World of Warplanes: The Spitfire

Three related videos. The first a WoWP Documentory then the Chieftain takes a 53 minute flight in a 2 seat Spitfire and last the Air War over the B.E.F. and a late addition a period film Story of the Spitfire from the fourties. Enjoy. (Video updated, It seams they re-edited the video and cut the Huricane and P-40 clips.)

The Spitfire: A Wargaming Documentary.

Flying in a Spitfire: An Aerial Experience

The Air War Over the B.E.F. – An Interview with James Holland

Story of the “Spitfire”

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World of Warplanes: The Spitfire

3 thoughts on “World of Warplanes: The Spitfire

  1. Magic Minion says:

    There Are a lot of Hurricane clips in the first video. It’s suppose to be about the Spitfire not the Hurricane. Not that there is not enough film material of the Spitfire.
    For the rest great videos.

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