player’s aircraft.


  • Gamepad support restored.
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World of Warplanes Patch 2.1 – The Europeans are coming

One thought on “World of Warplanes Patch 2.1 – The Europeans are coming

  1. Avia S-199, an Israeli (European) Tier VI multirole fighter – that is quite the “lol” here.

    Avia is a czechoslovakian aircraft producer and S-199 were actually Messerschmitt Bf 109G airframes with different engines (leftovers from nazi production in protectorate) assembled here after the war ended. They were the backbone of CZE airforce until MIGs – so, they should be branded rather czechoslovakian than Israeli.

    However, Czechoslovakia actually delivered about 25 of them to Israel after they declared Independence in 48. So, a nazi fighters assembled in ČSR helped Israel survive the war. Talk about irony there 🙂

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